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Roman Tribunal of False Judgement Pushing Noahide

Meet Baroness Brenda Hale of Richmond is the UKs President of the Supreme Court. Hale is the Noahide plant that stopped Boris Johnson proroguing parliament to remove us from Europe. Hale is a member of the Roman Rota is the highest tribunal of judgement over society. They are selected priests that operate as judges and auditors which claim to have the highest authority over all truths and morality. The Vatican operates as an intelligence network and uses Jesuits, Knights of Malta, and Knights of Columbus to infiltrate intelligence agencies like the CIA and NSA.

Abortion is Not a Christian Doctrine, Source Document

Today, there are those who believe abortion is nothing to be concerned about, my body my choice, they cry, as they move to murder their offspring inside the womb. The first two parts of this mantra are correct, it is your body and you always have choice, but such a shallow degenerate idiom is born of a lowly spirit, a spirit that cannot see beyond its own image.

Moving assets to the Vatican bank, What it means

Pope’s admission of genocide demands all assets move to the Vatican bank to secure the debt to China levied against the western nations and person. Under the terms of the International Criminal Court (ICC) should it be known that genocide has occurred, then those responsible, either as individuals or as officers of the institution or corporation must be prosecuted and punished. Another act that can be brought against the perpetrator is to seize all assets under the “avails of crime’ statutes.

The etymology of the English word man

The word “human” is not related to man; it’s a complete coincidence that one contains the other because human comes from the Latin homanus, which was derived from homo, meaning same. Plural men (German Männer) shows effects of i-mutation. Sometimes connected to root men- “to think” (see mind), which would make the ground sense of man “one who has intelligence.

Journey into the etymology of words

In these videos we have explored the idea that the Phoenician’s, whomever they are, ran the world from the empire on the seas. We have also explored the idea that the tribe of Judah was first taken by the philistines (Phoenicians) to exact their agenda in the Levant. With that in mind let us explore the etymology or origin of words and also the phonetics which offers up the audible means for transferring the words by sound. Example, C – Sea – See. We must also grasp the importance of how words can be split to offer up a hidden meaning or element within a word.

The Hebrew Book of Enoch, Hugo Odeberg, PH.D. (LoND.)

The present book has not been made the subject of critical investigation as to origin and date of composition apart from the short discussion of it M. Buttenwieser. On the rare by occasions when it has been referred to a it has almost without exception been grouped with the bulk of Jewish mystical writings which are termed Gaonic Mystical Literature ‘, and within this group it has usually been counted as one of the so-called Hekalop works (mainly ‘because one of the titles under which it is quoted is Sefaer Hekalop’, cf. EH. v. 170). 

Principalities and Powers in Heavenly Places, Charlotte Elizabeth (1842)

I have great pleasure in complying with a request to prefix a few introductory words to this work. I think it scriptural, seasonable, and practical. No part of divine truth can be neglected without spiritual loss, and it is too evident that the deep and mysterious doctrine of Revelation respecting evil spirits and good angels, has been far too much disregarded in our age. This has arisen —on the one hand from the wide spread of infidel principles, and on the other from the unscriptural, idolatrous, extravagant attention paid to this subject in the Church of Rome, in which the good angels are worshipped, and the evil spirits brought forward to foster delusions. 

Mystery: Babylon the Great,’ Pagan, Papal, Semi Papal, C Cowan M.D (1886)

The principal Text Book, which has been closely followed, and most unsparingly used, is “The Two BABYLONS,” by the Rev. Alexander Hislop, (Edin., 3rd Edit., 1862). It is a work of profound research, able scholarship, and most sagacious induction. Protestants are deeply indebted to the learned author for his clear and masterly identification of a past with a present apostasy. We have derived much valuable assistance from Mr. George Smith’s admirable volumes, entitled “THE PATRIARCHAL AGE,” and the “GENTILE NATIONS.” Like the preceding, they teem with evidences of the wonderful accuracy and truth of the “Written Word.”

Epstein, Clinton Foundation, ARK, Absolute Return for Kids, Adam and Eve and Noah

On the back of the fantasy pandemic we can see the script writers moving the entire show into the hands of the well established HIV/AIDS machine.  It is also the case that as they end restrictions, they are moving to shift the fear raised from the cauldron under pandemic, onto Russia. Fear is a tangible and manipulatable energy, as such it is imperative you realise that control by fear is the key in understanding what the hell is going on.