Idolatry, what you need to know

Idolatry, what you need to know







Idolatry literally means the worship of an “idol”, also known as the worship of a cult image, in the form of a physical image, such as a statue.[1][2][3]

In the Abrahamic religions, namely Christianity and Judaism, idolatry denotes the worship of something or someone other than God as if it were God.

First point of note, Rome was a creation of Babylonian families.

Let us begin with the Gospel decree by Jesus that, “The kingdom of God is within.”

From  this we must accept that everything other than what comes from within, is in fact a someone or something other than God. This has to include written works we call books. By that I am not claiming nothing of worth is to be found in books, only that one must never allow anything outside to contradict the heart, including books.

This may sound rather odd, yet if we truly follow the impulses from within as opposed to following what has been written by another, we would never ever err in the breaching of our personal morality. More importantly, when we are in error we will take responsibility for it and understand that our error is exactly that, ours, and something only we can rectify. This gave us the mechanic of ‘Forgiveness,’ both of self and those we see as our enemy as a maxim to cultivate to retain our balance.

The Man that was Jesus made only one decision that would separate him from the majority, he choose to refute and rebuff falsity and fake wherever he found it from which he earned the grace to fulfil his destiny. In so doing he is said to have come to the point in which he walked with God, and thus his work was and remains, divine. In order he did not aim his words directly at a person or indeed an institution, he spoke in parables in order he could continue to offer the teaching without entangling his words with any particular physical entity, he always, when pressed, called the antagonist “the Laws of Man.” This changed when he overturned the money tables within the grounds of the Temple that claimed to worship the Father.

This gave us the instruction to, “Give unto Caesar what is Caesars.”

A clear distinction in the relationship between Man and Man, we call Trade, and what we today call Commerce. The former is a natural mechanic expressed by two parties, the latter represents the addition of a fig that requires a Man to operate as a ‘Person‘ under Caesar. In other words, the daily activities of mankind are good enough without the inclusion of the parasite that is Commerce, a cloak, a garment of glamour, that adds big costs to your deals and exchanges and yet neither of the original  participants are enriched any further from the initial agreed exchange, it is the Caesars that gain from the extra costs, a revenue from which they build a bureaucracy that moves to enslave Man through contracts that are unnecessary to achieve the original simple exchange. Study.

If we are to honour Jesus we must celebrate his life and his message, of course for the last 1300 years and more, Christians are forced to celebrate his death, all focus is about his death. Is this to foment terror in all peoples suggesting anyone that dare to act against the moneylenders, will suffer the same fate?


As a point of fact, Christianity is not the Bible.

Christianity is the message within the Gospels.
The Gospels are not a teaching about how to deal with non Christians, they teach you how to be with God by refuting all that is false. The Gospels therefore present the will of truth. The only maxim coming out of the doctrine as relates to others, is to let them be, take no part in their foolishness, and to keep them out of your space. 

“The Kingdom of God is within” – from this maxim all earthly institutions that claim to represent God through Christ, are unnecessary to your salvation, by walking the path itself, is the salvation and the armour you need is thus earned. The Gospels are only a guideline to the path which your heart encapsulates as standard, as such they are also are not required.

Know Thyself

You cannot trust the heart if you are following the path of another.

The message of Jesus brought back the original laws of God, which is to follow your heart not your head. The head is full of deceptions (the magician in the Tarot) that aim to subvert your autonomy by installing fears not already present. A pure heart knows no hurt, it understands that hurt is held within the mind as memory and must be transcended in the mind if one is to prevent the hurt becoming a censor for the heart.

The ultimate message of Christ is to take responsibility for your actions. By recognising falsehood and denouncing it as a path for you, you are walking the path to truth. Others will follow.

The schisms we are experiencing today are a direct result of allowing Caesars (Emperors) to decide who Jesus was, and therefore what Christendom is. In all conclaves after Constantine, the elect by-passed the message and moved the entire institution to an Idol as the intermediary between you and God. An absolute necessary if you are to build an empire for humans with God at the top.[4]

That said, art and written works that inspire you to the heart, cannot be said to be an object of worship. Appreciation of, or to use the words of the Church, veneration, has value, to suggest otherwise would be to cancel out all artistic endeavours by Man itself, removing the right brain and its language of symbols which is an impossible task if you intend to encourage balanced individuals.

But we do create platforms based on the doctrines, in the case of Christendom we are speaking of the canon law. Such body of works not only become the focus of worship, they become the rule upon pain of death. But like all institutions that hold power, they become the battleground for those that seek power, this can be seen in changes to the cannon that do not fit within the doctrine they take as source.

If you operate under the live birth record, this places you under the jurisdiction of the Holy See. You will pay a 9% tax directly to the Vatican as a form of dispensation, or under the mafia language, protection.

When you operate under the birth certificate you are classed as outside the protection of the Holy See, you are dead to them and ripe for torture under the laws of inquisition.

All corporations act under this jurisdiction, the Holy See is the ultimate head and beneficiary, made up of the banking operations throughout history. In the public we can follow this stream from the House Medici onto the House Fugger and on to the House Rothschild. Study

Beneath the Holy See we have sovereign corporate states which channel all your tax and fines from within the nations they operate, they are :
The Vatican
Inner City of London
Washington DC

Idolatry, what you need to know
Today this system has moved to incorporate the East, a study of the flag of Singapore (above) might shed some light on this issue with five stars, perhaps denoting the three city states with Singapore or perhaps Hong Kong as an addition to the existing city states. Five of course is a sacred number and which family has the stars and stripes as its symbol? The Aldobrandini.

The cannon can therefore be classed as an Idol interceding between you and God. It claims divine authority and is thus enforced by the beneficiaries of that claim, the families behind the Holy See.


The Old Testament is a narrative on what happens when you exist by your own laws, outside the laws set forth by God, and, more importantly, the stories present the difficulties encountered to regain the point of balance with truth.

In 458 BC-the outcast Palestinian tribe of Judah (disowned by the Israelites) produced a racial creed, the disruptive effect of which on subsequent human affairs, may have exceeded that of explosives or epidemics. This was the day on which the theory of the master-race was set up as “the Law”.
The Controversy of Zion Douglas Reed 1951.

This doctrine is all about the worship of self, from which is born the Laws of Man creating a new creature, the Hu-Man or, a colour of Man, a creature that wants to become God because the serpent said he/she can. The fall of Adam and Eve is the theology of this lesson.

From this doctrine would spawn the idea of the God Human, as promised by the serpent and formed into the master race idea, the chosen amongst Man. The priesthood of the day called this the Oral Law, they claim to have been laid out by Moses, yet only to the high adepts (the rabbis). Jesus would call this theology, “The Laws of Man,” born in the revolt from creation, or, a revolt from natural law.

In or around the 4th Century A.D. the Oral Laws were penned to paper in a body of works called the Talmud. Inclusive of many writings from the Zohar and Cabalistic works of inversion, the Talmud is a huge compendium of writings to mask the core doctrine, which is that of the God-Men and how they must deal with non-Talmudist’s, the Goyim.

Under the Talmudic agenda, the Rabbis have incorporated the Noahide Laws as the judgement for all non Talmudist’s/Zionists. Today, nations are being subverted and force fed debauchery from the global Mafia media, in order they can break the existing society, a big part of which is to destroy the family, and then enforce the Noahide Talmudic Law upon the broken nations as if a judgement from God. This is the system of falsehood known as the Anti-Christ system. This shows itself in the overriding protocol of judgement based entirely on the gold you have in your possession. Basically you are being judged by Mammon and because the world is fixed in Mammon, (the material) the priesthood have no trouble convincing you Mammon is God and from whence the judgement has root.

The idea of a formal set of laws given to all humanity (all the sons of Noah) comes from the Talmud and is therefore extra-biblical. Some scholars believe the Book of Jubilees contains a possible mention of the Noahide Laws. But, again, the Book of Jubilees is not inspired Scripture. However, the basic seven Noahide Laws are based in Old Testament principles, but it will be the interpretation of those laws in the manner of the Judges, who through legalese, decide what words mean.

The Talmud, being a collection of ideas and thoughts penned by Scribes and Rabbis through the centuries, presents the fact, the words are ‘Not’ inspired by the Holy Spirit as is claimed of the early Canon of Christian Scripture.

One death penalty offence under the Noahide rabbinic legal system, which Freemasonry enforces amongst the Christians, is ‘idolatry.’ Since Maimonides ruled that Christians are idolaters, it is not difficult to see that once they gain complete control, they will remove Christians as idolators. See Pakistan, Syria and Rwanda as the sword of Zion raises itself from the cauldron. [See Note 1 after references]

“For the good of Masonry, generally, but for the Jewish nation in particular.

Royal Arch Degree of Freemasonry” — quoted from Craig Heimbichner’s book Blood on the Altar, page 83. Pictured is the Masonic Jewel, Royal Arch, 7th Degree rite in which York Rite Freemasons pledge allegiance to the Jewish nation. The Masonic jewell of this rite is Solomon’s Seal with a sun blazing inside a triangle in the centre.(1)

This was achieved by Edward VII when he had Lord Kitchener change the highest mandate of Freemasonry from the upkeep of the Church of England and the realm, to the then coming Israel. It is imperative you understand that the Church of England was formed entirely within the canon, the change under Edward VII shifted the Church of England as under the Noahide Laws and Israel.

Here are the Noahide Laws :

1. Do not deny God (no idolatry). (Who’s idea of God? The one that sets the Talmudists as the chosen)(2)
2. Do not murder. (A shift from kill to allow the elite of this cult to have you to kill for them.)
3. Do not steal. (While the Talmud allows only Talmudist’s to steal and rob the non Talmudist.)
4. Do not engage in sexual immorality. (Interesting when you study the depravity against non Talmudist’s sanctioned by the Talmud for the chosen.)
5. Do not blaspheme. (Today we see this enforced under the banner of Anti-Semitism.)
6. Do not eat of a live animal (no eating flesh taken from an animal while it is still alive). (The Talmud speaks of non Talmudist’s as dead, Golem, their flesh and blood can be drank and eaten.)
7. Establish courts and legal systems to ensure obedience of these laws. (Maritime and Admiralty law.)

Take a look at the Legal system today and you can see the courts are formed and active for this commandment for the chosen against the world :

Idolatry, what you need to know











The Talmud can therefore be classed as an Idol interceding between you and God. Enforced worship of a false man made idea. Judge Law is Dog Law. The beneficiaries of this creed are also the enforcers.

On the Noahide Communities :

Idolatry, what you need to know

What that means is that the Noahide Laws are below the Jew, that they are the Laws for the Goyim who are Satanic and thus animalistic in nature :

Idolatry, what you need to know

Idolatry, what you need to know


The Koran is the body of utterances said to come from the Ark Angel Gabriel as a teaching to be followed decreed by Allah.

The official biography of Mohamed is called the Sira.

The Hadith is a body of works that present the narrative on the life of Mohamed as it mixes with the Koran. From this body of work do the Imams conceal the real terms as laid out in the Koran through outright misinterpretation. This can be seen in the fact, the Koran does not divide the theology into two Houses, that of war and that of peace, this is born from the Hadith and Sira, it is therefore laws made by Man in contradiction to the words of Allah written in the Koran.

Another example would be the mistranslation of the Koran’s meaning to Jihad, which is to struggle. From the former misconception, that of dividing the Koran into two houses, comes through another contradiction of the Koran, yet is the basis of the Sharia, which demands Muslims see Jihad as physical war. And another example of laws made by men being presented as laws coming from Allah.

The mystical body of Islam is the Sharia, it is the Liturgy of Islam, or, the Sharia is the theology to which the Muslim submits. If the Sharia is incorrect, Islam is incorrect, and thus one is submitting to a falsehood, something that has come between Allah and the Man, in this case the Sharia.

Islam, distinct from the Gospels and Buddhism, but in synchronicity with the Talmud, concern themselves more with non-Muslims.[5]

Today’s Islam uses the term, Kafir, to denote non Muslims and yet the original meaning from the Arabic describes a Kafir as Concealer, or one who conceals the truth of Islam. 64% of the Koran is devoted to the Kafir, thus to conceal the truth of Islam is frowned upon as the most high protocol as ordained by the Koran as the word of Allah.

In forming the division into two houses, the Imams are concealing the truth of the Koran. The same with the translation of Jihad.

The Hadith devotes 37% to the Kafir.
The Sira devotes 81% on the kafir.
Islam therefore is a 60% doctrine about how to deal with the Kafir.

Idolaters in Islam
There are three sources given for the following text :

In Islam, idolaters are called mushrikin, and idolatry in strict Sharia-based Islamic societies is punishable with the death penalty.

Zollner doesn’t exactly say this, but rather “in case where a Muslim commits apostasy or idolatry, Islamic law foresees the death penalty”. This is presumably referring to apostasy, since according to classical interpretations of Sharia, committing idolatry would be equivalent to leaving Islam. Zollner doesn’t cite any specific sources or explain further, therefore it is impossible to ascertain this.

Valentine only says that it was the early 19th century Wahhabists that punished idolatry by death, and in fact notes that this punishment was “hitherto unknown”, indicating this was an exception, not the rule. Such an exceptional circumstance does not belong in the lead. Bless sins (talk) 02:56, 15 June 2017 (UTC)

The Sharia can therefore be classed as an Idol interceding between you and God. The beneficiaries of the Sharia also enforce it.

In Conclusion
The above information opens more questions than it answers, and yet if we shift our intellect above the day to day mechanics, and look at the scripts being played out globally against us all, then we can indeed see how we came to today.

The only way out of this debacle, is for each individual, Man and Woman, saint or sinner, to examine one’s own projection out into the world, and ask oneself this question….: what does my own projection feed, is it truth or the fake? Then, make that change old bean…

[1] Moshe Halbertal; Avishai Margalit; Naomi Goldblum (1992). Idolatry. Harvard University Press. pp. 1–8, 85–86, 146–148. ISBN 978-0-674-44313-6.

[2] DiBernardo, Sabatino (2008). “American Idol(arty) : A Religious Profanation”. The Journal of Religion and Popular Culture. 19 (1): 1–2. doi:10.3138/jrpc.19.1.001. Quote: “Idolatry (…) in the first commandment denotes the notion of worship, adoration, or reverence of an image of God.”

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[4] A sensible and informative insight into the fall of Rome and the birth of Christianity, though it does appear to leave out the Hellenistic influence on the formation of the Christian Church :

[5] Jewish-Islamic division

Idolatry, what you need to know
















[6] Written Works Began in Byzantium

(1) All Freemasonry is subordinate to Judaism, according to Craig Heimbichner, author of Blood On The Altar : The Secret History of the World’s Most Dangerous Secret Society. Is Freemasonry Judaism for gentiles? As early as 926 AD, evidence suggests so :

“1738 is a date to remember. It truly marks the formation of modern Freemasonry and the organization of the grand lodges. It was the year the Book of Constitutions was revised to carry a Protestant meaning and when Article I of this text was altered. In its new form it echoes the charter allegedly issued by Edwin I in 926 :

‘A mason is obliged by his tenure to observe the moral law like a true Noachid…and to the three great articles of Noah,’ to wit, the prohibition on worshipping idols and false gods, and committing blasphemy and murder.” (Paul Naudon, “The Secrets of the Freemasonry: Its Origins and Connection to the Knights Templar, 1991, Inner Traditions, Rochester, Vermont, page 261)

That Freemasonry is Judaism for Gentiles, or Noachidism, can be further confirmed by referring to Judeo-Freemasonry’s own reference books : “Noachidae, Noachites.

The descendents of Noah. A term applied to Freemasons. Noah having alone preserved the true name and worship of God, amid a race of impious idolaters. Freemasons claim to be his descendents, because they still preserve that pure religion which distinguished this second father of the human race from the rest of the world. And even when his descendents began again, in the plains of Shinar, to forget the Almighty, and to wander from the path of purity, the principles of Noah were still perpetuated by that portion of his race whom the Freemasons of the present day regard as their early predecessors. Hence, Freemasons call themselves Noachidae, or the sons of Noah.” (Mackey, Lexicon of Freemasonry, page 324, 2004, Barnes and Noble Publishing, Inc.)

“Noah, Precepts of. The precepts of the patriarch Noah, which were preserved as the constitutions of our ancient brethren, are seven in number, and are as follows: 1. Renounce all idols 2. Worship the only true God. 3. Commit no murder. 4. Be not defiled by incest. 5. Do not steal. 6. Be just. 7. Eat no flesh with blood in it. The ‘proselytes of the gate’, as the Jews termed those who lived among them without undergoing circumcision, or observing the ceremonial law, were bound to obey the seven precepts of Noah.” (Mackey, Lexicon of Freemasonry, page 325, 2004, Barnes and Noble Publishing, Inc.)

[Circumcision forms a trauma in the child and provides the blood filled with adrenalchrome for the perpetrator of the ritual. From this trauma is opened a door to the dark spirits.]

“NOAHCHIDAE : The descendants of Noah, and the transmitters of his religious dogmas, which were the unity of God and the immortality of the soul. The name has from the earliest times been bestowed upon the Freemasons, who teach the same doctrines. Thus in the ‘old charges,’ as quoted by Anderson (Const. edit. 1738, p. 143), it is said, ‘A mason is obliged by his tenure to observe the moral law as a true Noachidae.” (The Symbolism of Freemasonry, Mackey, available at the on-line religious texts archive.
As the quotes above attest, Judeo-Freemasons are — and arguably were from the inception of Freemasonry — Noahchidae, i.e., outsiders at the gate who follow the 7 laws laid down by the Rabbis in the Talmud for gentiles.

The seven Noachide Laws may sound harmless enough if read out of the context of their origin within the Talmudic-Kabbalistic praxis from whence they originated, but in his book “Judaism Discovered”, Hoffman clarifies: “The Noachide set-up is above all a legal system which will eventually develop courts and judiciary with the power to impose capital punishment for grievous infringements of the Noachide Laws. One death penalty offence under the Noahide rabbinic legal system is ‘idolatry.’

Since Maimonides ruled that Christians are idolaters, it is not difficult to see that the 102nd US Congress, and the numerous churchmen who promote submission to the “Noachide” Laws, wittingly or unwittingly, have laid the groundwork for the execution, at some future date, of authentic Christians, individually by trial or en masse. conversely, Maimonides rules that all gentiles who are not followers of the Noachide Law are liable to death. Hilchot Melachim 8:10 states that any gentile who does not accept the Noachide laws should be slain, though this only applies when Judaics have ‘undisputed authority over eretz Israel.'” (Michael A. Hoffman, “Judaism Discovered : A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit”, page 498, Independent History and Research, 2008, available, as of 2008, at

That Freemasons, according to their own books, admit to being Noahchidae is only one among many reasons why many Masonologists claim Freemasonry is Judaism for Gentiles. Other reasons include the following : 1) Freemasonry, according the the occult heavyweights and Freemasons who spearheaded the occult revival of the 19th and 20th century agree that Freemasonry is based on the Jewish Kabbalah;

2) The most common symbols of Freemasonry are synonyms of the Seal of Solomon, or the hexagram, which is the accepted symbol of the Jewish Nation and Judaism, thus suggesting emblematically what is stated verbally here;

3) Masons of the Royal Arch Degree of Templar Rite Masonry take an oath to the nation of Jews, and the jewel of that degree is a hexagram with a sun in the centre;

4) the rituals of Freemasonry revolve around the rebuilding of the Temple of Solomon: “Take from Freemasonry its dependence upon the temple [of Solomon], leave out of its ritual all reference to that sacred edifice, and to the legends connected with it, and the system [of Freemasonry] itself must at once decay and die”. (Albert Mackey, The Symbolism of Freemasonry [Brackets mine])

As if these reasons were not sufficient in themselves to establish the fact that Freemasonry is Judaism for Gentiles, we here have Freemasons telling us that they are called Noahchides, i.e., gentiles who submit the Talmudic Noahide laws.

Understanding the Noahide system :

For sinning against the Jewish faith :

Idolatry, what you need to know










Idolatry punishments of stoning and burning :
Idolatry, what you need to know

















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