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 Because of the fact we are dealing in a very sensitive arena, that of poverty and desperation, it is important that we understand the back-end program dealing with all things deprivation, as the private corporate empire moves to the takeover of Britain’s entire domestic and social system.

Mix this with the sinister changes in what is termed Evangelical Christianity, headed by Vatican II, then one can understand why poverty has been placed into the lap of the Evangelicals, it attracts genuinely good and decent people to front the real agenda going in the back room.

So, to cover the Masonic inference the whole affair they set it thus : “Attack the Food Banks and you are attacking Christianity itself.” What they fail to present is the fact, the Evangelical movement as a global whole, is what we term Masonic Christianity, or, the Mystical Body of Satan.

“During the Second World War, international communism must become strong enough in order to balance Christendom, which would then be restrained and held in check until the time when we would need it for the final social cataclysm.”  Albert Pike in a letter to Mazzini presenting the three world war strategy to takeover the world

In 2010 when we first put this report together, while investigating the then proposed changes to the unemployment and benefit system, at the time synonymous with Ian Duncan Smith, what we saw reading between the lines, was the aim to first install the Food Bank system and then some time in the future, turn it into a means of procuring children from desperate British parents. It went like this :

  • desperate you turn to the food banks for food
  • you are offered food with your signature to what they term an intervention order
  • they will give you three handouts then declare you unfit as parents to care for your children

When you consider that the corporate social workers offer schools £12.000 for each referral of a child to social services, and, that care homes receive £50.000 per child to take into their care, then you can see that the corporate agenda when it comes to your children is to make money.

In 2019, it is a clear fact that this corporate governance we suffer is hell bent on removing white British natives off their own social system and out of the homes they own as taxpayers, now under housing association control, (which means the council hiding behind a charitable status) in order the open borders and weaponised mass immigration has home here with our tax money. The fact it is the Evangelicals at the helm shows the white natives who this bunch of slave traders actually serve…they serve the Zionist agenda. politicians/management/article/1520258

The Trussell Trust

It was very easy to look up the Trussell Trust on the Internet, but what first caught our attention was a very sinister high level commissioner of this agenda, the Dulverton Trust, big in all things charitable, especially around children, but the most revealing aspect was the ties to British Intelligence through a very sinister company called; Hakluyt & Company Limited.

If we look at a correspondence between  Hakluyt and Enron in 2001, we get insight as to what Hakluyt is :

Hakluyt’s Christopher James wrote to Enron’s Jeff Skilling In an apparent follow-up to the email in August of 2001, James expanded on what Hakluyt could offer :
Quote :

“Your office has asked me to outline Hakluyt’s services. Rather than fall back on the usual corporate information that we have sent to your people previously, I would say simply this; Hakluyt is what you make of it — it places an unparalleled private intelligence network at the personal disposal of senior commercial figures.”

So not your ordinary operation and worse is the fact this company connects with possibly the worst facilitator to genocide, I would cite the Yugoslavia conflict and the Rwanda genocide, we find Hakluyt ties in with Kissinger Associates. This is not just something we need to kock a wink at, this is serious, serious information here.

The most striking connections (probably more)  with foodbank operations under the franchise of the Trussell Trust come in four areas :

Alpha is the overriding doctrine under which these networks operate they are all part of the Evangelical Alliance and the Newfrontiers Church planting, agendaa very big medical affiliation by some of it’s Trustees and big in recycling-landfill.

We also get a very revealing insight as to how these Trust pseudo-Churches spend the money they collect. 40% of the monies collected goes to pay big salaries to those who administer the operation while only 11% goes to the poor. But this in itself is rather hazy as the 11% goes directly to the operation Newfrontiers, and as such we are none the wiser as to what the money is actually used for.
Also we find that the majority of operations franchised by Trussell, are brand new operations, which exposes a rather dark ‘mass planning,’ for a very bleak future,  especially so given we are speaking of  all things food and the control of, particularly relating to the poor.

Certainly not to be missed is the fact what is presented on the Trussell website as the extent of its size, with deeper study we find the operations presented are but the front for something much greater…Insight for such a claim is seen in the fact, the Church of England diocese is very involved and as such, this tiny little franchise is set to grow to gigantic proportions as the cuts hand people over to this super network across the country.

The Queen of England is the head of the Anglican Church, I give you the Anglo Methodist Covenant :
On 1 November 2003, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York and the General Secretary of the General Synod , together with the President, Vice President and Secretary of the Methodist Conference signed the Covenant at Methodist Central Hall, Westminster, in the presence of the Queen.
The ceremony continued at Westminster Abbey with a short service of thanksgiving and dedication.
And for an older model :

The above in the first instant is a clear breach of the Queens Coronation oath in the upkeep of the Protestant religion, the Evangelical movement is not Protestant, it is a Jesuit construct promoting Futurism with Methodism being the oversoul. A prime example of this methodical nature comes in the form of Margaret Thatcher.

Second issue would be the fact the handing of all things poverty to the Evangelicals is backed from the monarch herself, while the power base for the Evangelical movements is clearly American.

The current monarch took a differing oath at her coronation, not sanctioned in law. I brought a case against the DWP in 2010 which asked the court to examine and make judgement as to the validity of this monarch in taking a false oath, and asked if the reason we find our nation under the control of the corporations, was a direct result of the fact, Queen Elizabeth II is not the constitutional monarch but an acclaimed monarch representing not the realm, but the international corporate realm. The case was dismissed by Deputy District Judge Thomas Andrew Lewis Greensmith from Dickson Haslam Ltd Winckley Square Preston. Case Number : 1AC00469

The judge resigned his position on September 1, 2011, eight days before he determined the jobseeker agreement is not a contract as he sat my case. On September 9, 2011. He was promoted after the decision on September 9 to District Judge. During the hearing he strongly advised me not to take this matter to the high court as it would cost me the earth, clearly a move to ensure I continue to bring the case in Accrington to which he and two other shifted Judges to the Burnley circuit would be able to cancel my case, and all others, every time. As a part of the oath taken by the Judiciary they are not allowed to hear any case against Queen Elizabeth II.

We are indeed witnessing the forced rise of all things Theosophical Christian Zionism, in direct control of food for those who are to fall below the poverty trap as the Jobcentre Plus kicks people off benefits to become displaced persons.

Given this food control agenda is showing itself first in America, we have a sneak preview as to the power this Evangelical control of food shall wield, and how it is to be used. They are removing particular foods from the menu of food given out, therefore they are controlling the nutrient intake of the people who are dependant upon these food banks to eat. The following report made the hairs stand on the back of my neck as we see the removal of a prime crop, perhaps the most versatile of easily grown food, the humble potato,  we last saw this move play out in Ireland as the Crown starved and displaced the Irish.

Codex Alimentarius is part of this micro management of nutrients and vitamin intake, but as we soon see in the following report, Climate has the biggest share at this point in determining  life or death for the poor :

Ag Secretary Defends Dropping Potatoes From Federal Food Program for Low-Income Mothers
Food banks means food control under the fraudulent climate change dogma, and given it is the command of the Evangelical Jesus, what better people to administer such command than the Nonconformist cults.

As we ran up to last years general election lifeinthemix investigated the real power behind UKIP, Conservative and New Labour, we found all to be ‘influenced’ by the Alpha Lodges, also operations such as ARK Schools, we find to be very influential in all things British politics. ARK of course is Military Industrial Complex, Alpha is a serious Crown level network which fully controls and now operates out of Australia, for the same Crown.

It is important at this point that you fully understand that those in control of UKIP through Lord Malcolm Pearson, are big in all things nonconformist Evangelical Christian Zionism, with the Methodist Church seemingly in the shadows and in the controlling position. This also pans out when one enters the Westminster Temple area in London, which has the main Methodist Hall, very connected to our African brothers and sister and presents in its architecture what we already know as the revived Roman Empire under the emperors, Methodist Hall has six fasci adorning the entrance.

So I ask you keep the above information in mind as you look at the Alpha operations pushing to take full control of all things food in sync with the supermarket chains that also happen to be run by Evangelical families.

Basically you get three free food packages and then in come social services to sort out your whole life, and of course if you have children….They will be removed as Barnardos demands :

More Babies Should Be Taken Into Care To Protect Them From Poor Parents’
We need to take more newborn babies into care at birth, declares Barnardo’s chief

You want to see proof of complete food control in the pipeline? read on

The Trussell Trust Franchise
List of woodfuel suppliers in SEE
The Trussell Trust, registered charity number; 1110522
from the Charity Commission Website : Link

The Trussell Trust works with marginalised people in the UK and Bulgaria. In Bulgaria, we run residential training centres for young care leavers and support Roma community development initiatives. In the UK we run Salisbury Foodbank, giving emergency food to people in crisis. We also run the foodbank network, working with communities to launch new foodbanks across the UK.

List of trustees (as at the Charity Commission website, 31 July 2010) :
Mr Chris Mould
Director The Trussell Trust
St. Michael’s Community Centre
St. Michael’s Road

Mrs C. Henderson
Miss Elizabeth Ann Pollard
Mr Patrick John Henderson OBE
Mr William Michael Alexander Trinick
Mr Christopher Peter Mould
Mrs Sophie Melville
Mr Johnny Annis
Cllr Lt Comm Noel Atkins
The Trussell Trust, Companies House Number: 05434524
Also at this address; from :
The Trussell Trust
St. Michael’s Community Centre
St. Michael’s Road
United Kingdom

Recycling non-metal waste & scrap
Retail second-hand goods in stores

With the following people involved :
William Michael Alexander Trinick – Particulars Changed as director on 21 Jul 2010
Christopher Peter Mould – Particulars Changed as director on 21 Jul 2010
Mrs Sophie Elizabeth Melville – Particulars Changed as director on 21 Jul 2010
Patrick John Henderson – Particulars Changed as director on 21 Jul 2010
Carol Henderson – Particulars Changed as director on 21 Jul 2010
Cllr Lt Comm Noel Anthony Atkins – Appointed as director on 21 May 2009
Dr Jonathan Annis – Appointed as director on 21 May 2009
Mrs Sophie Elizabeth Melville – Appointed as director on 21 May 2009
Anna Rebecca Cochrane – Appointed as secretary on 27 May 2008
Patrick Woodward – Resigned as secretary on 13 May 2008
The Trustees from the Trussell Trust as a charity, as listed on the Charity Commission website :
Miss Elizabeth Ann Pollard (Gore Browne, Securities and Investment)

Cazenove re-staffs UK wealth management team
Pirkko Juntunen
09 Jan 2001

Cazenove Fund Management has hired two staff to replace the wealth management team of three that left one of its regional UK offices last year.

Jamie Joicey-Cecil, formerly a partner of James Capel, has been appointed to head the office in Salisbury, replacing Bertie Gore-Browne. Joicey-Cecil will be joined by Richard Firth, formerly at Greig Middleton, on January 29. Cazenove runs its wealth management business in the UK out of three regional offices, which are located, apart from Salisbury, in Chester and Oxford.

Richard Atkinson left with his boss Gore-Browne and the two are believed to be setting up their own business, said a Cazenove spokeswoman in London. The third team member has not yet been named to replace Elisabeth Pollard who also left. She is believed to be joining Gore-Browne and Atkinson, she said.

Patrick Dalby, private client partner, said : & quote, “Joicey-Cecil and Firth will have the full backing and support of our London office while David Pegler from London will continue to operate out of Salisbury until the new team is fully established.”
Cazenove manages over £5bn on behalf of private individuals : Link
The Partners :
Elizabeth Pollard
Elizabeth is a founder partner (and a colleague of Bertie’s since 1987), who specialises in UK investments. A member of the Securities & Investment Institute, she is primarily engaged in looking after clients and their investment portfolios.
She has worked in the investment industry for over 25 years. After eight years in the City with Brewin Dolphin and Raphael Zorn, she moved to Salisbury in 1987 and joined Cobbolds. In 1991 Elizabeth helped set up Cazenove’s first regional office. She left in early 2001 along with other Cazenove colleagues to become a director of a small new investment management company.
Elizabeth is also a director of the Trussell Trust, a Salisbury-based charity bringing humanitarian aid to people in crisis in England and Bulgaria : Link
Gore Browne Investment Management was set up in 2004 by Bertie Gore Browne, John MacMahon, Simon James and Elizabeth Pollard (Gore Browne and off-shore investments)

For those clients who wish to keep their investments offshore, we can arrange for investment administration, custody and banking services to be provided by Adam & Company International in Guernsey : Link
Is this connected?
Global Wealth Management
Suite 900
TUCSON, AZ 85711
Phone: (520) 747-6196
Email: Matthew Apostolik
Matthew P. Apostolik   (520) 747-6196           Wealth Management Advisor
Mary Elizabeth Pollard  (520) 747-6177           Wealth Management Advisor
Elizabeth Weiner-Schulman       (520) 747-6108           Wealth Management Advisor
Helen Dugan     (520) 747-6155           Senior Associate
William Michael Alexander Trinick (Wiston Estate, involved with Veolia, landfill, recycling)
Available Reports Details
Director/Secretary Name:
Report Status: Current
Public Address
BN44 3 Any Ref: Please tick the reports you require below and then click “Order” : Link
Woodfuel – summary of current suppliers in south east England

Forestry Commission South East England
Note: Please note this list is not exhaustive and in many cases woodland owners and managers will respond to meet market demands, especially local ones. Neither is the list a recommendation, and is provided to help potential buyers contact potential suppliers. If you are considering a relatively small wood fuelled development (less than 100 tonnes per year and wish to discuss potential supply from woodlands nearby please contact me and we will try and provide contacts).
Wiston Estate  William Trinick West Sussex  Hiezohach   Hire out   (tractor powered and manually fed)   chipper with operator    01903 812129
Public Adjournment
The Chairman invited William Trinick the Manager of the Wiston Estate to take part in the discussion on:- DC/08/WS – Halo Recycling, North Farm- continue the use of Flint Barn as a workshop for the purpose of a plastics recycling business. County application. The Chairman had attended a site meeting with William Trinick, County and District Officers and County Councillor Frank Wilkinson, and gave an update on the meeting, Halo recycling deals with 400 tonnes of plastics and cardboard that would otherwise go to landfill, the raw materials are collected from farmers etc and put into bales to be taken away for recycling . The service that is provided to the local farmers and businesses is good but the present location is not appropriate. Alternative accommodation has been sought but none found, Wiston Estates are therefore prepared to offer another building on North Farm which is in a better location and larger than the present one, and would allow better vehicle movements. Wiston Estates have asked for an extension to the present approval of 1 year to allow time for the transfer. Cllr Wilkins asked if the flint barn was to be reallocated to another business, once Halo had moved, Mr Trinick said there were no plans at present to do so. Cllr Wilkins said that the plans for the site were spasmodic and Halo had caused a lot of concern. Mr Trinick said that the Wiston Estate was very concerned about the rubbish at Halo, but had they asked him to leave he would have gone out of business, and they did not wish this to happen. Cllr Turley asked if Mr Trinick thought it was ok to put something into a building when you don’t have permission to do so? Mr Trinick said no obviously not, but the planning process takes time and sometimes they have to move before that : Link
Mr William Trinick (ID: 58208) , Wiston Estate PDF
Are you Objecting or Supporting?
If you consider the DPD is unsound, please identify which tests of soundness your representation relates to:
7. The strategies/policies/allocations do NOT represent the most appropriate in all the circumstances, having considered the relevant alternatives, and they are founded on a robust and credible evidence base.
9. The plan is NOT reasonably flexible to enable it to deal with changing circumstances.
Changes to the document
The Core Strategy envisages the vast majority of new development being near Crawley and Horsham/Broadbridge Heath. Whilst this general approach is supported, it is considered that the balance is tipped too far towards these areas and away from the smaller towns and villages where proposed development is negligible (314 out of 10,575 new homes during the Plan period).

This is at odds with Policy CP5 which identifies settlements capable of “some expansion, infilling and development” as it allows virtually no scope for such development in these settlements.
It is therefore submitted that greater provision should be made for new housing in smaller towns and villages. This provision should be made both for additional site-specific allocations and for small scale development proposals to be considered on their own merits during the plan period.
See other related responses by Mr Trinick to CP4 and CP8 Link

William Trinick, estate manager, harvesting Chardonnay grapes in Findon Park Vineyard of Wiston Estate : on the South Downs near Worthing, Sussex, England. [4.2]

Wilton Park, a conference organising entity of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, leases Wiston House from Wiston Estate. Here, members of government host high-level conferences on topics such as energy security in Europe and forests and climate change. Wilton Park is the partner in a plan suggested by Wiston Estate’s Foreman, Toby Askew. If successful, the plan will help generate an income to kick start the process of bringing the estate’s 1200 acres of woodlands back into commercial management and help reduce a Government department’s carbon footprint. Estate Manager William Trinick began working at Wiston in 2001 : Link

Wiston Estate has announced today that Veolia will not appeal against the decision of WSCC to refuse permission for landfill at Rock Common Quarry. Notification of Veolia’s intent was outlined in a brief email from William Trinnick (Wiston Estate Manager) which was sent this morning (23rd March 2009) to Washington Parish Council, CLAG and local newspapers.

In its letter to the Parish Council, the estate talks of ‘forming a closer rapport’. Certainly there is a need for bridges to be re-built with the community, as relations have been quite badly damaged by Veolia and Wiston’s actions : Link

The letter was swiftly followed by a letter from Wiston Estate manager William Trinick, which said: “Wiston Estate has accepted Veolia’s decision not to proceed with a planning application for landfill at Rock Common. The estate is now left with the challenge of finding the best use for Rock Common once the remainder of the sand has been extracted and the agreement we have with the current user has ceased : Link
Mr Christopher Peter Mould (involved with NHS, police)
fund raiser LEPRA 1982, planning asst NE Thames RHA 1982-83, planning mangr Southend Health Authy 1983-86, hosp mangr Southend Hosp 1986-88, gen mangr Community and Mental Health Servs S Beds Health Authy 1989-91 (gen mangr Mental Health 1988-89), chief exec (designate) S Beds Community Health Care NHS Tst 1991-92, dist gen mangr Salisbury Health Authy and chief exec Salisbury Health Care 1992-94, chief exec Salisbury Health Care NHS Tst 1994-98 and 1999-2003, prog dir Prog Cmmn for Strategic Change in Wiltshire and Swindon (health care) 1998-99 (on secondment); dir Nat Police Trg 2001-02, chief exec Centrex (Central Police Trg and Devpt Authy) 2002-03; conslt in strategy and organisational change; chair and memb various police ctees and bds until 2004; chm Healthwork UK (Health Care National Trg Orgn) 1998-2001; prog dir: Postgrad Medical Educn and Trg Bd 2004-05, V (Nat Youth Vol Charity) 2006-07; chm Fndn Redlynch C of E Primary Sch 2005-06 (govr 1994-2002); tstee Ffald y Brenin Tst 1994-, tstee and dir Trussell Tst 2004-; appraisal fellowship Nuffield Prov Hosps Tst, 4th prize RIPA/Hay Award for Managerial Innovation 1989; MHSM, DipHSM Link
Welcome to my fundraising page. There’s still time to support me!

To celebrate my 50th year I set myself an ambitious  ‘5 at 50 Challenge’: to run 5 classic race distances including a marathon and a mountain challenge, before my 51st birthday. Having never run more than a half marathon before I was expecting this to test my endurance and stamina to the limits and it did.  I am delighted to have successfully completed each run with the knowledge of your support to spur me on (particularly the marathon and Lake District runs). My fundraising target of £50k is no mean feat, and I still need all the help I can get! Please dig deep and help The Trussell Trust to continue restoring dignity and reviving hope in 2009.

Donating through Justgiving is quick, easy and totally secure. It’s also the most efficient way to sponsor me: Trussell Trust gets your money faster and, if you’re a UK taxpayer, Justgiving makes sure 25% in Gift Aid, plus a 3% supplement, are added to your donation.
So please sponsor me now! Thank you. Link
Mr Johnny Annis  (Dr. Jonathan A D. Annis, involved in private health)
HOSPITAL staff in Salisbury will be looking to crack open a real bottle of bubbly in celebration, after they complete a marathon 500-mile cycle ride across northern France for the Ace of Hearts appeal.

Members of the eight-strong team from the radiology department, start their three-day ride from the Normandy port of Le Havre on October 17, finishing in the French town of Epernay in the Champagne region, east of Paris.

As they follow a steady course through the beautiful Loire Valley, the team hopes to raise about £1,500 for the appeal.

Consultant radiologist and team leader Jonathan Annis said: “This is a marvellous opportunity for us to do our bit for the Ace of Hearts appeal and take on a rather different challenge from what we would normally be used to.

Dr Jonathan A D. Annis (Consultant’s Specialty available to Authorised Users & Subscribers)
Consultant : Dr Jonathan A D Annis
NHS Practice
Private Practice
People connected with the Company
Particulars Changed as director on 07 Jan 2010 (Document)
Particulars Changed as director on 07 Jan 2010 (Document)
Particulars Changed as director on 07 Jan 2010 (Document)
Particulars Changed as director on 07 Jan 2010 (Document)
Particulars Changed as director on 07 Jan 2010 (Document)
Resigned as director on 24 Apr 2009 (Document)
Appointed as director on 24 Apr 2009 (Document)
Cllr Lt Comm Noel Atkins (Mayor of Worthing)
Supporting the Invasions
After a march for the armed forces in Worthing yesterday, mayor of Worthing, Councillor Noel Atkins said: “My hearts go out to the soldiers but they are doing a tremendous job in effectively preserving our freedom from potential terrorist threat.”

“They are keeping terrorism at bay by being in Helmand and in Iraq. It’s a critical time in Helmand, so at this stage we have to keep the Taliban at bay otherwise we risk a greater threat of insurgency.” Link
A WHILE back we brought to your attention the antics of a proselytising prat called Cllr Lt Cdr Noël Atkins, who happens to be the Mayor of Worthing.

This numpty is a True Believer, which is fine by us so long as doesn’t use the trappings of his office to foist his piety on others.

Cllr Lt Cdr Noel Atkins imagines his duties include bringing the ‘Good News of Jesus Christ’ to the residents of Worthing

But no. Atkins – writing as Worthing’s Mayor, and not as a private  individual — provided the intro, and a photo of himself all dolled up in his mayoral finery, to the publishers of some silly religious tract that was shoved through residents’ doors earlier this year.

One resident who was not prepared to take this annoying intrusion by the Gloria Deo Trust and International Bible Society lying down was Elaine Ansell, a member of the Brighton and Hove Humanist Association, who first wrote to the Worthing Herald, then to the council itself. Link
From SANO, the Sussex Association of Naval Officers :
A SANO party of ten were guests of His Worship, the Mayor of Worthing, Councillor Lt Cdr Noël Atkins RD RNR, for a drinks reception in the parlour at the Town Hall in Worthing on Thursday 25 March. Noël, who has been a member of SANO for many years, made us most welcome, showing us the Council Chamber, the official mace, and the scroll conferring the freedom of the Borough on HMS SUSSEX, much to the delight of the former members of the Division who were present. The photograph on the home page shows our Vice Chairman, Dr Brian Baker, presenting Noël with a SANO tie, so filling what the Mayor agreed was a gap in his wardrobe.
The Presented Trussell Trust Operations Administering Food
The Alpha operations thus far presented to control food outside the use of money from the supermarkets :
Andover St. John The Baptist RC
They say on their website :
The Andover Food Bank provides food for local people in crisis. It issues food vouchers which can be exchanged for emergency food boxes.

Each box contains 3 days supply of nutritionally balanced tinned and dried food. This is a short term measure providing breathing space until additional help is offered by professional agencies.
Families and individuals within the Andover area may require food boxes for a variety of reasons. These can include debt, benefit delay, low income, unemployment, homelessness and domestic violence. We provide support, whatever the reason. Donations are given through Harvest Festival School collections, via local church gifts, Company staff collections and by individuals to our volunteers during Supermarket collection days.
What I find very revealing is the fact although the supermarkets below are involved in this food collection, it is not the supermarkets giving the food, the supermarkets allow these operations to collect food from people who are shopping .
Supermarkets of course are not in the business of giving anything for free, take note here.
Supermarket Collections
Future Events
Sainsbury’s – Saturday 5th September and Saturday 31st October 2009
ASDA – Saturday 5th December 2009
Tesco – TBA
Supermarket/Wholesalers Collections
Waitrose – TBA
Sainsbury’s – TBA
Tesco – TBA
Petty Wood – TBA
The corporate Crown enterprise changes nothing when it comes to the creation of the idea of free, they give nothing but create the opportunity for people who can afford food, to then give to those who cannot.
Links : Andover Foodbank
The Catholic Parish of Saint John the Baptist
BLACKWOOD Tab life centre Pontllanfraith
Run by : Sarah Trinder Age : 54 years More Info : Meet the Team
Blackwood Street Pastors Blackwood Street Pastors has been operating since October 2009. Tab Life Centre is one of 12 local churches involved in this initiative and out of 27 Blackwood Street Pastors, 13 are from Tab Life Centre. David Hatch (formerly of TLC, who is now pastoring a church in North Wales) was actually the chairman of the steering committee. Street Pastors was established in 1993 in London, but has quickly spread nationally and continues to grow. In South Wales many towns are already in or have expressed an interest in training.
Here we can see though only one Church is presented on the Trussell website, this church represents more, why are they hiding such?
The site itself is not giving anything away, I presume one has to be a member to gain access to their links, very secret society doctrine while preaching all inclusive brotherhood, this is the MO of all things Alpha and as such through the issuance of food they aim to recruit more to the satanic energising which Alpha offers, of course they will tell you it is Jesus energy.
BICESTER Emmanuel Church (CE)
Run by : Chris Boyce  Vicar
They say :
Emmanuel Church is a lively Church of England Church based in Bicester. Emmanuel was formed in December 2002 as a plant from St Aldate’s and St Ebbe’s Churches in Oxford and offers all-age worship and fellowship in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
What is very concerning to my good self, and found to be the case with a few of these operations, they are housed inside Primary Schools? When I began my work of exposure of what I had learned while in the mystery school, I began by showing how such satanic networks used the schools to create chaos amongst the pupils who are there five days a week, so the following insight needs to be fully understood.
They give address as :
Bure Park Primary School Lucerne Avenue Bicester Oxfordshire OX26 3BP
Under such the children who attend this school also suffer the energies brought forth by this enterprise which will then pass to the parents of the children, this is known on occult circles as energy exchange.
This church is big on Alpha : Link
Run By : Robert Clark
They say :
“God has called us to Bournemouth  to love and develop people who need Jesus Christ. A slogan that you’ll hear a lot at Bournemouth Vineyard is: ‘We are imperfect people building a Church where the imperfect are perfectly welcome.’” (Robert Clark, Senior Pastor) : Link
‘there’s no unemployment in the Kingdom of God!’ : Link
Unemployed…..These operations have been set up for food control.
Fourthly, give a portion of your income regularly. Giving is not only Biblical, but it vital to the ongoing work of the Church. Giving is an act of worship and sacrifice and is how real joy is found.
Finally, if you are coming to the Vineyard from another local church (as opposed to being between churches or previously unchurched), it is likely that you will be noticed if you left! It’s really important to us that you go to your leader there and ask them to release you with they’re blessing before joining the Vineyard 
At the bottom of each web page we find this :
Affiliated to : Bournemouth Vineyard Church. Affiliated to Vineyard Churches UK
Again we can see such operations as presented on the Trussell website are but the front for something much bigger
Has its roots in American Evangelicalism :
John Wimber was a founding leader of the Vineyard. His influence profoundly shaped the theology and practice of Vineyard churches from their earliest days until his death in November 1997. When John was conscripted by God he was, in the words of Christianity Today, a “beer-guzzling, drug-abusing pop musician, who was converted at the age of 29 while chain-smoking his way through a Quaker-led Bible study” (Christianity Today, editorial, Feb. 9 1998) : Link
UK Churches :
Vineyard Churches UK & Ireland was formed for the purpose of joining together churches who hold common values and practices, and, first and foremost, it is a conservative evangelical movement. It is governed by a Council through a number of Task Forces, including a Board of Trustees, which give oversight to the pastors of existing churches and facilitates widespread church planting : Link
BRADFORD The Light Church
I would ask you all understand Bradford is a major centre for the Golden Dawn satanic operation, I have been fighting it for many years, so one has to ask…’who’s light’?
Run by : Sue and Nick Clarke : Link
They say :
The Light is an exciting new church Bradford, West Yorkshire which started in October 2008. We’re a group of about 200 people from random backgrounds and walks of life that believe that life is at its best when we love God and love people. We aim to create an environment where both Christians and those who are just exploring issues of faith can grow in those two areas – Loving God and Loving People.
The bait :
Christians Against Poverty Debt Counselling Centre : Link
Christians Against Poverty
Would Christians against poverty  actually translate as Christians against poverty we don’t control?
BRACKNELL Kerith Church
It’s all about Alpha : Link
Run by : Simon and Catrina Benham : Link
Simon is our Senior Pastor and Catrina his wife heads up our Unique Women’s ministry. Yet
 another distinct MO of these operations is the dividing up of boys girls, adults children, the perfect secret society doctrine to give maximum control in a family, it enables the church to see all within a family as each member is separated to a particular mentor.
This church is yet another using the debt bait to attract the poor.
BRENT Pentecostal City Mission Church
This one has a Symbiosis Project
Run By :
They say :
Pentecostal City Mission Church is a community of believers that will effectively communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ to all people holistically, irrespective of race, colour, gender, and economic status. Upon conversion, they will grow in the faith and knowledge of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, with progressive productive social, educational and evangelistic outreach ministries tailored to embrace diversity and to enhance the building of the kingdom of God within all societies.
Note the spelling of colour, this is an American operation : Link
I have first hand experience of the Elim system, almost all pastors at the Accrington Elim have been accused of child abuse, and fore the final insight, the current pastor who has been accused of abuse after over 20 years is still the pastor.
What does this tell us as it relates to paedophiles in the network of the Evangelical movement?
They are protected and shielded, all the while focus is held against the Catholic Church.
Run by : Darren Mallett – Minister
We now enter the Elim network :
The Elim Pentecostal Church was founded in 1915 by a Welshman in Monaghan, Ireland.  George Jeffreys was an outstanding evangelist and church planter.  He had a Welsh Congregational background, which was strongly influenced by the Welsh Revival of 1904, and was introduced to Pentecost by an Anglican vicar, Rev Alexander Boddy of Sunderland.
The name ‘Elim’ was taken from the book of Exodus where the Israelites exhausted and dispirited en route from Egypt’s cruel bondage to the freedom of Canaan came to Elim an oasis in the desert where there were twelve wells of water and seventy palms trees : Link
BUDE Elim Church
Pastor Roger and Janice Rowland
Roger & Janice grew up in The Salvation Army and trained to be Salvation Army Officers in the late 1970s. They have three grown up daughters. Roger is a qualified teacher and spent a number of years teaching physical education in both secondary and primary schools. Janice works as a social worker for Family Matter Fostering Ltd : Link
Interesting that this Church gives insight as to the real purpose of this food trust agenda :
This facility is designed to enable recipients to begin to effectively break their long-term circle of poverty and has received considerable support from local Care Professionals.
What it fails to say is the fact once you shift into absolute reliance on these food networks, you become a puppet for the same and dependence on the Evangelical satanic cult assured for the future of those who fall foul of the same : Link
Big on youth : Link
Cambridge City OLEM
…We need to provide a spirituality of communion making it the guiding principle of education wherever individuals and Christians are formed, wherever ministers of the altar, consecrated persons or pastoral workers are trained, wherever families are being built up.’
Mgr. Tony Rogers
This operation  is huge and connects with education and medical :
Anglia Polytechnic University
Cambridge University
St Albans School
St Bede’s School
St Edmund’s College
St Catherine’s School
Hospitals and Nursing Homes
Margaret Beaufort Institute
St Mary’s School
Polish Community
Addenbrooke’s Hospital
Fulbourn, Rosie Maternity, Evelyn Hospital, Douglas House, Hope House
Cambridge University
Anglia Ruskin University ( Formally APU )
St. Edmund’s College
Margaret Beaufort Institute

This website alone brings to the fore a massive Catholic network waiting in the wings to force British people back into the hands of all things Christian Zionism  : Link
More External Connections : Link
Again we can see after a little diligence, what is presented as ‘little old Trussell Trust’, is but a front for a huge pre-constructed network for all things food issuance, standing in the shadows to take control over the lives of millions of starving British people, that is of course after the DWP-Jobcentre Plus has thrown you off benefits to be labelled an; ‘Internally Displaced Person’, and you do not want to become an IDP.
Also worth noting at this point would be the use of the term ‘Person’, again shows that all future control of this country is so under the Statute garbage, thus understanding the difference between common law rights and Statute imprisonment is essential in defeating this agenda, if you do not accept you are your commercial debt account, then how can a Statute label you and send you off into Statute Heaven?…it cannot. To admit liability for the name on your birth certificate is to breech crown copyright, the crown owns it therefore the crown is the liable agent.
CARMARTHEN : Towy Community Church
Leaders :
Mark & Nicola Bennett, church founders : Link
They say :
We have strong links to other leaders with similar vision to see healthy, vibrant churches established in West Wales which connect with their communities and culture : Link
Get them while they are young : Link
To Quote the Jesuit Order : ”give me a child until it is seven and it will be ours for the rest of its life”
From their statement of faith :
The Future State
We believe in the second coming of Christ as the blessed hope set before believers, in the resurrection of the dead and in the final judgment of the world, the eternal conscious bliss of the believer and the eternal conscious punishment of those who reject Christ.
Evangelical Alliance member
They say :
Cardiff Foodbank was officially brought into being on 29th April 2009 as a franchise of the Trussell Trust, and is part of the National Foodbank Network. It is a project to help and support those suffering financial hardship and who are facing the reality of being unable to feed themselves or their families. Nationwide there has been a 71% increase in demand and last year the Network fed 24,000 men, women and children in the UK : Link
”Shoppers you rock”  : Link
CARDIGAN : New Life church
Leaders :
Doug & Janice Bell
Both were radically saved in a Methodist church in Failsworth, Manchester at the age 30, through a group of young people who were on fire for God. Since that time they have both had a passion in their hearts to share this love and see lives transformed through the saving grace and healing power of the Lord.
”Called to Wales”
In 1984 the Lord called them to Wales, where this nation has become their home : Link
Involved in :
They lived for two years in Romania as missionaries. For them this was the training ground of learning how to depend on the Lord in every circumstance and situation and finding out the reality of what happens when you are squeezed, facing the truth of what comes out and the challenge of dealing with it. (One day they may write a book on the reality of being a missionary.)
At the present time they take teams out into Poland where they are partnering with a church and supporting the work there.
Other Nations
They also have relationships with some very special people in other nations including Canada, USA, Brazil, Netherlands, India, Africa and Hong Kong.
CLAPHAM PARK : All Nations Baptist
Leaders :
Pastor Les Ball
When training to be a teacher back in the swinging 60’s Les Ball met two fellow students, Norman & Martin, who made a big impact on him — they were the first ‘real’ Christians he’d met close up and personal! Les soon met Jesus himself and never looked back.
You have to be a member to get into the guts, not boding well for helping all gods children….
Pastor Paul Ogunyemi
Pastor Paul is much younger than Les! Originally from Nigeria and a background as a building surveyor, Paul joined All Nations in 1990 just after marrying Saint Jo, who is now a consultant doctor at UCH : Link
If you wish to look at the partners for this Baptist Church, you cannot…you have to be a member : Link
Secrets hide what exactly? Well, it is never the goodness of those holding the secrets, it is always the badness!
Not seeing open giving with this bunch of power grabbers
Involved in Haiti : Link
Not sure they like the Haitian’s….not Evangelical enough
They need our prayers. Haitians are 80% catholic and 100% voodou (which means ‘spirit’ worshippers, following the rites and rituals of African animism, including child sacrifice).
Many believe and live as if the country is under a curse.  Prayer is as vital as aid, that they will turn to the true and living God and discover his compassion and love.
Haiti, the real story of all those caring aid operations :
What Happened To All The Haiti Aid
This is big :
Colchester Churches
Assembly of God (PraiseWay)
Abbeyfield Community Church
Aldham Parish Church
All Saints & St Cedd’s Shrub End
All Saints with St John’s, Great Horkesley
All Saints, Eight Ash Green
All Saints, Fordham
All Saints, Inworth
All Saints, Messing
All Saints, Wakes Colne
Artillery Street Evangelical Church
Boxted Methodist Church
Brethren Assembly West Mersea
Brethren Meeting Room Gladstone Road
Brightlingsea Methodist Church
Castle Methodist Church
Christ Church Church of England LEP
Christ Church URC LEP
Christ Embassy Colchester
Colchester Area Community Church
Colchester Baptist Church
Colchester Vineyard
Dedham Heath Methodist Church
DNA Networks
East Mersea Parish Church
Eight Ash Green Methodist Church
Elim Greenstead
Elmstead Market Methodist Church
Fingringhoe Methodist Church
Gosbecks Christian Fellowship
Greenstead Evangelical Free Church
Harwich Road URC
Highwoods Methodist Church
Kingsland Church Lexden
Kingsland Church Stanway
Kingsland Church Tiptree
Lexden Methodist Church
Lion Walk URC
London Road Meeting Room (Brethren Assembly)
Maldon Road Chapel
Marks Tey Methodist Church
Mile End Methodist Church
Mount Zion Salvation Army Centre
New Life Church
Old City Hall (West Mersea) Brethren Assembly
Old Heath Congregational Church
Orchard Baptist
Orthodox Parish of St Helen of Colchester
Plume Avenue URC
Prettygate Baptist
Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
Revive Worship Centre
Rowhedge Christian Fellowship, Rowhedge
Seventh Day Adventist Church
St Albright’s Stanway
St Andrew’s Abberton
St Andrew’s Fingringhoe
St Andrew’s Greenstead
St Andrew’s, Marks Tey
St Anne’s
St Barnabas, Chappel
St Barnabas, Great Tey
St Barnabas, OldHeath
St Botolph’s
St Cedd’s and St Gregory Catholic Church West Mersea
St James the Great
St James the Less Catholic Church
St James the Less Little Tey
St John the Baptist Catholic Church
St John the Baptist, Layer de la Haye
St John the Evangelist, St Johns
St John’s Catholic Church
St John’s Mount Bures
St Lawrence, Rowhedge and East Donyland
St Leonard’s, Lexden
St Luke’s Highwoods
St Luke’s, Tiptree
St Margaret with St Michael, Berechurch
St Mary the Virgin, Dedham
St Mary the Virgin, Langham
St Mary the Virgin, Layer Breton
St Mary the Virgin, Layer Marney
St Mary the Virgin, West Bergholt
St Mary the Virgin, Wivenhoe
St Mary’s, Easthorpe
St Matthew’s, Parson’s Heath
St Michael and All Angels, Copford
St Michael and All Angels, Myland
St Monica’s Catholic Church
St Peter and St Paul, Little Horkesley
St Peter and St Paul, West Mersea
St Peters
St Peters, Boxted
St Stephens Church Centre, New Town and The Hythe
St Teresa of Lisieux Catholic Church , Lexden
Stanway Evangelical Church
The Salvation Army – Colchester
Tiptree URC
West Bergholt Methodist Church
West Mersea Free
West Mersea Methodist Church
West Mersea Parish Church
Wimpole Road Methodist Church
Without Walls
Wivenhoe Congregational Church
Wivenhoe Methodist Church
Wycliffe Baptist Church
DEVIZES : Churches together
This is big :
Aldbourne Churches Together
Alderbury & Whaddon
Amesbury Churches Together
Churches in the Bourne Valley
Box Churches
Bradford on Avon United Churches
Bradford Area Churches Together
Bramshaw Churches Together
Broughton Gifford Churches
Calne Partnership of Churches
Chippenham Churches Together
Corsham Ecumenical Group
Mid Wilts. United Area
St. Aldhelm’s United Church
Churches Together in Cricklade & Latton
Cricklade United Church
Devizes Partnership of Churches
St Andrews United Church
Downton Churches Together
Churches Together in Holt
Lavington Churches
Market Lavington United Church
Churches Together in Malmesbury
Marlborough Ecumenical Partnership
Wexcombe Churches
Melksham Family of Churches
Melksham United Church
St Andrew’s United Church
Churches Together in Mere & District
St Andrew’s United Church
Churches Together in Mere & District
Churches Together in Ramsbury
Redhorn Churches
Churches Together in Salisbury
The Rev’d John Proctor
Sherston Local Churches
Shrewton Council of Churches
Stanton St Quinton
Rural Advisor
Steeple Ashton Churches Together
Tisbury Christian Council
Tisbury United Church
Trowbridge Area Churches Together
Trowbridge United Church
West Wilts. United Area
Upper Wylye Valley Churches
Churches Together in Warminster
Warminster United Church
Westbury Churches Together
Christian Council of Wilton
Worton & Marston Family of Churches
And for the coincidence….Swindon is the real home of the Civil Service, get the servants on side and you have the means to implement this network.
EBBW VALE : Festival Church
Wow this is the way to go :
Festival Church Trust is a registered charity 1044238 and a limited company
None liable and not subject to FOI…..This is the future..
The Freedom of Information Act is a corporate data protection racket
Big conglomerate of Churches and schools :
Beacon Heath Church

Belmont Chapel

Exeter Vineyard Church

Exmouth Open Doors Project

Exwick Community Church

Frontiers Church Exeter
Isca Church

Redemption Church

St Boniface / Holy Trinity church

St James Church Exeter

St Leonards Church Exeter

St Margarets Topsham

South Street Baptist
St Lukes School,
Ladysmith Junior School

St David’s Primary School

Maynards School

Exeter Junior School

Stockland Primary

Willowbrook School

The Duchy School

Pinhoe CofE Primary School

Exeter Cathedral School

Exwick Heights school

Countess Wear Community School

Emmanuel School

Redhills School

Colyton Grammer School

Walter Daw Primary School

Rockbeare CofE Primary School
FARNBOROUGH : St Christopher’s
Church of England direct involvement : Link
FULHAM : ChristChurch Fulham
Leaders :
Stuart and Ceri Lees
Vicar of ChristChurch Fulham : Link
What they do : Link
Mission Partners : Link
GLOUCESTER : Gloucester City Church
They say :
CityChurch is a missional church, based in the city of Gloucester and part of the Newfrontiers family of churches. We are a vibrant community of people of different ages and from a variety of walks of life, committed to biblical, evangelical Christianity.
Member of the Evangelical Newfrontiers also : Link
Big on Alpha :
GORSEINON : Riverside Christian Fellowship
No Information could be found.
HARLOW : Michael Roberts Charitable Trust
Trustees :
John Robson (Chair of Trustees)
Miriam Conway
Keith Griffiths
Jeanette Ehlers
Richard Bowers
Gary Knott
Robert Dunham
MP Nick Hurd is also a fan : Link
(both links broken)
HAVERHILL : River of Life Community Church
They say :
We are a modern, multicultural, all aged, bible based church that is committed to loving God and loving others : Link
Yet of course they are speaking of helping those who help them which is pretty much the MO for all these Churches.
Leadership :
Paul and Wendy Turner
In 1999, Paul and Wendy felt called by God to lead a church plant into Haverhill, Suffolk, having previously been a part of the leadership team of a church on the outskirts of North East London for over 10 years. They have a strong desire to see a modern relevant Bible based church grow in Haverhill that is committed to the great commission of Jesus (Mathew 28:19-20). They have two wonderful children, James and Zoe : Link
There history is revealing :
Our History
River of Life began as a home group consisting of 6 people in September 1998 and has grown steadily since.
Big on Alpha : Link
Part of the Haverhill Foodbank : Link
So we have in these operations which are brand new and untested, now being given total control of poverty and the issuance of food for the whole of Britain.
HILLINGDON : Kingsborough Family church
See the mindset ;
In our determination to fulfil the mandate God gave to KINGSBOROUGH, we are quite aware of ALL the opposition and resistance set against us : Link
These chaps are back in Palestine at the time of the man at least in their head.
The HIGHLAND foodbank (INVERNESS) Blythswood Care
They give insight into the real size of this secret network readying to take control over the poor :
Highland Food Bank, part of the work of Blythswood Care, is one of a number of Food Banks across the UK franchised by The Trussell Trust.
Highland Food Bank was launched in October 2005. We work in collaboration with around 50 partner agencies (both statutory and voluntary organisations) that refer to us their clients who for various reasons are facing financial crisis and are unable to buy food for themselves : Link
LINCOLN : New Life Church
Run by : Stuart and Irene Bell : Link
They say :
New Life Lincoln is a thriving city-centre church based in the beautiful city of Lincoln, UK. We are a group of people from all walks of life being transformed by Jesus Christ. The mission of New Life, Lincoln is to lead people to become dedicated followers of Christ. This is the foundation of all we do. We have a calling to reach our neighbourhood, city, region and world with the good news of Jesus Christ. We are passionate in our worship, devoted to The Word of God and people of The Spirit: Link
History again shows a very new happy clappy operation : Link
Big on Alpha : Link
On the face of things, this operation looks rather big.
LISKEARD & LOOE : Grace Community Church
More contradiction as ‘independent and with the Evangelical Alliance :
We are a Bible based Family centred evangelical church.
We are active members of the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches and members of the Evangelical Alliance : Link
Lead by : John Gillespie
John was born in the USA, but has lived more than half of his life overseas, in the Philippines, Brazil, and for the last 18 years, right here in Cornwall. As a matter of fact, he and his family now hold British citizenship. In the early 80′s, he and his wife, Tessa spent a year in ministry in Stoke-on-Trent, He has pastored in Looe and vicinity since 1987, serving with Grace Community Church since 1994.
LLANELLI : Elim Pentecostal Church
Big on Alpha and yet another Elim Church : Link
Again we find the division of people with a separate church for children 0-11, perfect for getting the children outside of the influence of mum and dad : Link
The Life and Times Of Hastings’ Rogue Anglican Vicar Alex Brown
A further glimpse into the Elim mindset, and further proof this is not in any way  Christian, they are Zionist to the core and the very means of destruction of the very fabric of our morality which was gained from the real Christian doctrines :
The Elim Name The name ‘Elim’ is taken from the Book of Exodus, where we read that the Israelites “came to Elim, where there were twelve wells of water and seventy palm trees: and they camped there by the waters” (Exodus 15:27). This oasis in the wilderness is a fitting symbol for a Church that communicates a message of rest and refreshing, salvation and healing for body, soul and spirit in the wilderness of this world.
NEWHAM : City Chapel
Run by : Jonathan & Abbiih
This bunch are awaiting Judgement Day :
At City Chapel we prepare ourselves for Eternity and our final exams on Judgement Day. We would like you to join us on that quest to please God above all other things : Link
Again we see the need to  divide families into separate categories : Link
NORTH LAKES : Cockermouth Christian Centre
Another one that likes to hide
North Lakes Foodbank Training for Volunteers
Date for your diary — on the evening of Monday 21st September 2009 there is a Training Session planned for anyone interested in volunteering to help out at the new North Lakes Foodbank.  Come along and find out more.  Venue tbc.  For more information please contact
NORWICH : New Hope Christian Centre
Who’s who at NHCC
Church Leaders: Duane & Clare Elkins
Chair of Trustees: Stephen Cresswell
Personal Growth: Clare Elkins
Community Care/pastoral care: Duane Elkins
Community Action Norwich, Chair of Trustees: Doreen Betts
Prayer: Ian Ashton
Administration and website enquiries : Jenny Drake Link
Members of the Evangelical Alliance :
The Christian Fellowship Norwich (the Trust behind NHCC) is an independent evangelical, charismatic church. We are members of The Evangelical Alliance and Transforming Norwich (the inter-church organisation in Norwich). Link
OKEHAMPTON : Baptist Church
No link found for the church only the foodbank
They say :
The Trussell Trust pioneered the Food Bank idea. Click this link to see a film of the Food Bank project which has been successfully run in Salisbury since 2000. Then it was just a small operation in a shed.
In 2006/7, they fed 3,082 people including 1330 children in South Wiltshire. To meet this need, they collected over 33 tonnes of food. That’s enough for 75,000 meals for people who would otherwise struggle to put food on the table : Link
ORPINGTON : The Oak Community Church
They say :
The Oak Community Church is an independent charismatic church.  We believe in the bible and follow its teachings and principles for life.  We are members of the Evangelical Alliance and active participants with other local churches in “The Churches Together in the Crays” : Link
Just a little contradictory in its claim of ‘independence’ while also a member of the Evangelical Alliance.
Leader : Pastor Norman Dix
Norman Dix has spent over 30 years in the ministry with the last 10 years at the Oak Community Church.  Norman, his wife Rosemary and the leadership team work together to share the life of Jesus with the local community : Link
They say :
A foodbank for Peckham
Pecan has recently joined a network established by the Trussell Trust, Salisbury, and is set to establish a ‘Foodbank’ in Peckham to add to the 40 foodbanks around the UK.
The Peckham Foodbank was launched in December 2009 as a joint initiative between Pecan and  local churches. A foodbank is a store where food donated by the community is banked, and can be drawn on by people in crisis. It is designed to help individuals in need by providing free emergency food for three days, which is the period assessed as the minimum time it takes for the appropriate agencies to be in a position to assist. This period can be extended if necessary.
Pecan collects food from the public, supermarkets, local churches, local groups and schools. A referral system has been established with Church Pastoral workers, Social Services, Health visitors, Probation Officers, schools and others working in the front line of fighting poverty. Individuals and families that are eligible for a food package receive a voucher from their referral agent and then come to Pecan to collect it. When they come to Pecan they are welcomed by a trained local church volunteer and have the opportunity to chat through their situation, get advice and be signposted on to other relevant services. This will help tackle any longer term issues as well as their immediate crisis needs.
The foodbank is based on the successful initiative established in Salisbury in 2000 which has since gone on to win the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Award for Voluntary Service by Groups in the Community and established more than 50 foodbanks in the UK.
“We are part of this exciting project,” she added. “We collect food from individuals through local churches and supermarket collections.
“You may have seen us at Asda and more recently at Sainsbury’s collecting food.
“We do this by offering our shopping lists as shoppers enter the store and we ask if they would like to buy one item from our list while they are doing they’re shopping.
“This food is then collected and sorted and brought back to our warehouse where it is weighed and then made into food parcels for either a single person, a couple or a family.”
The branch launched in July 2009 and gave its first box of food out in October : Link
PLYMOUTH : Oasis Project
They say :
Our church circuit extends across the city and includes work at the Oasis Centre & Cafe at Stonehouse, Plymouth Foodbank and the Community Centre at Keyham.
The leader : Rev Paul Smith
Superintendent Minister of the Mission Circuit with primary responsibility for Central Hall.
Rev. Smith has served in the north-east, the north-west, the west midlands, Liverpool and Manchester before coming to Central Hall : Link
PONTYCLUN : Bethel Baptist Church
Member of the Evangelical Alliance :
Leader : Rev Peter Kidby (Senior Pastor)
1975-1990 — Royal Naval Electrical/Electronic Engineer.
1990-1993 — Production Engineer in Industry.
1993-1994 — Pastoral assistant at Fareham Baptist Church Hampshire.
1994-1997 — Church Based Pastoral Student with Spurgeons Theological
College based at Godalming Baptist Church Surrey.
1997-2004 — Pastor, Melbourn Baptist Church Cambridgeshire
2004 – present — Associate Pastor, Bethel Baptist Church Pontyclun
Pete is married to Christine, a Paramedic with Avon Ambulance, they have two school age boys Andrew and Jonathan.
PORTSMOUTH : Kings church
They say :
The King’s Centre is owned and managed by the King’s Church. We are partnering with Surestart to provide a resource for the local community as well as a place of worship for the church.
The building is available for hire, all monies raised going back into keeping the building up to a standard of excellence so that local residents can enjoy superb facilities : Link
REDBRIDGE : King’s Church
Leadership : Robin Hawkins
Married to Julie, with whom he had a ministry in music for some years, Robin worked in industry for 23 years before going full-time in church leadership.
He has served as Senior Elder at King’s since it was planted in 1995.
When he’s not involved in leading the church, you may find him on the golf course, or at home in his workshop, tweaking the odd guitar : Link
A member church of the Newfrontiers worldwide family of churches and members of the Evangelical Alliance
RHONDDA : Acts Community Church
Run by Paul Harris
They say :
ACTS Community Church has a clear vision to Love God and Love People – to be “love in action”.  We want to be a real part of our community and help play our part under God’s hand in helping to transform our community one life at a time.
We are currently serving our community with a number of local projects these include our schools ministry in partnership with Tylorstown Community School, Rhondda Foodbank, Rhondda Christians Against Poverty Debt Counselling Centre, CAP Money courses and two adult football teams – Rhondda Royals and Real Rhondda : Link
SCUNTHORPE : Scunthorpe Baptist Church
They say :
Scunthorpe Baptist Church (SBC) is a group of Christians, seeking to follow Christ together. These pages set out who we are by describing our statement of faith, core beliefs, our purpose and our values. In addition to this it describes what it means to become a Member or a Friend of SBC : Link
Our Wider Baptist Family
East Midlands Baptist Association (EMBA)
On a local level SBC is part of the East Midlands Baptist Association. This helps us to relate to other Baptist churches in the East Midlands and also brings the benefits of the resources of the regional team. This team offers assistance to ministers and churches on wide and varied subjects such as mission, administration and pastoral care.
Baptist Union of Great Britain (BUGB)
On a national level we are part of the Baptist Union of Great Britain. BUGB assists in a similar way, but on a larger scale, in aiding SBC in fulfilling its purpose : Link
This Church is part of a much bigger Baptist network
Whilst there is no hierarchy within the Baptist denomination, we do relate to other Baptist churches regionally and nationally. More details can be found in the section, ‘Our Wider Baptist Family’
SOUTH LIVERPOOL : Bridge Chapel Centre
Connect with the Evangelical Alliance :
We are affiliated to the following Christian networks: The North West Partnership, The Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC) and Affinity, the church-centred partnership for Bible-centred Christianity.
We also have close links with Together For the Harvest (TFH) and the Evangelical Alliance (EA) : Link
A little secretive for a supposed open religious operation
ST AUSTELL : Light and Life
They say :
A thriving church in Truro, Cornwall
Welcome to Truro Light and Life, a fresh and vibrant church in Truro full of ordinary people who have found in Jesus the key to an extraordinary life. As a church in Truro we are more than a building, a man, or a meeting, but in essence are a community of diverse individuals united by our common relationship with Jesus Christ : Link
Members of :
We are members of the Free Methodist Church which is an International family of mainstream evangelical churches. Download the Free Methodist Handbook or visit
This is a group of Churches :
Jonny Giddens – Pastor based in Truro
Jonny and Hannah Giddens have been a part of Light and Life since 2001. They have a passion and calling to see the church rediscover its radical roots and to once more see Cornwall transformed by the power of God. They have three girls, Ellie-May, Bella and Rosie, and one son Zac. In his spare time Jonny enjoys sailing, surfing, dinner parties and the odd round of golf. Link
They support : Link
SWINDON : Swindon Family Church
Gives insight as to what the coalition government are really planning
There’s loads of food in Swindon – isn’t there?
You would be forgiven for thinking that Swindon is an affluent town with little or no poverty problems. But, just scratch the surface and you’ll realise that the need for a crisis support organisation in Swindon is great. There are an estimated 30,500 income deprived people living in the town : Link
SUTTON : Community Works
This one is in the primary schools :
Schools Work
Lynn and Ric have been taking assemblies in local Primary schools for the past 15 years. These usually include lively songs with actions, a drama or story conveying a simple moral or spiritual thought and a short prayer : Link
Part of the Evangelical Alliance : Link
Sutton Christian Centre is a friendly, active church made up of people from all ages, many races and different backgrounds. We aim to encourage and build people up to equip them for ministry. We aim to be a resource to other churches and to people in need in our community — to shine God’s love into our society
This is a big group of Churches :
Link :,+Greater+London&view=text&ei=17M0TOiMNMOOjAeNjaHgBw&sa=X&oi=local_group&ct=more-results&resnum=1&ved=0CCkQtQMwAA
TOWER HAMLETS : First Love Foundation
No Information available, must be a quick birth on account of the coming power in issuing food…
TRURO : St Kea Church
This one is a secret society Church in that you have to be a member to access the whole site.
They say :
We are an evangelical parish church (part of the Church of England) just outside Truro in Cornwall.  You are very welcome to join us as a visitor, new member, or if you’re just looking.
We are a large and friendly church family representing the whole age range, from the youngest to the oldest.  Our vision is to be 100% committed to God and to our community, both in the church and outside : Link
Working to combat hidden hunger across the UK.
The Trussell Trust’s foodbank project, pioneered in Salisbury, is working to feed people in crisis across the UK : Link
WADEBRIDGE : Wadebridge Christian Centre
Laeders :
Richard and Carly Curnow – Pastors and Leaders
Richard and Carly are the pastors and leaders of Wadebridge Christian Centre.
Richard took early retirement at the end of 2004 in order to fulfil the calling of God on his life to be a Pastor of God’s people. Before that, he was a Local Director and Senior Project Manager with LloydsTSB bank. He continues to work part-time for Cornwall Business School. Carly is an accredited Christian Counsellor, having trained at Waverley Abbey. They have four children and have been Spirit-filled Christians for 20 years.
Part of the Evangelical Alliance :
Wadebridge Christian Centre is a mainstream Pentecostal Church, in fellowship with the Assemblies of God UK (AOG) and the Evangelical Alliance. We subscribe to the AOG Statement of Faith and Core Values, which form the basis of our beliefs and fellowship : Link
WARMINSTER : United Church
The United Church came into existence when the congregation of The Common Close United Reformed Church amalgamated with the George Street Methodist Church on Sunday 4th September 1983 : Link
Big Methodist operation : Link
The Church incorporates :
Brixton Deverill: St Michael
Kingston Deverill: St Mary
Longbridge Deverill: St Peter & St Paul
Corsley: St Margaret of Antioch
Corsley: St Mary
Chapmanslade: St Philip & St James
Horningsham: St John the Baptist benefice
In 2007 the Rev. Harvey Gibbons was installed as Priest-in-Charge of the Minster and, in 2008, as Rector of Warminster St Denys and St Mary’s, Upton Scudamore : Link
WARRINGTON : Birchwood Evangelical Church
They say :
We have two main church activities, Birchwood Community Church and Gorse Covert Community Church, each with its own style of worship. We also have many regular activities for all ages during the week and special events throughout the year. Our new Encounter Centre provides the venue for our worship as well as for groups that meet during the week : Link
Leader :
My name is Surinder Chahal but almost everyone knows me as “Dass” (it’s a long story). I’ve been married to Jeanette since 1987 and have two daughters; one is at school and the other at college. Although I have been at this church for over 21 years, the last few have in particular been a great blessing, not only to myself but also to the church. I work with John and Phil and, together with the tremendous support of so many others, we seek to make this church relevant to the community around us, to meet needs and share the love of God.  It’s an exciting time.
WATERSIDE : Waterside Churches Together
They say of their operation :
We are Waterside Ecumenical Projects, a registered christian charity set up to facilitate the local churches desire to work together to meet the needs of the community. This group is made up of representatives from the Methodist, Catholic, Community Church, Baptist, and Church of England denominations in the Hardley, Holbury, Blackfield, Fawley and Calshot areas : Link
WEST BROMWICH : West Bromwich Community Church
Leading this bunch of happy clappers is Iain Hesketh
Iain and Rachel have been married since August 2004. Up until the summer of 2006 Iain was part of the team at St Saviours Christian Centre in Reading and Rachel worked with blind and partially sight children for the local authority.
This Church is of the Elim brigade, and from my experience Elim equals paedophile rings.
The Elim Pentecostal Church was founded in 1915 by a Welshman in Monaghan Ireland. George Jeffreys was an outstanding evangelist and church planter. He had a Welsh Congregational background, was strongly influenced by the Welsh Revival of 1904, and was introduced to Pentecost by an Anglican vicar, Rev Alexander Boddy of Sunderland.
WESTMINSTER : ChristChurch London
Leading this throng of happy clappers is David Stroud :
David and Philippa have been involved in leading churches for almost 20 years and ChristChurch London is the third church they have planted. David is the lead Elder of ChristChurch London & also heads up the UK Newfrontiers team. David & Philippa have three children, Edward, Victoria & Rebekah.
More South Africa links in Rhys Scott :
Having grown up in South Africa, Rhys and his wife Sara moved to the UK in 1998 to be involved in church leadership : Link
Another Newfrontiers Church : as they claim : to find out more information on what is happening in 2010, go to :

Most striking in relation to this Church is its 40% spend on staff welfare and training, with only 11% given back to the poor, and all 11% given to the Newfrontiers mission.
Of course as with all charities, a big chunk of the spend is hidden under the title charity, nothing like openness….
So 11% of all monies collected in the main from those now possessed under the Alpha Lucifer, is given to the poor, and is it really? Not the best outlook for the proposed Coalition governments announcement that the Trussell Trust will control the hand out of food vouchers.
Full Accounts :
WORTHING : Jubilee Community Church
Part of the Evangelical Alliance and led by Terry Virgo. Virgo is a Calvinist.
He says of the Church’s history :
Our story began in a meeting in South Africa in 1989, where Terry Virgo felt that God was prompting him to plant a church in Lancing, a village just west of Brighton, where Terry was leading a large church. He responded to God, and in 1990, Grace Church, Lancing was started.
More on Terry :

Jubilee is part of the Newfrontiers family of churches. Newfrontiers is a worldwide family of churches together on a mission, with over 600 churches worldwide.
Link :
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