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In Profile : The Alpha Course

The Alpha God is not the God of the Bible, says Chris Hand. What is Alpha , who is behind it and does its source lead back to Rome? In over 25 years, the Alpha system is growing like wildfire in Protestant and Catholic churches. Marriage courses, Alpha in the Workplace, and 80 percent of all prisons and universities in the UK now run Alpha. There were 8,142 Alpha courses running in over 7,300 all denomination churches in the UK alone. The number of churches in the U.S. using Alpha is growing faster than any other country.

In Profile : the Aldobrandini, Lucifer and its servants

The simple truth of which I speak has been the cause of division and Reformation in history as it became known of prophecies that stated clear, that those who work to enslave mankind do so in allegiance to Rome the empire, not Rome the Religion. Ergo the House of Rothschild far from representing the Hebrew Israelite tradition, present that front to cover the fact they too have bowed down to the masters of the Luciferian cult. From this deception the entire raft of Jewish Indentured Servants, for centuries, have seen the House of Rothschild as the lamp by which their lives are spent.

In Profile : House of Gray, the Wakefields

As to the origin of the name Wakefield there can be no doubt that it is a place name, and originated in the West Riding, of Yorkshire, England,where it is still represented by the city of Wakefield. It appears in the Domesday Book, and is there spelled Wachefella and Wachefeld. When the Angles and Saxons invaded and made themselves masters of England, the Saxons settled in the southern and the Angles in the northern part. See map of England in. 597, Encyclopadae Britanica. The Saxons and Angles, or Engles, were kindred people, and drove the prior inhabitants bodily to the west part of the island much as the Indian has been driven west in America.

In Profile : David Cameron, missing nuclear weapons and the Iran script

In short I suggest that nuclear weapons and the play around them four at least three decades, has been to subvert political confidence in order the corporate elite could set forth a script to entrap sovereign states into a form of ‘global politics’, in order they let go of national interests and ultimately sovereignty. Achieved by allowing the fear promulgated by the corporate military intelligence, in regards to missing nuclear weapons, playing on the the idea that only the same military intelligence can sort this problem out, and, preparing for the final false flag they are to procure to unleash the Third and final World War, by creating the scapegoat that is Iran as a nuclear power, in order they themselves can begin to release the nuclear arsenal deep in the oceans from inside any nations territory aimed at all nations at their discretion.

In profile : Darda, Phrez, Zerah and the House of Judah

According to some scholars, it is claimed that Darda is in fact Dara with the claim of a scribal error omitting the Hebrew letter Dalet, or the English D, and based in the fact a double Resh as not possible in the Hebrew language. (The Hebrew letters Dalet and Resh are very similar and easily confused). Darda was a real entity in the Bible narrative and was descended from Judah, one of the twelve sons of Jacob, the son of Isaac, the son of Abraham.

In Profile : The Committee of 300’s Round Table Network, Chatham House

Officially formed in 1891, its history going back to 1873 with a serious Baliol influence and control. Carol Quigley breaks up the Round Table into four periods :
1873 to 1891 under W.T.Stead and Alfred Milner. (Toynbee group)
1891 to 1901 under Cecil Rhodes with Stead at the helm. Cecil secret society and Lord Salisbury group)
1901 to 1922 called the new college period with Milner at the helm
1922 to present called the all souls period, centred on lord Lothian, lord Brand and Lionel Curtis.
Between 1910 to 1922 Sir Alfred Zimmern was a member of the inner circle, but seemingly from 1922 moved out of the inner circle.

In Profile : the Committee of 300, the Olympians

The Committee of 300. If we are to understand the immensity of this organisation we must look at the mindset and goals of the secret elite group who’s ultimate aim is to ensure they are the inheritors of Moriah, The All Conquering Wind, the Dionysus, the Isis, Catharism, Bogomilism? This elite group that also calls itself the Olympians, because they truly believe they are equal in power and stature to the legendary gods of Olympus, and as such have set themselves above our true God and absolutely believe they have been charged with implementing the following by divine right

The Oath of a British Police Constable

What is going wrong with the Constabularies of Great Britain? We have a serious problem with Police officers, usually the younger generation, who take the attitude of an overbearing power crazed fruitcake, insist you listen to their sometimes childish garbage as they try to conjure a none existent law to harass you, and in the most extreme cases use threats of violence, agitating the public which sometimes leads to extreme violence against the citizen by multiple constables.

In Profile : Serco Group Plc

Understanding the reasons behind the growth of electronic monitoring and other areas of the public sector requires an appreciation of the networks of power that stimulate pro-privatisation policies. The incarceration of people is big money, it is continuous money and Serco knows it. The opportunity to programme prisoners is definitely operational through the many pseudo-charitable trusts acting as mentors to prisoners who are to be released to find employment in the work programmes which are looking to cease in having mandatory criminal checks for those who end up as nothing other than taxpayer paid slaves for the corporate outsource providers.

In Profile : The Centre for European Reform and Hakluyt

The Centre states that it : is a think-tank devoted to improving the quality of the debate on the European Union. It is a forum for people with ideas from Britain and across the continent to discuss the many political, economic and social challenges facing Europe. It seeks to work with similar bodies in other European countries, North America and elsewhere in the world The CER makes a point of bringing together people from the worlds of politics and business. Most of our meetings and seminars are by invitation only, to ensure a high level of debate. Its main areas of interest are European Union budget, policies, foreign policy; Reforming the EU’s institutions; Justice & home affairs; Economics & finance; Energy & environment; Education & research; The Euro; Security & defence policy; Enlargement (specifically on Turkey); Neighbourhood policy; Transatlantic relations; Russia; China; The Middle East and the Arab Reform Initiative.