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31 October 2015

Over the years we have all witnessed the demise of good music and the arts in general. Radio One is the prime example of destruction of a moral and artistic platform for musicians, and that is just the DJ’s. They do not want anyone over thirty listening to Radio One, Why? Because what they are doing is programming the younger generations in line with the corporate program they receive at school. Why is this so, and by what means has the music industry managed to accomplish such a sound demolition of  great art? Enter the Brit School, yet another pseudo-charity part paid by the state doing as it wishes with no recourse from the society on which it launches its attitude onto a very unsuspecting audience, and of course the public want what the public get, that is the game.

Radio One is also pushing the refuge crisis in sync with Sport Aid, if radio Ones presenters would like to come across as at least half way up the remedial scale, then perhaps they would focus on the futility of war to solve problems, that in following the lead of NATO, refugees will become the biggest story for the next decade, and not drag our children into a game of emotional responsibility for the entire world at the expense of their own well being, and we are talking of a sense of responsibility via the bank account to pay for the clean up after the wars. or could it be part of this cunning plan : 

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Brit School says of itself :

The BRIT School is Britain’s only FREE Performing Arts and Technology School. It is an independent, state funded City College for the Technology of the Arts, the only one of its kind dedicated to education and vocational training for the performing arts, media, art and design and the technologies that make performance possible.

As a school for 14-19 year olds, we are unique and pioneering in our approach to education, but we are not a stage or fame school. We recognise that most of our students intend to make a career in the arts, entertainment and communications industries, but the school expects all to follow full time courses to completion. It is a vocational school; if an applicant is determined on a life devoted to art, dance, music, radio, television/film or theatre, then this could well be the right place.

The Brit School : Turning Out Role Models.. Educating Against Bullying :

Amy Winehouse Brit School







On Wikipedia :

The Brit School
The BRIT School for Performing Arts & Technology (the operational name of The London School for Performing Arts & Technology) is an independent technology school partly funded by the BRIT awards located in The Crescent, Selhurst, Croydon, in London, England. The BRIT School was established under the CTC programme in 1991, and is dedicated to education and vocational training for the performing arts, media, art and design and the technologies that make performance possible. Its principal is Nick Williams. Lucian Grainge the chairman and chief executive of Universal Music Group has called the school remarkable and superb and noted If you’re an A&R person to have a profile at this school would be very beneficial”

The BRIT school of Performing Arts and Technology is one of the UKs Main Performing Art Schools along with Italia Conti, Performers college and Laine theatre arts.
Full Wiki Bio

So how else is this operation acting for the corporate script and its EU-child demolition agenda :
NSPCC Conference on anti-bullying

This year the Brit school was asked to create a new piece of theatre for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. In the summer a group of theatre students toured their play and ran workshops on sexual bullying to local secondary schools. The NSPCCs campaign focuses on the misery caused by misogyny and homophobia in schools and our students took that focus to produce a play that was based on real stories and opinions. On Friday 2nd October the play opened the NSPCCs National conference on anti-bullying. The NSPCC have asked the school to develop the project to have a national impact.

NSPCC in on the act and using the Brit School as a propaganda machine for the bedazzled corporate consumer. Of course the NSPCC have shouted from the rooftops to the tune that more children should be labelled through many of the various pseudo-psychological programmes strewn within the schools, all leading to the coveted conclusion whereby children are taken from parents on the whim of teachers and other subversive charitable operatives,  Capita Symonds has massive power within our education system and is a serious corporate arm for the John Adam Street Gang, albeit Capita connects via the Lend lease scheme, and of course Rod Aldridge, before and after he resigned over payments to Tony Blair, hangs around the Adam Street Complex encouraged to speak at the many conferences centred here. Aldridge of course was Founder and Chairman of Capita until this event, and still remains a sponsor at two Academies. Clearly one can see, big corporate interests  have their fingers all over our children’s future, not just from the perspective of employment, but directly indoctrinating them with the world according to the dictate of the same, this is the fascist model ladies and gentlemen without any doubt and aiming at the same ends as those of Hitler, clean and pleasant brown shirt volunteers, today a shade more in the green spectrum.

I must point out the fact that one does not just resign from the corporation you have founded over a little loan scandal, yet further proof such men as Aldridge are mere front men, puppets for something much larger. It has also been suggested he resigned to keep his financial portfolio.

Note the obsession with sex, with explicit focus on sexual bullying while those they call stars exude nothing but slutty and aggressive behaviour, definitely the Modus Operandi for these pseudo charitable trusts. This has the effect of sexualising children at an age before their natural inquisitiveness takes hold, thus enabling the NLP programmes within the school curriculum to enter the children sooner rather than later, and because of the early sexualisation of the children, they sort of turn into little mini-adults, and become real Green Shirts[1] making children keep files on parents under the guise of environmentalist criteria the school gets a data base which means the corporations get it.

The Brit School utilises the 14 to 19 year old curriculum but true to form as with all these charities they also get in there earlier :

How the curriculum is organised
There are two groups of students :

1. The Key Stage 4 age group i.e. years 10 & 11.2. The larger post 16 cohort i.e. years 12, 13 and 14
The focus of the school is on the arts and, where possible, the National Curriculum subjects are linked to the arts via topics, projects or themes at Key Stage 4. (Our National Curriculum offer is described in these pages as Liberal Studies)

In Term 5, the timetable for both age groups is suspended for a week for students to work outside their normal curriculum on a Festival performance project. Regular shows, performances and exhibitions provide considerable opportunities for all students to celebrate their work.

Key Stage 4
In Years 10 and 11, students cover all the National Curriculum subjects (National Curriculum page). You also opt for Strand (principal subject) and Option arts specialism. Students are grouped into ability sets for some subjects. Class sizes are 20-26 students.

Back to the 14 to 19 curriculum we find its origins very telling indeed :

Coming out of the Tomlinson Report in 2004 which was the conclusion of the Working Group Report 14-19 Reform, chaired by Mike Tomlinson, the ideology is quickly jumped upon by the Labour government and comes out as a White paper under the Opus Dei operative Ruth Kelly in February 2005, and given the Royal Society For The Arts control education governance, then we are truly seeing a fully fledged Adelphi operation. So this is high level stuff with high level aims, and yet again the corporate crown have their hands all over the dark methodology which has changed education from traditional education to outcome based education. Basically translated as removing factual education and replacing it with children demonstrating certain behaviour patterns given by the teachers and are marked based on how well they dramatise the task like little fairies, and if they don’t satisfy the required thought patterns, they repeat the scenario until they do it exactly as the curriculum dictates, fail and they are labelled special needs and destroyed in a severe launching of psychologically formed mental labels. Basically they are kept below Parr, so they cannot disrupt those children who are taking the programming. Its called creating Brown Shirts, therefore we are again dealing with occult theosophy groups.

This is mind control, it is a form of brainwashing, not dissimilar to the programmes within the military, which makes sense given these systems come out of the British Psychological Warfare Division, the Tavistock Institute.

So let’s look at what type of people are coming out of this mind programming operation the Brit School :
Former members of the school include :

Ashley Madekwe
Amy Winehouse
Leona Lewis
Kate Nash
Katie Melua
Kayleigh Brown actress Hollyoaks
Katie MacDougall Princess/Seahorse Vogue/ Disney
Lynden David Hall
Imogen Heap
Luke Pritchard (frontman of The Kooks )
Polly Scattergood
Dan Gillespie Sells and Richard Jones (lead singer and bassist of The Feeling respectively)
Dane Bowers and Wayne Williams from Another Level
Paul Godfrey of Morcheeba
Andrez Harriotfrom Damage
Jay Williams Singer/Songwriter
James Gunther, Marsha Ambrosius  and Natalie Stewart who make up Floetry
Kelly O’Keefe and Lisa Armstrong (singers with Deuce)
Dubstep/breakbeat producer Reso
Actress Kellie Shirley from Eastenders
The Pangs
Jamie Woon
Ace and Vis DJs on BBC !Xtra and Channel U)
Kiss 100 FM’s breakfast show presenter Rickie Haywood Williams
Many theatre, ex-musical theatre and dance students are now also performing in hit West End  musicals.
Theatre Company FAT CONTENT
James Gambrill Head of Major Gifts,  Build Africa (
Hugh Harris from The Kooks
Paul Garred from The Kooks

If we take such shows as X Factor where we find a high level gatekeeper one Simon Cowell, a corporate mind achieving nothing other than ensuring the prevention of any talented and free thinking writers from entering the mainstream arena. The corporate realm having already demolished any idea of a Punk style revolution in they’re cornering every venue under the statute licensing scam, closing many great venues under various health and safety rules. This took an even greater step under the Criminal Justice Bill on the back of the Acid House parties, and my god they were parties.

Somehow fun in the future corporate script is strictly off limits save for those who can afford to call themselves in.
Of course the same corporate agenda was pushing the whole freedom thing as they did the 50’s, 60’s and the Punk musical explosions in the 70’s. The 1950’²s began the demolition of society creating the sub culture, the 60’s and the introduction of LSD became that subculture LSD perhaps the favoured chemicals of the Tavistock Institute and associated operations to enhance mind control en masse, Punk furthered the demolition of society pitting the youth against society by definition of their filthy behaviour and loud expletives.

The final nail in the coffin of fun, art, and entertainment came in the form of the Acid House scene breaking late 1980’s in Britain, such uproar secured all statute control over fun with the criminal justice bill. The end of fun and such does bring to mind another time England suffered such draconian measures under the Puritan minded Oliver Cromwell, the ever so super corporate messiah! So whichever avenue one takes we and up with money laying down the statutory rules in sync with fire and brimstone type religion, we must face the fact today, the demise of fun rides parallel with the rise of the Evangelical charitable trusts, how they love to judge.

Just looking at the above list of strange, I think it fair to suggest. The Brit School is usurping morality. Our morality.
[1]Turning children against the parents :

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