Programming change is about the destruction of the family, Psychotropics, Music and technology

Programming change is about the destruction of the family, Psychotropics, Music and technology







Image of Saul Alinsky

30 January 2017
For those looking to break the global control system, especially for your children, the following three part interview is essential viewing.

What began in the 19th century culminating in what they term ‘Theosophy’, to undermine the social structures of the nations, launching sex magic and the age of the cult, followed by a World War and the degrading of western society in the creation of an underworld, introducing Jazz and opium, debauchery within the upper classes, through the twenties and thirties, launching the occult intelligence fraternity, the feminist movement and a Second World War.

Underworld expanding and the beatnik literary script forming the 50s counterculture, leading to the 60s launch of LSD. The Cult of Dionysus and all the free love, with the 70s rise of divorce, heroin, spitting, transgender and bad language, as the Tavistock launch Punk,[1] then onto the eighties greed and cocaine to drive the incorporation of nations.

Psychotronics launched again through the 90s and beyond with illicit drugs becoming the currency for a vicious underworld, figures of which became the new heroes. Launching the Burning Man laboratory pushing party hard and party well, the rise of the social state and the Soviet Family Court. Destruction of the family, the criminalising of the males, full social system for the lonely single mothers with threats of child removal to keep them playing the game for the handout.

The other side to this psychological attack would be the biological attack from 1948 to around 1963 as the frankensteins launched the virus ridden polio vaccine.

Cancer epidemic due to the introduction of viruses through vaccinations, SV-40 on trial

What has happened to the family now?

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Saul Alinsky

Saul David Alinsky was born in 1909 in Chicago, Illinois, to Russian Jewish immigrant parents, the only surviving son of Benjamin Alinsky’s marriage to his second wife, Sarah Tannenbaum Alinsky. Alinsky stated during an interview that his parents never became involved in the “new socialist movement.” He added that they were “strict Orthodox, their whole life revolved around work and synagogue … I remember as a kid being told how important it was to study.” He attended Marshall High School in Chicago until his parents divorced and then went to live with his father who moved to California, graduating from Hollywood High School in 1926. Source

Involved with Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama

Full text of Rules for Radicals


[1] What Happened to Sid Vicious
Nancy Spungen was connected to a sinister chap called Harley Flanagan. Flanagan brought the Skinhead scene to New York after shaving his head in Northern Ireland. His mother was Rose – Rosebud Feliu Pettet. Flanagan had been influenced by Allen Ginsberg from the age of one, he was connected to CIA and :
Jimmy Savile
Jonathan king
Gary Glitter
Dee Dee Ramone
Henry Rollins (Garfinkel)
Allen Ginsberg
Andy Warhol
Jeffrey Epstein (Sets people up with paedophilia so they can be controlled)
Cro Mags – (Big on Krishna and vegetarianism, launched Punk Krishna-core which shifted into the racist skinhead scene under the influence of Harley Flanagan) In the UK the same was achieved by merging skinhead with the football hooligan crews.
Rosbud Fliu Pettet hung out with :
Ordo Templi Orientis (Aleister Crawley)
The New York Dolls
Velvet Underground
Tex Flanagan
Gerard Malanga
The Factory (Andy Warhol)
The Fugs
Gerard Malanga
Simon Pettet (Poet)
Denise Mercedes
Harry Everett Smith (pettets spiritual husband)
Harry Everett Smith interconnects with :
Allen Ginsberg
Barry Miles
Charles Stansfeld Jones
David Johanson (New York Dolls and the Harry Smiths)
Hotel Chelsea and the deaths
Jean Luc Godard
Ordo Templi Orientis
Naropa University
All these link with beatnik Allen Ginsberg who links with :
Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys)
UK Underground
Bob Dylan
Candy Darling
Bobby Driscol
Patti Smith
Hells Angels
Timothy Leary (Acted as consultant for Billy Idol for Idol’s 1993 Cyberpunk album)
James Harper Grohl (Father of Dave Grohl)  with connections to Skull and Bones through Robert Taft. 
Chicken Hawk Men Who Love Boys
North American Man/Boy Love Association
Rockland Psychiatric Centre
Youth International Party
Situationalist International
Gem Spa
OSS Office of Strategic Services
Langley Porter Psychiatric Institute
LSD 25 Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (Delysid)
New Left
Veterans Administration Hospital in Paolo Alto
Veterans Hospital Menlo Park
The Lindisfarne Association
Hollyhock Institute
14th Dali Lama

Joyce Johnson (Glassman) Interlocks with Sting, Russell Brand, Graham Hancock, Daniel Pinchbeck
Margaret Mead
More Info
Margaret Mead interlocks with :
The Beatles
ANU, Australian National University
ASOPA Australian School of Pacific Administration
Columbia University
Ford Foundation
Fordham University
Coming of Age in Samoa
National Research Council
The New Schools for Social Research
Aquarian Conspiracy
Dave Grohl interlocks with :
Foo Fighters
Them Crooked Vultures
Kurt Cobain
Jack Black
Hank Harrison
9.30 Club
Sound City (Film)
Kathleen Hanna
Simon Townsend
Virginia Jean Hanlon
Dave Grohl backed Skull & Bonesman John Kerry for President dedicating an album to his campaign. This was when Kerry stood against fellow Bonesman George W Bush. So bad boy and shite songwriter Grohl is about as far from being anti-establishment as I am king of the world. There is also info around linking Grohl to the Paris Bombings.
Kathleen Hanna interconnects with :
Le Tigre
Riot Girl
Bikini Kill
Ad Rock
Gloria Steinmen
Kathy Acker
Raped 2 Times
The Punk Singer
Fierce Funny Feminists
Planned Parenthood (the state will plan your choices of parenthood)
Gloria Steinmen interconnects with :
Debbie Harry (Blondie and former Playboy Bunny)
Barbara Bush
Zbigniew Brzezinski (Puppet of David Rockefeller, set up Mujahedeen in Afghanistan and mentor to Barack Obama)
Cord Mayer
She was a Playboy Bunny (Ever the Feminist)
Independent Research Service
Smith College
Jello Biafra interconnects with :
Alternative Tentacles
Amnesty International
Allen Ginsberg
Timothy Leary
Flea (Red Hot Chilli Peppers)
Keith Levene
Penn and Teller
Pussy Riot
Butthole Surfers
Gibby Hanes (Butthole Surfers)
Gibby Hanes interconnects with :
Fred E Hanes, Major General
Jerry Hanes
Johnny Depp
Flea (Chilli Peppers)
King Coffey
Jeff Pinkus
Paul Leary
Timothy Leary
Trinity University (Texas)
P (band)

Hank Harrison was the father of Courtney Love and the manager of the Grateful Dead. He wrote a book blaming Courtney for Cobains death, claiming she was part of a high class private jet flying commune.
All of the above interlock with the gay scene, paedophilia networks, intelligence and psychiatry, and on…. Courtney Love is a direct descendant of Douglas Fairbanks.

Sid Vicious was stabbed in the Hotel Chelsea a serious piece of Intelligence theatre. The amount of celebrities and pseudo-heros that have used this hotel speaks volumes.


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