Jimmy Savile : the NHS privatisation paedophile prince and the shift to the technotronic human

Jimmy Savile








23 August 2015

Stoke Mandeville Hospital was once a hospital village of wooden huts in rambling grounds when, in 1979, the roof of the acclaimed National Spinal Injuries Centre (NSIC) collapsed. Since the new Tory government was set on sweeping cuts, its future was grim

The NHS’s first public-private partnership was birthed at Stoke Mandeville through a royal front man and 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Mason, a paedophile among many other unclean goings on, Sir Jimmy Savile.

 Stoke Mandeville is the most complex story. It is, of course, still about sexual abuse, with the 60 reported victims, almost half of them children, the horror put in cool officialese that here his fondness for groping patients beneath bedclothes probably evaded detection as paralysed individuals would not have felt anything below . . . their spinal lesion.

But this is also about how politics and money overseen and protected from the realm of the Order of the Garter, gave him absolute power. Savile became a corporate king and it was Margaret Thatcher who crowned him as the children’s charitable front for the child trafficking and paedophile networks.

Jimmy Savile : the NHS privatisation paedophile prince and the shift to the technotronic human

With the cuts of the Thatcher government looming, Savile, already a prolific abuser in his guise of unpaid porter and resident celebrity, saw his chance. He offered to raise £10 million to rebuild the unit under his personal charitable trust. The Tories were excited by his financial model, saw this harnessing of private fund-raising as the NHS’s future. Technocracy at its best.

Stoke Mandeville is also famously the birthplace of the ‘Paralympic movement’ which is nothing other than the high level promo script for the human prosthetic industry, and, the data laboratory for the military interest in half man half machine technology they call Cybernetics. Of course there is a shed load of money in the industry also, especially when they set off another big war so the bankers are very interested too.

Clearly Its message is, go to war and if it goes tits up ‘we can fix you’, as declared by the sinister band Coldplay.

So two major agendas launched from the first public-private partnership that was Stoke Mandeville to which the royal puppet Jimmy Savile had a major influence, and that Margaret Thatcher opened all doors to ensure the success of both in readiness for the London 2012 Olympics, which if you were paying attention to the opening and closing ceremonies, you saw they were launching their twisted medical global fascist state upon the world, but especially the children, you’re children. Source

One big happy club including : 

Jimmy Savile, Wilfred Krichefski Prince Charles, Edwina Currie, Esther Rantzen, Nicholas Fairbairn, Sarah Caplin, Jill Dando, Jon Roseman, Nick Ross, Greville Janner, Leon Brittan, Geoffrey Dickens, Cliff Richard, Gideon Benaim, Victor Mishcon, Max Clifford, Shirley Porter, Robert Davis, Simon Milton, Miles Young, Alan Bradley, Julian Lewis, Gordon Anglesea, Bryn Estyn, Peter Lilley, Gillian Shephard, Lord Mandelson, Jeffrey Epstein, Matthew Freud, Clement Freud, Margaret Hodge, Philip Martin Edmonds, Joe Caluori, William Hague, Malcolm Rifkind, Keith Vaz, John Bercow, Lord Janner, Cyril Smith, Alex Carlile, Alison Saunders, Paul Boateng, Michael Carroll, Michael Beloff, Daniel Finkelstein, Gerald Ronson, William Hague. Source


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