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Inner City Temple Bar

The City of London has an interesting and sinister name, ‘the invisible empire’.
Things are not as they appear when one takes a look at the real power brokers that made and make up the Inner City of London, Temple Bar and the City Corporation.

NG 191-NG 163, Murder by Government Decree

1,642 people per day in England  are being euthanised in order the NHS Trusts get money, your money to the tune of £161 billion per year from the National Insurance contribution alone. They have hidden the protocol NG 191 within a new protocol NG 163 to serve the Cygnus programme unleashed in 2016 to deal with pandemic. From the legal standpoint the state is moving to have the named nurses liable as the administrators of the medical procedure.

Club of Rome : Planetary Emergency Plan. Another New Deal

1933 – Hitler entered power on a new deal in Germany. In the United States Roosevelt pulled in his new deal also. Do I need to explain further? 1997 enter Gordon Brown and Tony Blair again with a new deal for you the public. Well they have been very busy at it again with another New deal coming out of the Club of Rome in partnership with The Potsdam Institute For Climate Impact Research.

Epstein, the 1953 Trust, the Clinton Foundation and a supreme deception?

Could it be that Jeffrey Epstein created a Trust, a Trust called the 1953 Trust, to hold his assets that after his supposed death, he could continue to utilise the ill gotten gains without any further attachment to his person?.
He did of course, encourage Bill Clinton, while governor of ARK-ansas, to birth the Clinton Foundation to which Epstein payed a yearly donation.
Hillary Clinton announced that her charity had taken control of a new trust called “The 1953 Trust”.

The European Stability Mechanism (“ESM”) Document Censored

The European Council agreed on 17 December 2010 on the need for euro area Member States to establish a permanent stability mechanism. This European Stability Mechanism (“ESM”)  assumed the tasks currently fulfilled by the European Financial Stability Facility (“EFSF”) and the European Financial  Stabilisation Mechanism (“EFSM”) in providing, where needed, financial assistance to euro area Member States. The above is taken from a document I had taken down by Scribd, today 22 April 2021.

Lancashire Constabulary, a Puppet of Israel’s NICE LTD

NICE LTD, a company out of Israel taking over Lancashire Constabulary, law enforcement and the court process, amongst many other technological misdeeds. In order they can move this new system in place, without the hapless seeing the hex, we gain insight into why Lancashire Constabulary is no longer a Constabulary, it is a crown enforcer operating for the Stakeholder Community.

In Profile : Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology abbreviated MIT, in our opinion, is the move into America of the pseudo science platform coming out of the Royal Society, which presents John Dee, Francis Bacon and on through Isaac Newton, as the blueprint from which the title ,The New Atlantis, would be achieved and thrust upon the American landmass. If you want to fully understand the battle in financial terms between the House Rothschild and the English American, then the forced implementation of the Federal Reserve is but a part of the overall agenda as the Temple Crown made its new home in America and called itself The United States of America.