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Stabilisation programmes and lax regulations in the city : echoes of 1939

What is war if not a failed banker killing a creditor before a call to be compensated for fraud the banks achieved with their cash in the bank? The following document is a de-classified correspondence between the US State Department and their man called Cochran, in Europe, reporting back on financial and political moves by Europe in 1939 just before war. It would appear all nations were tied in one respect or another to the will of the Bank for International Settlements, each nation building a stability fund or Fondi for survival.

The rational destruction of Yugoslavia

U.S. national security state which has been involved throughout the world in subversion, sabotage, terrorism, torture, drug trafficking, and death squads launched round-the-clock aerial attacks against Yugoslavia for 78 days, dropping 20,000 tons of bombs and killing thousands of women, children, and men. All this was done out of humanitarian concern for Albanians in Kosovo. Or so we were asked to believe. In the span of a few months, President Clinton bombed four countries: Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq repeatedly, and Yugoslavia massively. At the same time, the U.S. was involved in proxy wars in Angola, Mexico (Chiapas), Colombia, East Timor, and various other places. And U.S. forces are deployed on every continent and ocean, with some 300 major overseas support bases all in the name of peace, democracy, national security, and humanitarianism.

Hungary on the path of relieving itself of the IMF

1930s Germany saw a major European country escape from the clutches of the international central banking cartel, yet in reality it was the corporations that funded Hitler, the corporations that fronted the very same central banks. Hungary today appears to be following the same line as the world begins to divide into east and west with Russia standing as ally and supporter.

In Profile : Rome to Templars to Freemasonry, we face the same enemy

With much play on the idea Freemasonry and the Knights Templar are one and the same entity, holding the same beliefs and the same morality as did those wholesome societies of antiquity, does this suggestion of morality play out in real time historical fact, and, if so, what happened to such a strong upstanding morality and why is it vacant in today’s world of finance given the entire order of Freemasonry together with the Jesuit Order stand charged as the protector of the corporate takeover?

In Profile Samuel Julius Gould, and the Hegelian Dialectic

How Zionism works : Julius Gould is also listed as a member of the International Committee of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, (Europe, Nottingham, England), as is Albert Neuberger (Europe, London, England), father-in-law of Julia Neuberger, Chair of the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee, and father of David Neuberger, to be sworn in as President of the Supreme Court in October 2012, after what I would call a clear case in the use by David Neuberger of the Hegelian Dialectic, he attacked the Supreme Court then became it.

Basel Committee on Banking Supervision : dictating credit rating agency guidelines

The following document explains how the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) is also in control of the Credit Rating Agencies (CRAs) such as Moody’s, through the issuance of guidelines. Moody’s and other CRAs are very busy dismantling the high street banking system based entirely on their ability to downgrade, upgrade or affirm banks and company financial ratings. Ultimately the power to this effect lies with the Bank for International Settlements through the BCBS

In Profile : Basel III

The work of the Basel Committee forms part of a broader effort by the FSB to reduce the moral hazard of G-SIFIs [globally active, systemically important, financial institutions]. Additional proposals by the FSB on recovery and resolution and on bail-in within resolution address the second broad objective, which is to reduce the impact of failure of a G-SIB.