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The United Nations is a proxy government fronting the banking system, as such all satellites of the UN are also operating to bring in the global dictatorship, UNESCO is no exception to this rule.

Slavery through indentured servitude is the mechanic under which the banking cabal aims to subvert the global populations, a clear reality after the 2008 crash if we are to look at the situation from a financial position,  how they will achieve entrapment to this system after they have removed all rebellious souls in war and concentration camps, will be so through a one world religion.

From the perspective of the unclean souls pushing this agenda what they require of a religion is absolute fear. In order to achieve this the religion of choice has to present itself to the populations as a power so great over life and death, that all will bow before its dictate, yet presented in a manner to the conscious self, that it is in no way the ‘hideous religion’ that is feared. This is achieved by laying full and complete responsibility for the actions of the religion at the feet of God. Let us not lose sight of the fact that religion is formed and then administered by men to serve men. Doctrine is not the problem interpretation is.

If we go back to the Israelite tradition, the foundation of the three main spiritual traditions, a tradition which has absolutely no relationship to Judaism which was born out of the Babylonian contract with the levites, then as presented by Hillel, the Torah has only one meaning, “Do unto others as you would have done to you” the rest according to Hillel is a commentary on this fact.

Despised by Judaism, Hillel was to my mind the real precursor to Jesus, a conclusion brought about in the study of his works. But of course the overriding Israelite tradition as presented by Hillel, if ever taken up by humanity as a whole, removes the need of religion completely. Socratic philosophy is also an expression of this truth as Socrates moved to undermine the Greek negative showing itself in the fear based need to control everybody through the might of the state, obviously Plato didn’t quite grasp this should you study his secret works.

Throughout history there is a clear battle between what the Israelite tradition calls love, and its opposite, beloved of the unclean hearts of man, we call hate, this is the battle-line front to gain command of humanity as a whole. The doctrine promotes unity through the encouragement of love whilst the priesthood promotes division, hate and fear in order they are essential as the arbitrators and saviours from the darkness.

The way this has been achieved has been through a self appointed elect or priesthood, laying siege against the truth through what the Greeks called sophistry. Sophistry is the clever use of words in argument to form doubt of the real issue, enough to shift the allegiance of the target from a spiritual truth to deception and lies.

UNESCO and its body of 58 board members have decreed through a UN resolution, to reject the existence of a building proclaimed a wonder of the ancient world, because of its extraordinary opulence. This fits in well with the global communist dictatorship being pushed by the UN, which aims to remove all ideas of land ownership and property unless you are of the unclean brethren, and because of its religious connotations has to be seen as a move to re-write history to serve up the new truth as decreed by the unclean and their favoured doctrines of the day, Radical Islam and Zionism

The building in question is the Temple Mount in Jerusalem which according to UNESCO has to go, in order it can be renamed in Islamic terms to satisfy the chosen brute force armageddon brigade that is Radical islam. But don’t lose sight of the fact, this is so because God said, or at least this is what the unclean are demanding you see as they lob of the heads of none believers on big screen TV.

If we go back to Hillel who was called to the Temple in the time of the childhood of Jesus, what is clear is that his aim was to remove the power of the false commentary on the Torah, which led to confusion and division, known in those times as the Doctrine of the Elders, today we know it as the Talmud. Jesus if you read between the lines, had the task of rebuking the then ruling priesthood who represented the Talmud, which had the sole aim of capturing the worship of the Hebrews unto themselves. The doctrine of the Talmud is Judaism, it never was the doctrine of the Hebrews. He came to fulfil prophecy and to re-enforce the Hebrew Law. The movement that would follow his mission was the Hebrew tradition re-birthed and caused a major problem both for Rome and to the Temple priesthood.

To circumvent Jesus the priesthood made a deal with Rome, a deal that would yoke Judaism to Imperial Rome in secret, yet also in plain sight if you study the Bible and determine its meaning yourself. This undeniable fact shows itself in the Jewish use of the term ‘Gentile‘ which far from meaning a ‘none Jew,’ actually translates as ‘none Roman’. Thus in its use the priesthood controlling the Hebrew tradition via the supremacy of the Talmud, are declaring to the world that they are in fact a front, a scapegoat, and are fully paid up members of Imperial Rome, a grouping of families that calls itself the Illuminati. Rothschild certainly comes to mind here.

Islam has suffered the exact same deception through the collection of Hadith, which are based entirely within the garbage of the Talmud but for Persian consumption, to seek this priesthood one need look no further than the Muslim Brotherhood and all its derivatives.

Christianity also suffered the same fate when the Imperial families instigated infiltration through the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits,  into the heart of Catholicism. As a secret society what they have achieved since 1963 has finalised its takeover and control of the Vatican system through Vatican II, achieving the same within Protestantism with the seed of futurism.

Today we find the false priesthood controlling the two Hebrew traditions in Judaism and Christianity, as we find the same controlling Islam through the use of the Hadith over the Koran, and it is also clear that today the same priesthood through they’re false doctrines, have all three religions about to kick of perhaps the greatest religious insanity the globe has witnessed since the tales of Atlantis.

If you are going to wipe out God and the doctrine of love for the new age, and you intend to implement a brand new religion that will encompass all peoples, then you need to remove the Israelite tradition going back to the days of Enoch. What better way to achieve this than to get the three great institutions that claim the Hebrew heritage, to form so much disdain and horror in the world, and claim it for God, that to rid yourself of that terrible idea called love will be child’s play, especially if you have full control of the children’s education and are pushing the corporate script to the point of exclusion of a child if they don’t accept the program, and call them ‘special needs’.

What we face ladies and gentlemen is an attack on freedom coming out of the secret societies, this is why they are secret, deception always is.

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