Subverting British politics, Vincent Tchenguiz the gambler in politics

Subverting British politics, Vincent Tchenguiz the gambler in politics







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10 March 2019

Ever heard of Vincent Tchenguiz…no? Well, he finances a big chunk of the current Conservative Party which means those presented in this report, work for Vincent Tchenguiz.

Northern Ireland has been a cesspit for global intelligence for centuries. It has served to model a social system based entirely on fear, direct into the heart of Britain and Ireland and has acted to perfection as the battering ram to force consecutive British governments to bend to the will of the Incorporated Crown.

A personal associate of Tchenguiz  just happens to be Jeffrey M. Donaldson, DUP member of the Northern Ireland Parliament for Lagan Valley and the man propping up the cabinet of Theresa May. Another associate from Northern Ireland is David Burnside, former member of the Ulster Unionist Party MP for South Antrim.

If we, the British public, are going to start the road back to the nation we love, we must cease in the Zionist procured battleground boundaries, in which we destroy our own system. We need to begin to understand that the majority of politician’s and big corporate personalities, are ‘Compromised‘ people, and that counts for all parties baying for your vote.[1]

We need to move in the direction of setting up an amnesty for those trapped by the secret societies on the condition, they give up their handlers, handlers such as Vincent Tchenguiz and indeed Poju Zabludowicz.

The Iranian-born Jewish businessman, Vincent Tchenguiz and his brother, Robert, came to prominence in the Eighties as two of the West End’s biggest landlords, with a portfolio of more than 600 buildings said to have been worth £4.5 billion.

Said to be behind the Icelandic crash, Vincent covered his tracks by offering up his brother as the scapegoat for a loss when Robbie was presented as losing £1.6 billion. 

Back in 2005, Vincent invested heavily into British data science company; formerly Strategic Communication Laboratories, and from 2015, the SCL Group, becoming the largest shareholder enabling him to use the asset for his own ends.

The 2015 name change when the company became SCL Group, gave Vincent the opportunity to hide his controlling stake through a division of his share into many holding companies. The Panama Papers came out at just the right time to scupper this move. Someone knew what was happening and going to happen, and wanted the public to know.

Vincent would begin to bet on elections as to who would become president or prime minister, that through the data mining body of information, after a run through the A.I., would position all his resources and assets behind strategies that would allow for his clan to have undue influence on the outcomes. In other words, governments that used SCL and all interlocked companies as the voting software, were rigged to the will of those behind SCL.

SCL Group was, and remains to be, deeply embedded in the politics of the Ukraine which so far has facilitated Russia’s takeover of the Crimea. This supports the growing idea that the Rabbis are rebuilding Khazaria, forming by far, the greatest Russian Pogrom to date, and perhaps another victory over the Ashkenazi by the black magicians of Judah.

George Soros uses the same mechanic but makes bets upon the fall and rise of currencies, this suggests the two objectives are hands belonging too the same controlling force.

Strategic Communication Laboratories is the parent company of Cambridge Analytica, the data mining company heavily involved in the group behind the rise of Donald Trump and Steve Bannon.

Commander in Chief of the Northern Alliance private military force, Erik Prince, also ties into SCL, and contractors under his wing, are said to be presently moving groups they control, to civil unrest in Iran. Not forgetting Tchenguiz is an Iranian Jew, are we witnessing the real networks moving Israel closer to the Zionist doctrine of annihilating two thirds of the Ashkenazi in Israel, which taking on board the suggestion, Zion is moving to rebuild Khazaria, such a disaster would be more than enough for yet another Diaspora by the race kept in a constant state of fear, to leave one holy land for their actual homeland, the Crimea?

Cambridge Analytica worked on Ted Cruz’s campaign before it was hired to work their magic on the Trump campaign.

Cambridge Analytica is owned by Robert Mercer, but in reality Cambridge is “the US subsidiary of SCL Group” in which the British Iranian multimillionaire Vincent Tchenguiz is the largest shareholder.
Cambridge Analytica is entirely owned by SCL Elections, owned by executive Alexander Nix. From shortly after its inception in 2005 until June 2015, the largest of the 15 shareholders of the UK Strategic Communications Laboratories Ltd. (in 2015 renamed to SCL Group) was Tchenguiz.

On 11 November 2006, a new director was appointed by Tchenguiz’ Julian David Wheatland. Today, a year after Tchenguiz divested his shares, the SCL Group Chairman continues to be Julian Wheatland. Vincent Tchenguiz has connections to Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry Firtash.

Tchenguiz used the Guernsey holding company, Wheddon Ltd., to invest both in SCL Group and another privately held UK business, Zander Group Ltd.

In 2005-6, Tchenguiz invested in Zander through his Vantania Holdings Ltd, on 11 September 2015, Vantania transferred its shares to Wheddon Ltd.

From 2006 until 2011, the largest single shareholding in Zander Group, 28 percent of the shares, was owned by a Cyprus company called Spadi Trading. And Spadi was owned by Group DF, in the British Virgin Islands, of the Ukrainian money launderer Dmitry Firtash.

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Subverting British politics, Vincent Tchenguiz the gambler in politics







Subverting British politics, Vincent Tchenguiz the gambler in politics










Subverting British politics, Vincent Tchenguiz the gambler in politics








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