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Clozapine : a deadly gatekeeper

Clozapine (sold as Clozaril, Gen-Clozapine in Canada, Azaleptin, Leponex, Fazaclo, Froidir; Denzapine, Zaponex in the UK; Klozapol in Poland, Clopine in Australia and New Zealand). How does this drug affect the Pineal Gland, and why would they want to mess with your sense of self?

UK behavioural insights team

In 2012 we learned of a sinister group of Lords moving to change the behaviour of the UK population. Of course the idea of government changing minds is nothing new but medicating behaviour change to get the outcome they want, outside of some form of psychiatric institution, most certainly is. A step down from the House of Lords we found the main agenda of the Cameron/Clegg coalition was to change the behaviour of the British public to accept the serfdom of the new world under climate taxation.

Medicating for the slave mentality : society of behavioural medicine

Human behaviour is a major determinant of health. Factors that influence health related behaviours and people’s adaptive responses to disease and illness are becoming better understood. This understanding is leading to behaviourally based interventions targeted at the level of the individual and at service delivery, with impacts on both. Yet there is much more to do. In the United Kingdom the Society of Behavioural Medicine has been set up to promote research into and the use of well founded behavioural interventions.