The religious and political blueprint for WWII, is Isil the new religion?

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For the last two or so years I have attended my local Church in the centre of Accrington, St James Accrington Parish Church. The degree to which the new African trained Cambridge generation of new Vicars lean to the war mode headed by Archbishop Justin Welby and his son, who has been stuck to the side of former Middle East Envoy and disgraced warmonger Tony Blair for the last few years, is absolute.

To say everything is moving to a war mode within the Church would be the understatement of this new century. Having sat in the Sunday service for two years and since August last year, the time the Church took on its new young minister, I have sat through the most blatant contradictions I could of imagined before I took the decision to actually study the Church of England from my own experience of it.

Only four weeks ago The minister announced that the Commandment “Though Shalt Not Kill” really means “Though Shalt Not Murder.” Call me suspicious but come again….?

With this new Vicar came hand puppets and a child like behaviour, this of course did not go down well with the small congregation, the larger percentage of which are over 60. That soon stopped as he replaced himself for most of the services with a happy flappy couple of excited Alpha bunnies. Suffice to say the new Alpha minister has been robbed of his sanity by the Talmud and as he damns radical Islam as a twisted version of the religion in the Service just gone, I had the urge to remind him that he and his brewing fire and brimstone doctrine was doing the very same to the Church of England. I resisted the temptation having already stopped two services taken by the real minister as I detected contradiction, I thought better of interrupting the congregations service on this occasion as a pointless exercise given the Evangelical minister is rapturous in his belief of Alpha.

After two years of experience first hand, I can say without doubt, this year has seen some tremendous changes to the Church of England and it comes as a direct covenant between the Old Church of England and the mind control program that is Methodism. In short previous to the rise of Methodism, the clergy and the Jews were the biggest tax evaders and bootleggers in the country. Why? Because they fully understood the importance of “Give unto Caesar what is Caesars,” ergo both the Jewish and Christian leaders in Britain worked together in following the words of Christ.

Back in the day with the Industrial revolution round the corner they introduced the Methodist construct to shift the rebellious Jews and Protestants into slaves, happy to toil in the mills and foundries for the re-vamped Jesus, and to be good little taxpayers… In those days the religions in England saw the German Hanoverian’s as Caesar along with the Venetian empire.

Under Vatican II the Church no longer represents the israelite tradition, it represents the teachings of the Talmud. According to Leo Zagami there has been a conversion from Roman Catholicism to Islam by 40 Cardinals, and that there are Jesuit connections to Isis.

So understanding the Church of England today, which is also to understand Vatican II, was the final investigation I had to accomplish in order I could answer the most important questions the entire study produced :

Has the banking cartel chosen the Saudi version of Suni Islam, also known as Wahhabism, to be the control program for the one world religion?

Has the banking cartel positioned Suni Islam as the agitator for the activation of the Contingency Act?

I believe both are running operations, the latter is to prevent the former being stopped in its tracks, especially if the older generation Muslims in Europe begin to see the game, allowing the shift to a civil unrest declaration and activate the emergency scripts as set by the United Nations.

From 2003 I spent a lot of time and effort understanding the Muslim youth in the Spring Hill area of Accrington. I wanted to understand their position as it related to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and from where did the many predatory activities of the younger generation take root.

My findings were simple :

they don’t know what to believe about the wars

they are copying the Black gangster rap culture

I also learned that tribe is important, that since the war in Afghanistan a tribe of Afghans have moved into areas like Bradford, killed all the local native Muslims that operated in the drugs trade and took the whole thing over, and, that this warrior tribe are now moving into all Muslim communities in the North of England and radicalising the younger generations. Interesting it is that super rebel Laurence of Bradford  (George Galloway) was positioned in Bradford for a big part of this agenda. Could he have missed the implementation of a warrior tribe on his doorstep or was he ensuring all the attention was firmly fixed on Israel?

Clearly this suggests that the native born Muslims are also the target of organisations such as ISIS, from which they aim to capitalise on the broken Muslim youth across austerity ridden Europe and Britain, turning their subculture anger and debauchery into a network operating for the twisted understanding of Jihad .

We also must consider the role played by Saudi Arabia because all the actions such as the building of mosques and Islamic Schools etc, are funded by the Saudis. It must also then be considered that both these agendas are being encouraged in direct contradiction to the Koran, the first breech is in failing to uphold the command to seek knowledge leading to the second breech of not obeying the laws of the hosts nations. What they are doing is gaining rights against the law of the land by claiming corporate government statutes as law, as they are encouraged to do by the respective corporate governments. By the same token the native British, for example, are also allowing the banking system to govern their lives as they too accept corporate regulation to govern them over and above their rights offered by the Constitution.   Such a position raises the question, just what is it that Saudi Arabia actually represents? Could it be money…therefore a front for the banking cartel?

Is Dubai the start of the rebuild of Babylon?

The following interview adds an in depth geopolitical information dump to your mix into how and why Judaism and Christianity are being destroyed, and more importantly gives insight into the first question I presented above :


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