Meet the Northern Ireland Intel Crew

Meet the Northern Ireland Intel Crew







4 January 2020

I have been involved in the game of unmasking deception since 1993 when I entered the mystery school…What say ye? Well, the mystery school is a labyrinth, it is a spiritually ordained test. Basically, you are stripped of all you hold as real in order you can retrieve the real you hidden within all the baggage you have dragged along to the point at which you enter. The points of test, or initiations, are generally hidden, allowing no room for blagging or cheating, it is your own actions, born as a direct result of your thoughts, that will manifest before you, with almost immediate effect, your inner reality appears before you as a physical reality. This is the natural mechanic of this third dimension but within the labyrinth, the process is sped up, ergo, the result of each initiation is entirely in your own hands based entirely on your capacity to understand what is true and what is not, what is real and what is deception. 

Though there are many entrances into the mystery school there are only two exits, one fills the ranks of the New World Order, the other does not.

From the seven year long process of initiatory rites that was my mystery school experience I was taken to the depths of darkness to meet the dweller on the threshold from which you rebuild yourself right down to the DNA according to your real soul emanation. Throughout the journey the two wolves are in play, it is you that determines the wolf you serve at the sub level based entirely upon your reactions to all that comes before you. Every move you make has real physical consequences in the immediate, it is then the wolf you feed reveals itself, it is also the time you decide which one you wish to service. Either way you will be taught, good or bad.

Suffice to say, you experience it all within that time of rebuild, you see, smell, hear, and feel all that is dark and all that is light.

At the end of the initiatory period you are ordained with the capacity you have proven active as your spiritual intent, we can break this down into two expressive energies, either a full identity with self as genetics decree, birthing the ability to use deception and secrecy against others for self gain and down the snake you go, or, you are given the ability to see through the smoke and the mirrors because you have understood the interconnectedness of nature and life and thus identify with the whole. This they call wisdom.

I exited the mystery school in May 2000 at the age of 33 through the door not seen by the majority of those who experience this extreme physical and spiritual examination of the soul as it exists in the third dimension. 

With that insight in mind I offer you my opinion into the core foundation of a group of Persons who present to you a spiritually enlightened offering that has led them on a path of concern for you, when it is a fact what they bring to your table is the exact opposite, albeit wrapped in the truths brought to you by real men and women. The only concern they have is to see you are diverted off the real game with only snippets of the facts that hold your attention.

Northern Ireland is the playground of the Jesuit and the Freemason, therefore a laboratory run by the secret societies as a whole, societies that have created a sectarian community divided on religion making the people so trapped, very easy to control through fear authority. This it can be said, is the blueprint for the global corporate community being set up all around you. The Stakeholder Community is the only community of interest to the body corporate.

The phantom IRA back in the day was used by secret society intelligence to force the British governments of the day to their will. And as we know today, the majority of those dirty tricks were carried out by Freemasonry through the Police. Overseeing the Catholics would be the Knights of Malta and the Jesuits. One need only look at the regalia adorned by the elite class in Britain to see the emblems of all the secret societies being presented, what they are showing you is that they, the Crown operatives, controlled all the violence in Northern Ireland, on both sides, from which both the Irish and British governments would kowtow to the fears whispered and backed buy the IRA and Protestant violence, to have government change policies to suit the secret societies will. It would appear they are moving to energise this system once again at the expense of the people of Northern Ireland.

That now communicated, let us look to the men who have a lot to say but offer zero remedy.

UK Column interconnects with the Australian branch being headed by Graham Hood, ‘Hoody’ :

David Icke

The master of ceremonies as presented by the Theosophy fruitcakes is David Icke, a man of the Peerage according to Miles Mathis and also a man coming out of all things ‘tell-a-vision’ and spin, a man who became a channel for the Theosophists way back in the early 1990s. That said, one book that he wrote that does in fact have value, would be the Truth Shall Set You Free, financed by a Jewish man in which he presented the secret society brotherhood in a concise and detailed format which set the scene for all who would be excited by its revelations, myself included.

His next offering was the book, The Biggest Secret, in which he introduced you to the world of Stewart Swerdlow, Jordan Maxwell, Arizona Wilder, and Zulu shaman, Credo Mutwa, each dealing in the script called extraterrestrial lizards. He took all the efforts of Jordan Maxwell and his insights into the decoding of occult symbology and presented verbatim, the efforts of Dr John Coleman for the insights into the world of MI6, global Intelligence and the supranational Committee of 300.

Let me be frank here, I have no issue with anyone that moves information for the good of the awakening, and David Icke has done a profound job, but when they take the works of others to support what appears to be the real core agenda, not befitting any idea of wanting to help…I do take issue.

Icke’s supreme agenda weather known to himself or not is to undermine reality, to cast away tangible facts of how this world operates by introducing fruitcake babble leaving those who follow without any form of tool to change the path the world is fast descending, in fact, he has moved to remove absolutely every tool left to us by our forebears leaving all who follow his leeds, floating around in a bubble of mind inspired hippy love[2], as they are left helpless swooning at his feet for more fantasy escapism. It’s not your fault, is the maxim of David Icke, in the same manner as Vatican II theology pushed onto the generations post 1963. His offering is a fantasy script called the “aliens did it gov”, you are not at fault. 

The truth of the matter is very different indeed because our ancestors did understand the battle lines and formed our nations in a manner that subverted the attempts by those who call out evil from the place of imprisonment through blood ritual. They never were alien to this world because as Angelic beings of pure intellect and will, they were already intrinsically connected to the world of man from the get go. The demonic are the souls of the Nephilim, the offspring of those fallen angelic beings with human earthly women, cursed as they were in that they cannot ever raise themselves to the heavens after earthly death, judged to walk in the shadows until the end, there is no resurrection available to them because they have no opportunity for redemption. If nothing else, Jesus presented this reality by declaring the doors open to all man if they work to act according to the will of the grantor of dominion. But it did not begin there, the format has origin post flood in the Egyptian theology in which Tahuti, within three days after the death of the body, will weigh the heart of the one deceased to see if the soul will be raised into heaven, or, remain within the earth frequencies ensuring another earthly experience.

David Icke as a channeller for the Theosophical masters is undermining reality by removing every tool our ancestors gave us, while at the same time demanding you act by getting off your knees. Of itself this is a good impulse to promote but when you take all the toys away first…. how you are supposed to act when off the knees? This is the missing link that is David Icke. He offers absolutely no remedy save for loving everything and everyone, translating as, take no affirmative action against the beast but just follow his babble such as the Moon is a death star, while awaiting his next raft of fantasy because one day he will offer all the answers you seek. As a man well versed in the games of the secret societies what I have just described in this paragraph, which is to place yourself on a pedestal for an outpouring of secrets for those who are addicted to knowing…  is verbatim the method of the the secret societies and the exact mechanic offered by Ickism, to keep you benign and hoodwinked while those they shield pull together the real agenda, you remain entranced with the obligatory carrot offered in front of the eyes and ears, crafted to your personal preference, you are than mesmerised and satisfied and seek no more. You believe you have found the oracle.

Meet the Northern Ireland Intel Crew

Around a decade or so ago I met and had discourse with a man I suggest to be David Ickes handler, a very odd fellow obsessed with bloodlines, Justin R. G. Walker. Walker explained to me how Icke, while having serious doubts over his path, stayed at Walkers retreat in the Yorkshire Dales, with Walker claiming absolute responsibility for Icke continuing on the Theosophical path.[3]

According to IsraelZeus Icke’s network are under the control of the Tavistock Institute which itself works with MI6 headed up by Alex Younger and MI5 headed up by Andrew Parker. These agencies work with the CIA and USAF and are involved with most of the major alternative media outlets like Godlike Productions, Lunatic Outpost, Conspiracy Outpost, David Icke Forum, Infowars, Reddit Conspiracy, and DiscloseTV. Alternative media channels like these use brain reading software along with disinformation agents that gather intel on people who speak out. They hire commenters to dictate the narrative and gatekeepers to target people who disrupt their programs. Their goal is to understand and control the minds of their opposition. This network uses private organisations like Stratfor Intelligence which gathers information on the legitimate opposition. Infowars uses Stratfor.

The Yorkshire Dales is Jesuit country. The foot and mouth attack on cattle demolished almost all small farmsteads in the Lake District which has expanded the elites playground, basically, they have expanded Scotland down to Lancashire, and we know who owns Scotland and they are not Scottish. The sycophants bought up all the land on the back of the foot and mouth vet created fantasy. They want rid of the cow as the greatest form of protein given by any animal that exists. It is now all about the Sharia sheep.

Brian Gerrish and the UK Column

I personally met Brian a few times from 2008 and gave him the knowledge he required as he headed down the slippery slope of Northern Ireland Intelligence, my efforts were promptly ignored.

Meet the Northern Ireland Intel Crew

Brian, in my opinion, is a case of a good man fooled, but after over twelve years in the position he has held, he appears to have bedded in a little too well. From my encounters back in the day, physical and via phone I could see his handler’s in the shape of Jackie Holden[4], occultist and very involved in the Methodist construct influencing children, and Mike Robinson interconnected with fascist networks through the La Rouche cell, what I also knew was the fact Brian is funded by Sheila Butler, who turns out to be the grand niece of Edward VII’s man, Lord Kitchener,[1] the man ordered to set up concentration camps in the Boer War for the German and Dutch Afrikaans. Sheila Butler also funded the BNP, a group of concerned men and women who were swiftly demolished when they refused the cash from the Israel lobby, one branch that did take up the dirty money was the EDL, which is the cult of Tommy Robinson and his Israeli backers. Kitchener, according to Greg Hallet, is also responsible for changing the highest mandate of Freemasonry before the First World War, a shift  contrary to what it was, to what it became and continues to be today. Was that change from a network upholding the Church of England and the canon law, to its blatant and obvious role since the early 20th century in the creation and upkeep of Israel? From the depopulation of the greater Israel has been birthed the huge refugee crisis as it has depleted western nations military forces to the point, without each other, there is no capacity to protect their own nations. Today we can see that in supporting Israel over the foundation of western civilisation, we have opened the gates to our own destruction, or at least this is what the elect of the secret societies have formed in their great work with the media diverting all attention to all things pointless and the private security forces running riot with false flags and fake terror events to terrify the populations into submission and acceptance of more corporate rules.

Brian Gerrish and his merry men are more than likely an offshoot to the fascist networks set up through Sir Oswald Mosley.

Mike Robinson is a big initiate of the works of Lyndon Larouche, a group tied to German Right Wing groups that have proved themselves to be murderous and subversive. They also hold F. D. R.  in high regard, the American Hitler.

Meet the Northern Ireland Intel Crew

Brian launched Hollie Gregg onto the scene and demanded everyone take his word on the facts of her case with the claim that he had seen the evidence. I asked for the evidence to see it for myself on many an occasion, but nothing ever came from Brian save for the response that he had seen the evidence. When that brick wall is erected one is apt to try and work out the reasoning behind such irresponsible journalism and camaraderie oneself, the other potential is that it was all a cook up to gain the emotional connection to those who have suffered from this disease called child abuse and get them to spill the beans. That is some data collect indeed.

It was my opinion then and remains so today, that the Hollie Gregg garbage was to pull good researchers into the loony bin category, with the leading lights in this agenda being Brian Gerrish and David Icke. I have noted the flat earth mantra being used by spooks to attack popular alternative content, it’s the new conspiracy theorist label birthed to shut up journalists on the case of JFK, today the latter term has proved itself fact over theory and become useless.

The Disappointed
Quote :
“When I first came across Brian Gerrish and the UK Column, I was over-joyed to find that there was someone who knew about the treatment we were receiving at the hands of our local Social Services. We were not alone! It validated our experiences and gave me hope that there was an organised campaign against the “Child Stealing by the State” that he talks about. Brian Gerrish, I am afraid to say, has upset me more than all the Social Workers with their bogus befriending tactics. The lion’s share of what Gerrish talks about is true, but he has his own agenda — and I suspect, political aspirations.”
End Quote.

Not unlike Childline, set up by Esther Rantzen DBE, with her cousin, the BBC’s Sarah Caplin. It’s first government grant came from EdwinaCurrie. Childline had the sole aim of filtering out accusations against those protected by the elites from the public eye, the UK Column therefore in the collection of data without any form of help offered, has operated in the same manner. Rantzen was very friendly with child procurer Sir Jimmy Savile.

Rantzen’s #NSPCC embraced Mandelson as a Vice Chair of its Full Stop campaign : Mandelson’s name appears under MATTHEW FREUD on the 2007 NSPCC report.

Another path in this game of show and come tell could offer insight as to individuals compromised by this high end Intel network who are then very well protected, as long as they do as they are told :

Jimmy Savile, Wilfred Krichefski Prince Charles, Edwina Currie, Esther Rantzen, Nicholas Fairbairn, Sarah Caplin, Jill Dando, Jon Roseman, Nick Ross, Greville Janner, Leon Brittan, Geoffrey Dickens, Cliff Richard, Gideon Benaim, Victor Mishcon, Max Clifford, Shirley Porter, Robert Davis, Simon Milton, Miles Young, Alan Bradley, Julian Lewis, Gordon Anglesea, Bryn Estyn, Peter Lilley, Gillian Shephard, Lord Mandelson, Jeffrey Epstein, Matthew Freud, Clement Freud, Margaret Hodge, Philip Martin Edmonds, Joe Caluori, William Hague, Malcolm Rifkind, Keith Vaz, John Bercow, Lord Janner, Cyril Smith, Alex Carlile, Alison Saunders, Paul Boateng, Michael Carroll, Michael Beloff, Daniel Finkelstein, Gerald Ronson, William Hague

Friends of Israel, Savile, Currie, Haut de la Garenne, Childline and child sexual abuse

Quote :
“I am a survivor of the Staffordshire Pindown child abuse (anyone who doubts it is welcome to contact me and I will show them proof, or they can contact Brian Gerrish who still has some of my paperwork that I stupidly entrusted to him, when I was under the delusion that he actually gave a damn about victims of Pindown child abuse before I realised that he is just another user with a political agenda.”
Barbara Richards.
End Quote.

Quote :
“A few months ago, I told Brian Gerrish all about the vile treatment I received from John Hemming and his friends, Paul Randle Jolliffe, Ian Josephs, Nigel Oldfield and co, on the Mothers for Justice forum, where I had been posting the source of two non scientifically approved syndromes which are being used in the secret family courts all over the UK, PARENTAL ALIENATION SYNDROME (PAS) and FALSE MEMORY SYNDROME (FMS) I discovered that these syndromes were invented by two American paedophiles, Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager. As many of the women on the Mothers for Justice forum, myself included, were being falsely labelled as suffering from PAS, I was posting information about the background of PAS and the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, and quotations from both these men, in which they clearly advocated paedophilia as a lifestyle choice.”
Barbara Richards.
End Quote.

I would suggest that any organisation claiming to be horrified over the actions of the Family Courts, and, to claim to oppose those actions, would be all over PAS and FMS as a standard instrument to overturn the craft of procuring children for trafficking within the Fostering and Adoption racket?

Brian would go on to host a conference in Stoke on Trent with John Hemming, causing a rift between Brian and Barbara Richards. (See video below.)

Quote :
“Brian attended a dinner suit award ceremony at a Scientology centre in Sussex, to receive an award ‘for his efforts’. I have a reliable contact who witnessed this and said there were envelopes passing hands.”
End Quote.

Brian the Energy Man
Brian Gerrish served on the HMS Cleopatra with Charles Howeson. Howeson is a sex offender of the utmost calibre. Lieutenant Commander RN Brian Gerrish, : “I was in the Navy for 21 years and left in 1993. Gerrish then went into business… The business was energy management. We looked after the energy accounts, electricity, gas,water for large commercial organisations.


Meet the Northern Ireland Intel Crew








Valhalla Valkyrie had this to say :

Quote :
“I think the role Gerrish plays is of a ‘diverter’. He leads people up to the problem then lays the blame on the NGO common purpose. Their ‘exposes’ follow kosher narrow parameters and distracts peoples’ anger over paedophiles while reassuring us that non whites are ok and multiculturalism is good but taps into the slight middle class concern by saying that the only thing wrong with it is that it is happening too quickly. Brought up by endzog’s 2nd linked article concentration on paedophiles is similar to George Orwells ‘Two Minute Hate’ in 1984. They divert peoples’ anger away from the establishment and onto something else. UK column is just the EDL for the middle classes.

His shows have an air of ‘keep calm and carry on’. He says we are being subverted but don’t get up and do anything, just listen to us and all will be fine. Source
End Quote.
Brian Gerrish the Con Man
Why does Brian Gerrish support child abusers?

If indeed Brian Gerrish and the UK Column associates operate contrary to their presented persona, then they must also be seen as another huge data collect, specifically aimed at those with a story to tell that the elect do not want coming out. To collect that data they would have to be operating a forked tongue method, that they present child abuse in a manner that excites the emotions enough to have you share your experiences, the main instrument to this end being Brian Gerrish himself, but the stories they promote appear to be a pre-planned scripted theatre, that they fully control.

Data Gathering

By 1994 the British military, intelligence and police apparatus in Northern Ireland had over thirty-seven separate intelligence gathering computer systems operating. Their focus was detection before, during and after paramilitary activity, with a particular focus on the activities of the Provisional Irish Republican Army (PIRA). British Military Intelligence Systems in Northern Ireland

Brian began by outing NLP and Common Purpose, perhaps he was so engrossed in that subject matter he failed to recognise that he uses it himself in his videos and against his audience during conferences, as prime example we have a video of him speaking along side of MP John Hemming, a man accused of involvement in sex crimes against children. Brian when challenged on the matter used to perfection the NLP wizardry when he said :

“This is classic as to why there is no progress.”



Those affiliated with Brian Gerrish, and or, the UK Column

Key : ar = archived, TW = Twitter, YT = Youtube, FB = Facebook, RW = Rational Wiki, WP = WordPress, CP = Common Purpose.
1. Brian Gerrish, RW WP CP ar old forum ar old forums ar cpexposed archived MI5.
2. Belinda McKenzie, MI5 – Belinda McKenzie; the leader of a British 9/11 Truth campaign and a fundraiser for the MKO a terrorist organisation which was illegal in the Britain and was involved in a campaign of killings and kidnappings in Iran. At one stage she was investigated by the UK Charities Commission and found to have been money laundering a sum of £5 million which she could not account for but which had passed through her account. But instead of being jailed for funding terrorism or money laundering she is still running around starting up new campaigns. Indeed far from being in prison she is now the head of the Association for Charities.

3. Ann Mahon,  Lived with Belinda – MI5.
4. David Shayler, MI5 – Lived with Belinda also MI5.
5. Justin R.G Walker, David Ickes handler and possible Jesuit.
6. David Noakes.
7. Mike Robinson, Brian Gerrish’s handler, Editor of UKC FB TW UKC search ar.
8. David Robert Steele, Google wiki ar web OpenSourceSolutions Inc (OSS) Public Intelligence Blog Earth Intelligence Network Lots archived P2P ar CIA.
9. David Scott, TW MI5.
10. Alex Thompson, self confessed ex GCHQ.
11. Roger Hayes, wiki web LinkedIn YT FB G+ (Chair of BCG).
12.David Icke, wiki RW web YT AGENT.
13. Ian R. CraneI, YT web ar RW ar YT archive1 archive2 UKCsearch ar 130+ DVDs on sale 14. SIR John Walsh, of Brannagh LKDN.
15. Sacha Stone, wiki TW FB ar YT NewEarth YT-ITNJ AGENT
16. Kenn D’oudney.
17. Vanessa Beeley, wiki YT G+ TW Syrian conflict’s goddess of propaganda.
18. John Hurst.
19. Patrick Henningsen.
20. £200 per hour Clive de Carl.

Meet the Northern Ireland Intel Crew









21. Bill Mallony, YT pnmfilms Has “protection?” who’s a COPPER.
22. Chris Fay.
23. (Jon) Nathan Wedger, itnj UKC YT COPPER.
24. Nigel Cooper.
25. Raymond St Clair.
26. Ritchie, Lawful Rebellion.
27. Anthony John Hill, aka JAH – MI5.
28. Steven Creilly.
29. @BringBackTheBradbury Def linked Nobody loves UKC that much.
30. Danny Wolstencroft, aka Shatterboy.
31. Karen D. Irving, aka El Coyote linked to Tavi.
32. Susan Melrose, aka Sheva Burton.
33. Malcolm Blackman, aka Jo Public – Rapist.
34. Maggie Oliver, Copper.
35. Maggs Shaw, GCHQ.
36. Andrea Davidson aka Tara Davis aka Tara Davidson MI5.
37. Guy Taylor.
38. Malcolm Massey, EDL linking Tommy Robinson.

Mojahedin-e Khalq, / PMOI good friend to terroristsGOOD FRIEND TO TERRORISTS, RAPISTS, PAEDO & MI5 ALIKE! Funded ENTIRE CSA survivor movement, Iran aid. Got caught laundering / fraud to tune of £5 million. Got off scot free. Is linked to every person below and is Anne Greigs Handler.


3. UKC – UK COLUMN UKC The Annexe Scott Lodge, Scott Road, Plymouth PL2 3DU
Directors : Company No: 4152273 web YT FB GERRISH | ROBINSON wkly regs THOMPSON | SCOTT – long term but NON reg CRANE | BEELEY | HENNINGSEN UKC threat of £250,000 fine,removes vids ar – Watch UKC Gerrish, Walker & Thomson – UKCs Malcolm “EDL” Massey.

comes under @JustinWalkerBCG (note the BCG) 

11. IC – INDY CAMP infiltrated by JAH | STEVEN CRIELEY
Rennie, I’m unsure if she is involved, I think she is possibly just being used I don’t know though… but rest are up to their necks in it. Gow introduced me to Crieley who introduced me to Jah. Jah is VERY good pals wi Belinda! Belinda attended at least one FSF meeting in Dunblane.

13. Kent Freedom Movement
5. In the Navy from 1972 – 1993.
6. Manager/Frontman on UKC map started up in 2007 owner — mrs carole bragg.
7. Joined FOI in Jan 2018 & ALREADY account suspended.
8. Stood in General Elect 2010 for Plymouth, Sutton & Devonport.
9. HERE says in 2010 Gerrish won an award for his work from Scientologist’s in East

10. Friend, colleague & business partner & besets paedophile pal of millionaire Paedophile Howeson 
helped fund UKC?  Howeson is buddies with Prince Charles.

11. Had “alleged” Paedophile John Hemming as a speaker at UKC conference in 2011.
12. Hampstead – VIPaedo & SRA cover up “Helped” the case by passing info to Maloney that
went to Wedger & ended up on coppers desk.

13. Docherty – VIPaedo & SRA cover up FUCKED IT ROYALLY – David accused of being
MI5, his response – Chinese whispers heavily implying they had gone mad.

14. Mel Shaw – Another mess, also VIPaedo & SRA cover up. Gerrish Mel’s handler?
She trusts him / fears him? But she sure listens to him & does what he says?! over the years,
he is the only person who has always had access to her.

15. Known Wedger since 201, Hampstead, Dispatches BabyP
16. Known Maloney since 2013
17. Known Belinda since 2011. Who’s idea was it that Belinda came to Dunblane? Was it
Gerrish? Belinda? David? Who invited her?

18. Two people who worked with / for UK Column have spoken out against them. I’m the 3rd I s’pose although guaranteed there will be a lot more that came before me.

19. Z states Pat someone (Gerrish’s secretary) warned him. Told Z to give UKC a wide berth. 20. X used to work with UKC & X personally said to me that they were all “in on it” Had a Huge explanation that was very intertwined & complicated & I didn’t understand.

21. Gerrish goes 0N & ON about satanism in Navy, was an officer of HMS Orkney.
22. Icke & garish common purpose 2008.
23. zoompad ukc brian-gerrish-saga 
26. Nicola Mcauleys email to sharon kilby re Sabine & Gerrish Feb 2013
27. Gerrish’s Saul Alinsky tactics.
28. Gerrish Alinsky :
29. Saul Alinsky Gerrish, his evil genius & Monkey Roger his patsy.
30. Gerrish Operation Mocking Bird & UK’s EU propaganda budget today
31. Gerrish & remote deniable Birkenhead mission
32. Gerrish – Boring & uncontroversial now, following riveting and highly inflammatory
33. Gerrish & Hayes, on a show with Mel V. & some northerner
35. Uk Columns Malcolm “EDL” Massey Exposed
36.WATCH GERRISH USES NLP manipulation using NLP & mind “tricks” CP. 
37. 38.sharonkilby.2017/07/W-O-S-BRIAN-GERRISH.pdf ar 39. EU Deception 1 EU Deception 2 (Crane & Gerrish)
Source with links

[1] Sheila Butler Tree
Meet the Northern Ireland Intel Crew
Sheila Chevalier Murray leaves Malaya 

Meet the Northern Ireland Intel Crew







Lt.-Col. Henry Horatio Kitchener 1805-1894 (married Frances Anne Chevallier.)
Child of Henry Horatio Kitchener :
Lt.-Gen. Sir Frederick Walter Kitchener 3 1858-1912
(as is Field Marshal Horatio Herbert Kitchener, 1st Earl Kitchener of Khartoum and of
Child of Lt.–Gen. Sir Frederick Walter Kitchener :
Philippa Chevallier Kitchener 2 1895-1989 (married Brigadier Terence Desmond Murray)
Child of Philippa Chevallier Kitchener :
Sheila Chevallier Murray 2 b. 1926 (married Michael Butler in 1959)
Sheila Chavellier Desmond Murray sails on S S Patroclus 1950, first class with a total of 28
passengers, from Port Swettenham (Malaya) to Liverpool, (occupation secretary) in 1958

[2] The Four Aspects of Love
Storge – empathy bond
Storge (storgē, Greek: στοργή) is liking someone through the fondness of familiarity, family members or people who relate in familiar ways that have otherwise found themselves bonded by chance. An example is the natural love and affection of a parent for their child. It is described as the most natural, emotive, and widely diffused of loves: It is natural in that it is present without coercion, emotive because it is the result of fondness due to familiarity, and most widely diffused because it pays the least attention to those characteristics deemed “valuable” or worthy of love and, as a result, is able to transcend most discriminating factors.

Philios – friend bond
Philios (philíos, Greek: φιλία) is the love between friends as close as siblings in strength and duration. The friendship is the strong bond existing between people who share common values, interests or activities. The physical expression is joint activities and mutual reliability to the relationship.

Eros – romantic love
Eros (erōs, Greek: ἔρως) love in the sense of “being in love” or “loving” someone with a need to further express that love in a physical act if the feeling is reciprocated by the other involved. This is the raw sexuality afforded to Venus.

Agape – unconditional love born in the spiritual heart
Charity (agápē, Greek: ἀγάπη) is the love that exists regardless of changing circumstances. This selfless love as the greatest of the four loves, it is the love to aim for above all others and is specific to the doctrines of the Christian, Buddhist and Confucian. It is the virtue of the kingdom within.

As I hope you will agree, believing in lizards, spaceships and death star moons is not a fifth aspect of love.

[3] The Oddfellows is an international Masonic order with about 10,000 lodges worldwide and has divisions like the Independent Order of Odd Fellows headed up by Grand Master Larry Ferguson and the female branch called the Daughters of Rebekah. Prince Edward of Windsor, Duke of Kent and Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of England manages this peerage and the Oddfellow Order. (See Peaky Blinders first series)
The Stanley family are closely related to them and formerly held titles of Baron Strange. This nobility is headed up by Edward Stanley, 19th Earl of Derby. The Barons Strange also manage David Icke’s operation and his strange or odd false teachings like “reptilian shape shifters” and “holographic reality” as well as other false teachings.

[4] Jackie Holden

CreatingMagic Jackie Holden


Jackie Holden Satanism Coated in Christ praying against England

Jackie Holden and Children
BBC News – Campaign started to reopen St Ives Day Care Centre


Further Study
The John Adam Street Gang
In Profile : Sir Peter Blaker KCMG MP
Darda, Phrez, Zerah and the House of Judah
History Of Freemasonry, Albert Gallatin Mackey, Vol II, The Prussian Knight, 21st Degree
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