In Profile : The Bee Hive Symbolism in Freemasonry

In Profile : The Bee Hive Symbolism in Freemasonry











As an introduction to this report it must be considered that when the world was broken up into nations, the idea of the beehive symbolism can be classed as an essential requirement to upkeep the realm.

Under the backdrop of religious war and power struggles, Freemasonry was formed to protect the bloodlines and the players that had broken from the yoke of the corrupted Roman system. Or at least that is what we are taught.

They were Reformers who cast aside the Medici way, continued through the usury of the bankers financing the Vatican system. This was the case at least in the minds of the Men that would join the fraternity in England under the Rite of York, of course when it comes to the real high end agenda, it was the move to support the incorporation of the nation, for that a King had to die.

In Scotland the Bruce had many years before offered Scotland as the Templar base. The Templar Navy would move into Holland and through Cromwell, the financial and legal system would move into England. This brand of Masonry was of the Kabbalah, the doctrine of the antagonist for inversion. Battle would commence between the York and Scottish Rite with the York Rite becoming the scapegoat for all that the Talmudists would achieve through the commercial whore that is the Scottish Rite Freemasonry as it destroys the world to nourish itself.

Today, Freemasonry, while keeping its theology in a manner that would deceive the brethren, suffered a shift to its highest mandate, carried out by Lord Kitchener under command of King Edward VII. Freemasonry became a corporate entity protecting not the rights and laws of the nation, but moving always to undermine the realm to install the private enterprise called speculative masonry. Under these auspices the people are being falsely judged on the ability to hold value to the empire of profit, judged by the fraternity mandated to protect the people of the English realm. Something has gone wrong.

Today it is clear, we have the main religions claiming to be acting for God while acting in the manner of the very well described antagonist. Is it any wonder we exist in the position we are today, stood upon the precipice of total conflict because of ignorance to the facts of the doctrine each claim to better understand than the others? In the present, we are being dragged into hell through the satisfaction of the need of convenience besieging the western masses.

To present the point in a manner that can be understood by all, there is no better fraternity to use as an example than Freemasonry, after all, today, they have been positioned to that of the scapegoat, and are blamed for the ills of the world by modern day religionists. But of course all roads still lead to the new Rome.

Many Freemasons themselves wonder what the significance of the Masonic beehive is to their craft, this is so because as with all secret societies, the initiates are not encouraged to see for themselves, they are taught to wait, and through revelation, are then to be told. By this mechanic the term Free has another meaning to those with the eyes to see. This is the reason for the initiatory rites, you rise as you present the correct attitude to your masters, from which your view of the rest of mankind is birthed, you understand the concept of those above and those below you. A distinction as essential for the program you will follow.

The Beehive

The queen bee develops from a larvae, which is selected by the worker bees. She is specifically fed royal jelly so that she becomes larger and therefore, can produce and retain a greater number of worker bees during her lifespan for the benefit of the hive.

Now let us understand what a hive in human terms really means, it is a belief system that is taken as absolute by a mass of people, unthinking with only the emotional state operating on what is nothing more than a belief laid out by the workers, enforced by the queen or leader through the workers. We are of course speaking of religions, which is a hive mind operating to the will of the queen, or leader such as a Grand Mufti, Pope or the ordained and accepted spiritual conduit to their deity.

The interesting point of note here is the fact that a queen is chosen by her brethren to become the queen bee, if she was not chosen to the role she would grow to be just another worker bee like the majority in the hive. Continuously surrounded by worker bees who meet her every need, her sole function is to serve as the reproducer of her species. During her life as the queen bee, she will only leave the hive once, and that is to reproduce. From this one time outing, she will be able to lay eggs for the rest of her life, which is approximately 2 – 7 years.

Freemasonry and all societies operate in this manner, be this a Church, Lodge, Synagogue, Mosque or indeed any Temple one cares to present, in this manner the hive functions well with only one queen bee, many workers and a few drones. A well functioning beehive is a very busy place, industry being the highest virtue, with the exception of the drones. In my studies into western religious shifts I found the Methodist construct to be the platform shifting rebellious Christians against the Caesars, or queens, into industrious industrial revolutionists, and they carried this out diligently for Jesus, who’s mother of course is presented as a queen.

Drones are larger than the worker bees, however, they do absolutely nothing to promote the welfare of the hive. They do not gather nectar, make honey, or make beeswax. They do not cap off each cell of honey that has been stored nor do they fan the cell to dry the beeswax. They also do not perform any housekeeping tasks toward the common good of their fraternity nor do they educate the younger bees in how to perform their work.

Today, if we position the symbolism of the beehive as an overlay on the social systems of nations under corporatism, we see it has created an expanding underclass that acts in the manner of a drone, they neither nourish or teach their offspring handing them over to corporate education and the corporate entertainment and media operations, which together pump out the hive mind program of how to live, eat, think, who to hate, who to love (celebrity) and perhaps most important of all, who and what to see as the authority. And of course all paths laid out by this system of value has an overriding corporation making money from your ever decreasing choices in life, each owned by the international banking cartel, channeling the money to the top of the pyramid, or to the queen and her aristocracy, her praetorian guard, in the same manner as operates within a beehive.

The format on which a beehive operates is very simple, it has the queen, chosen by the workers, who diligently take care of all the needs of the queen, and we have the drones, who appear to be pretty useless to the value of the hive. Did you note the use of the term ‘Value’, which in Biblical terms equates to mammon, which today presents itself as your human title, your value to the hive. Mr is perhaps the closets value to that of a drone, but of course as a Mr, Miss or Mrs you can become a worker and thus gain the class of worker which shifts you out of the label of drone, because you now have a value to the hive/mind. You can expand this study through understanding the Legal Title versus the Equitable title.

The drones then, do not worry about having enough honey in storage to take the fraternity through the winter, because of course the workers feed the drones (social security benefits), if it was not so then the drones would die. The only reason the drones are kept within the hive is to ensure and to promote reproduction within the hive.

Now let us say for arguments sake, and still within the parameters of the beehive symbolism adapted into real time human control, when the hive has created the correct science and technology to remove the need for the mass of worker bees, today we can call this technocracy, then under a program called eugenics, the elect worker bees in league with the queen, move to kill off the mass of useless eaters within the hive, starting with the drones, who’s main task is to ensure the reproduction of the hive, but of course when the agenda shifts into technocracy, with robots and computers doing the menial tasks once carried out by the workers…. then reproduction of the species must be culled, ergo the drones are removed through medication, through poisons in the food and water. They promote Inversion (homosexuality), the destruction of the bonds between children and parent, to secure damaged and broken humans to blindly serve the technocracy to give them value without the family unit getting in the way.

If too many drones have been produced by the queen bee, their excess numbers drag down the abilities of the entire hive because each working member has to care and feed the non working members of their fraternity, without receiving anything of value in return. This is Mammon.

Within the hive excess numbers are counted, (corporate state) and if the drones as a quantity, exceed the usefulness to the hive, the drones are dragged off by the worker bees and placed outside the institution by a back door and left alone to perish. In todays hive as a social system, the back door would be into the hands of the corporate networks, especially the corporate social services and the Evangelical networks, from which the drones and their offspring are meted out as slaves to serve the corporate empire, or empire of Mammon, in fostering and adoption, into the paedophile rings, to be re-programmed into productive workers, to become soldiers, or to become cash-cows and permanent customers to the pharmaceutical corporations and their medical cocktails.

It’s all about the money, the value, but ultimately it is about creating a system be which the few can remove the world from nature and natural law, by removing those not acting the nightmare script called; “the new world order.”

The Freemasonic Lodge
The members of each Masonic Lodge, through all the allegory and symbolism are being cajoled into this very hive mind principle. It is the same within all religions and cults, which today are also controlled by the secret societies.

The Masons understand they must elect the strongest of the brethren to become their queen, the Lodge Grandmaster, a failure in this regard will lead to a failure of the Lodge, as such, they must help the queen reproduce acceptable offspring, acceptable to the Masons, or the hive will die. Today we can see this playing out with the constant media barrage from Prince William and Harry, the chosen offspring by the high elect of the workers, even though they are illegitimate, to keep this illegitimate and fraudulent royal family fronting the Rothschild control over Great Britain.

If each member of the Lodge, the workers, fail to work in unison with all other members in the nurturing, feeding and to retain each other, the hive will die. The society of Freemasonry and the religions, are full of allegory, they use symbols and metaphors to hold the workers to their oaths without actually grasping the true mechanics of the craft. Allegory means that you claim to be representing one thing when in truth you are alluding to another thing, it is a literary style and teaches through innuendo. To have value they must have a ‘moral of the story’, to the elect it is known that the moral is in fact the truth of the beehive, to the lower members they are concerned only with their role in the hive.

“Thus man was formed for social and active life, the noblest part of the work of God; and that he that will so demean himself as not to be endeavouring to add to the common stock of knowledge and understanding, may be deemed a drone in the hive of nature, a useless member of society, and unworthy of our protection as Freemasons.”
-Carl H. Claudy, The Master’s Book, published by The Temple Publishers, Copyright 1946.

The hive mind ladies and gentlemen is your mind. It matters not what fraternity, cult, religion, tribe, culture you claim as your own, today, the entire global population exists within this program. The program is Mammon, it is the fall from grace of Adam and Eve, if you take on a value you belong to this hive mindset.

It is important to understand that Edward VII, through Lord Kitchener, changed the mandate of Freemasonry. Lord Kitchener was then assassinated as to know what he knew and remain alive, was just far too great a risk for the deceivers to bare, as they shifted Great Britain as a realm, into an incorporated company, yoked through debt to the international banking cartel, fronted by the Rothschilds for the learned elders of Rome the empire.

In Conclusion
The shift at the highest levels of the pyramid has been a shift in the understanding of deity, through the secret societies, the elites have moved to return the old and destructive omnipotent God, and thus omnipotent monarch issuing forth commands as like the God of Jerusalem, removing the understanding of deity as subject to ethics, coming from the Greek and cemented in the Gospels.

The choice is clear to my good self, is the future Commandments and severe human punishments dictated by the seat at Jerusalem, or do we save intellect and thought and a system that nurtures and protects natural law, found in the Realm of Great Britain, taken from the Greek and supplanted in the Commonwealth?

The choice is clearly ours…

Jacob Duellman: “Scaliger Notatus, Hallucinatio Scaligeri, Part 3”

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