The mystical body of Satan, what you need to know

The mystical body of Satan, what you need to know







20 March 2019
Anyone who takes the time to look into the fruits of the global banking intelligence networks, understands one thing, its sphere of influence and control is huge and global.

The world of intelligence has its roots in Commerce, as the stockholders to the corporations moved to gain advantage in deals and contracts they intended to take part, or, they wanted to manipulate all parties concerned to their own advantage. This was achieved through holding a bigger knowledge base of the present and future of the assets on the table about to be traded. The masters of commerce must  therefore also be understood to be the masters of data.

Commerce is a parasitic instrument that levies costs, fees and taxes on what is a simple trade between one or more parties. Revenue is generated out of thin air and becomes an addition on top of simple exchanges, benefiting non of those involved in the trade itself. Study

From such a huge revenue collect, positioned the beneficiaries of commerce with huge fortunes that they would use to subvert nations in order they could takeover the political, through holding the coin, then through the secret societies they would procure war, furthering the indebtedness of the nation’s state to the masters of commerce through credit offered through the central banks, from which they could subvert the domestic systems to expand their fortunes by having the state indebted and the public as liable for that debt, launching tax after tax, fine after fine and into all out austerity. Thus they have a system that continually removes huge chunks of revenue from the pot of the nation and into their own hands through the parasitic benefits offered by commerce, protected and enforced by the Legal system. Health and Safety is a prime example of how the body corporate paralyses all private trade through the rules of their contracts in commerce, giving the same full command of the entire domestic system through cost. The Legal Title is the yoke to your enslavement.

They would then buy into all aspects of a nations culture, mythos, education, religious and historical, and also the media outlets to ensure everything was presenting the same script to the masses, in order they can change that culture to the image of their own creed while the natives, after only a couple of generations, believe the fiction to be the true. 

Enter the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations

Before the entrance of the Tavistock it was through pseudo-science that the masters of earth made headway into the aristocracies of nations, this can be studied from an understanding of the Royal Society. Study

After the amalgamation of various pseudo science networks, its power held and hidden within the secret societies, they merged into the Tavistock to head the agenda of social engineering across the world.

Through the 1920s as the blues and swing were merged they realised a perfect mechanic for the introduction of Satan into high society, calling in the diabolic Muses, discordance was the name of the game on top of drugs and opiates. This would open the door to a breach of morality as impurity and all that goes with it, was thrust into highs of English society. From the Hotel Cecil they would spread this new found debauchery into the heart of American Masonry and onto the campus.

This would open the door to the Frankfurt Group and the Macy Conferences from which would spawn the MKULTRA programmes in order that chemical and celebrity culture could undermine Christendom in the youth, leading them astray and away from the influence of father and mother, leading too a discontinuation of a nations heritage, achievable, as already stated, in only a few generations :

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The above information is a part-description of the physical platform and the networks it spawns, that together, are intentionally creating a global prison for everyone, but of course you must never just take my word for it, just look out into la la land and there you will see it in all its glory.

When you dig into the old theologies the basic premise is that because of the fall, the demonic realm has influence on our material bodies only. That from that position they aim to pull you closer to the creed as an individual. If you accept their call you become a possessed creature, you forsake your own soul or spirit from having access to you’re earthly existence. You therefore Curse your life.

The following information is the very same platform but from the perspective of the spiritual. If we are to understand our current situation correctly, it is essential that we see and comprehend how it plays out on the physical and spiritual realms, only then do we have the required grammar to remove ourselves from its grip.

The marriage of Samael and Lilith is known as the “Angel Satan” or, the Other God,

Satan and his Generals : The Table

The mystical body of Satan, what you need to know







Satan : also known as Beelzebub, is a demon of impurity. His realm is impurity itself and therefore all abominations are found within it.

When Satan enters your nation, based entirely on the amount of immorality being projected back into the world, you will know it by its fruits. You will not know its true intent by listening to its deceptive words, nor by reading it’s false text, only deception is born from a failure to comprehend what it is you are dealing with when the secret societies call for liberalism and the rights thereof.
With Lucifer, who wants to be God, they write a false text that is then offered to Man, once the script is taken up as a theology or culture, the foundation is in place on which is to be constructed, the Mystical Body of Satan. The new God is Lucifer.

Directly beneath Satan stand five generals :

Baal – another demon of impurity, also known as Melech-Moloch or Lord,[2] has the role of encouraging cultures to fall through fornication, today known collectively as pornography used to perfection in encouraging free love.

Once this platform is installed within a culture the false doctrine that comes forth is today what we call, pseudo-science, from which is born all authority to oppose natural law, an example of which is a shift of focus to the meaning of copulation from the position of it being a sacred act between two people to birth offspring, which of course is the means to the continuum of your race or nation, is devolved into an act that is to be seen as nothing other than a recreational event. This they call free love which is a huge deception indeed, free love costs your family everything, as you begin to destroy your family line through letting go of the natural law that is nurturing and care. Everyone wants to be ‘IT’.

When that stage is achieved within a nation it opens the door to the scientifically authorised use of contraception, the fruit of which is sterile relationships, and the second step in having a race/nation cease to reproduce itself. A dark intent masked as a right, and presented as befitting a more evolved humanity. That is what Eugenics is all about folks.

When that stage has been achieved it opens the door to the third step and the introduction of the next three demons in this hierarchy, who move to expand and speed up the road to the end of a race through following only the now liberated passions as decreed by pseudo-science, the demons in question are :

The mystical body of Satan, what you need to know

The mystical body of Satan, what you need to know



Asmodeus – is the demon of homosexuality in men that are more to the feminine aspect in the male.
Leviathan – is the demon of homosexuality in women expressing a more masculine aspect and moves to drag them to the creed. The result is a sterile relationship and another step in killing your race. But it’s a scientific right, is it not!

The mystical body of Satan, what you need to know



Lilith – is the demon of female homosexuality, the seductive aspect of the creed. The result is a sterile relationship. As seduction, she works across the others, but it is the twisted form of seduction we call lust.

Having almost closed the door on the reproduction of your race there remains only one more step to fulfil in the creation of the mystical body of Satan within a nation, this comes forth as the highest ritual to be made to the new God, that of pseudo-science, and is therefore ordained as the highest  physical expression of worship to the Satanic religion, this we know today as scientifically authorised child sacrifice in all its horrific forms.

For the mystical body of Satan to fully manifest as a power, requires the Satanic Sacrament, this opens the door to :

The mystical body of Satan, what you need to know




Baphomet – the demon of child sacrifice, abortion, suicide, euthanasia and for the high priests of this theology, outright murder of a child in their rituals.[3]

Once that state of affairs is in motion, it allows for the enforcement of all abominations as if it was the law, however, this law of which they speak is a law issued by Judges, it is known as Dog Law,[1] seen in the use of Dog Latin, today a heinous example of just such an abomination comes after the sacrifice of an innocent has taken place, through the fact, you depend on the foods supplied by the supermarkets, they have forced the eating of the flesh of those sacrifices, through the ingestion of processed foods in which they have introduced cells of aborted foetuses. You are now as a race eating the sacrificial flesh of aborted infants. The world looks on…

The mystical body of Satan, what you need to know





Circumcision is a blood rite, it traumatises the child which opens it to the demonic, the perpetrator of the deed then sucks and drinks the blood of the child in what they call oral suction. It is forbidden to drink the blood of a living being in the Noahide Law and yet, every Jew and every Muslim suffer this ritual.

The mystical body of Satan, what you need to know










The mystical body of Satan, what you need to know








The mystical body of Satan, what you need to know








The mystical body of Satan, what you need to know








Without self responsibility, the only direction while dancing to this theology, is down on the spiral, this applies to you as a sentient being and collectively, as a nation.
If you do not understand the script under which you are acting, you do not comprehend the decisions you are making and the final results you are going to create.

So be you religious or irreligious, by any stretch of the imagination, neither of the above two formats, which of course are describing the same instrument, is conducive to moral law. Can you see it now?

This fallen agenda needs to be turned around quick smart, a failure to take responsibility now, will imprison your offspring to a terror you are only just beginning to comprehend.

Acknowledgement of the facts comes before we build the road to redemption of the self, this report has given you the facts. If we move to judge only ourselves, we cease being the judge of another, this is when change occurs.

When you study this information as it presents two sides of the same instrument, you can see how the Satanic system has been thrust into nations. It is through the obsession with the economy, which is the very machine we are supposed to oppose, that we lose focus on the moral aspect of governance, or, we fail to ask who the people are demanding your vote as it relates to who they are and what they represent, when elections come a calling. 

A worthy effort it is to recognise the problem and to cease acting in an act, that has your death, both temporal and spiritual, as it’s only maxim.

Another form of lust is represented in the Valkyrie of Norse mythology, in the form of a woman can be said to represent the opposite lust of the male to that of sex, the lust for war, in many cases a war at the behest of a woman.

[1] Bentham when speaking of Judge-made law, called it “Dog Law.” He described it thus :
“Do you know…how they make it?” Just as a Man makes laws for his dog. When your dog does anything you want to break him of, you wait until he does it, and then beat him for it. This is the way you make laws for your dog, and in this way the judges make law for you and me. Nevertheless, you are all supposed to know the law, and likewise you are all supposed to know the Bible.”

[2] Baal lord.
The name appropriated to the principal male god of the Phoenicians. It is found in several places in the plural BAALIM ( Judges 2:11 ; 10:10 ; 1 Kings 18:18 ; Jeremiah 2:23 ; Hosea 2:17 ). Baal is identified with Molech ( Jeremiah 19:5 ). It was known to the Israelites as Baal-peor ( Numbers 25:3 ; Deuteronomy 4:3 ), was worshipped till the time of Samuel ( 1 Samuel 7:4 ), and was afterwards the religion of the ten tribes in the time of Ahab ( 1 Kings 16:31-33 ; 1 Kings 18:19 1 Kings 18:22 ). It prevailed also for a time in the kingdom of Judah ( 2 Kings 8:27 ; comp 11:18 ; 16:3 ; 2 Chr 28:2 ), till finally put an end to by the severe discipline of the Captivity ( Zephaniah 1:4-6 ). The priests of Baal were in great numbers ( 1 Kings 18:19 ), and of various classes ( 2 Kings 10:19 ). Their mode of offering sacrifices is described in 1 Kings 18:25-29 . The sun-god, under the general title of Baal, or “lord,” was the chief object of worship of the Canaanites. Each locality had its special Baal, and the various local Baals were summed up under the name of Baalim, or “lords.” Each Baal had a wife, who was a colourless reflection of himself.

Pages From the 1901 Jewish Babylonian Talmud on Baal : (click image to enlarge)
The mystical body of Satan, what you need to know










The mystical body of Satan, what you need to know










[3] Various pages from the 1901 edition of the Jewish Babylonian Talmud.
List of the writers of the Old Testament :

The mystical body of Satan, what you need to know






Note the commandment do not kill, the Jews changed this commandment to do not murder a few years ago, the change was announced in the church mass which suggests it has been installed into Vatican II. 
The mystical body of Satan, what you need to know







The mystical body of Satan, what you need to know













Sex with Children and Starvation :
The mystical body of Satan, what you need to know










First five books of the Bible, the Torah was originally given in three languages :
The mystical body of Satan, what you need to know










Idolatry punishments of stoning and burning :
The mystical body of Satan, what you need to know










On the use of deception :
The mystical body of Satan, what you need to know










On the real identity of Our Father :
The mystical body of Satan, what you need to know










How to see and relate to non Jews :

The mystical body of Satan, what you need to know










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