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Undermining civilisation to instal the corporate script, the green machine, C.S Lewis on trial

Superiority of race was the programming pushed upon the children under the Third Reich, today the children are given a superiority complex under the climate script. To achieve success in this regard the religious foundation of the target nation has to be so completely undermined, that the age old and global norm of child obeys parent, can be overturned, with the private enterprise controlling the shift and into who’s arms go the brainwashed children, and from the former example in Germany, all the children were slaughtered.

33rd general congregation launched multiculturalism and the new religion of climate change

The battle for the Vatican between Popes and the Jesuits, the real reason for the 33rd General Congregation of the Society of Jesus.Firstly, the 33rd General Congregation of the Society of Jesus removed the two year Vatican supervision of the order set up by Pope John Paul II, and a return to “normal government,” thus removing the rule by special papal delegate. The Jesuits were free again of the Pope and all Vatican interference. Second, The Jesuits moved to attempt a major paradigm-shift claiming an end of the Counter-Reformation drive and even declared as “the new Pentecost,” it turned the church in a new direction, the direction of the Jesuits and back to Vatican II.