In Profile : Vatican II, the Templar secret societies and the one world religion

If you take an interest as to who the Knights Templar really are, what they represent and how to see them in the present, read this report. Vatican II through all its sophistry is the shift required to bring the three main monotheistic religions under the control of the secret society combine, the secret societies are not Monotheistic they are Polytheistic. This includes Freemasonry, the Rosicrucians, the Jesuits, Theosophy, Zionism, Satanism, Hinduism and Buddhism, et al.

UNESCO preparing the ground for the one world religion

UNESCO and its body of 58 board members have decreed through a UN resolution, to reject the existence of a building proclaimed a wonder of the ancient world, because of its extraordinary opulence. This fits in well with the global communist dictatorship being pushed by the UN, which aims to remove all ideas of land ownership and property unless you are of the unclean brethren, and because of its religious connotations has to be seen as a move to re-write history to serve up the new truth as decreed by the unclean and their favoured doctrines of the day, Radical Islam and Zionism.

33rd general congregation launched multiculturalism and the new religion of climate change

The battle for the Vatican between Popes and the Jesuits, the real reason for the 33rd General Congregation of the Society of Jesus.Firstly, the 33rd General Congregation of the Society of Jesus removed the two year Vatican supervision of the order set up by Pope John Paul II, and a return to “normal government,” thus removing the rule by special papal delegate. The Jesuits were free again of the Pope and all Vatican interference. Second, The Jesuits moved to attempt a major paradigm-shift claiming an end of the Counter-Reformation drive and even declared as “the new Pentecost,” it turned the church in a new direction, the direction of the Jesuits and back to Vatican II.

The religious and political blueprint for WWII, is Isil the new religion?

Has the banking cartel chosen the Saudi version of Suni Islam, also known as Wahhabism, to be the control program for the one world religion?
Has the banking cartel positioned Suni Islam as the agitator for the activation of the Contingency Act?
I believe both are running operations, the latter is to prevent the former being stopped in its tracks, especially if the older generation Muslims in Europe begin to see the game, at least they cash shift to the civil unrest declaration and activate the emergency scripts as set by the United Nations.

Journey into the etymology of words

In these videos we have explored the idea that the Phoenician’s, whomever they are, ran the world from the empire on the seas. We have also explored the idea that the tribe of Judah was first taken by the philistines (Phoenicians) to exact their agenda in the Levant. With that in mind let us explore the etymology or origin of words and also the phonetics which offers up the audible means for transferring the words by sound. Example, C – Sea – See. We must also grasp the importance of how words can be split to offer up a hidden meaning or element within a word.

Prophecy, remembering what was to see what might come

It is always helpful if you can find some remanence of a string, or indeed breadcrumbs left by a character from the past, as you traverse through the labyrinth held fast by the Bull. The following are a selection of works by prophets of renown, prophets that may hold a key for you to keep the lamp shining at your feet, as you buckle down and face the reality before us as we cut out the chaff to reveal the wheat.

Epstein, Clinton Foundation, ARK, Absolute Return for Kids, Adam and Eve and Noah

On the back of the fantasy pandemic we can see the script writers moving the entire show into the hands of the well established HIV/AIDS machine.  It is also the case that as they end restrictions, they are moving to shift the fear raised from the cauldron under pandemic, onto Russia. Fear is a tangible and manipulatable energy, as such it is imperative you realise that control by fear is the key in understanding what the hell is going on.

Schismogenesis and its Application in Society

The intention of this report is to bring to your attention the term Schismogenesis, its mechanic and how the elect apply it as a weaponised instrument to control the populations. As a thing, we must defer back to an old definition of the same application and what we know as the Hegelian Dialectic, the birthing of division as a method of control and ultimately to get the desired result by playing two sides off against each other.