What the Media is not telling you about the National Health Service

What the Media is not telling you about the National Health Service












4 April 2017

In the United States the Obamacare agreement positioned the insurance corporations, which according to recent revelations means military industrial complex giants such as Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, to be in full control of American health.

Without to much effort, a look at the Insurance angle of the scheme has shown itself to mean that by all methods they can muster, the insurance companies shift the interpretation of the small print to show they don’t have to pay out when the need arises. In essence such a shift from absolute cover to not if we can get away with it, has created what we might call death panels determining who lives and who dies, with the governing principle no longer the Hippocratic Oath, but rather corporate legislation which ultimately comes out of the prime beneficiary to all things corporate, the Central Banking cartel, via the agencies of the United Nations. 

As president Trump dismantles the Obamacare scheme, though the Democrats are celebrating the fact it has not been repealed, the American insurance giants, in particular United Health, are looking to the National Health Service as ripe for incorporation, or as we like to say in Blighty, they want to privatise the health of the very unhealthy Brits. It’s a sure gold mine.

If this comes as a bit of a shock then you might want to write to your local media outlet as well as the big guns in London and ask why this theft of the health infrastructure is not considered news, and you can point out that such a move is a subject that is absolutely in the public interest?

Not only that, we find the big guns like the BBC not reporting this to the TV license paying public, they are actively censoring any and all information that aims to reveal the details of the American collusion for a corporate takeover.

From the Thatcher years continued by New Labour, and the Tory coalition, cemented by the current cabinet of Theresa May, the incorporation of our domestic system has been the topic the politicians and the media have done all they can to play down. When your largest advertisers spend millions per year to have your newspaper advertise their products and services, it does not take a brain surgeon to see the corporate control over the news you can see and hear. When it comes to the BBC, you can witness your government censoring their own misdeeds in order the taxpayer does not catch on.

Privatising the NHS :

Headquarters : Eden Prairie, Minnesota, United States
CEO : Bill Miller (2012–)
Founded : 1993
Parent organisation : OptumInsight Holdings, LLC
Subsidiaries : Quality Software Services, Integris Inc, more

Optum is a subsidiary of United Health. 

Kieser Perminenta  
Headquarters : Oakland, California, United States
CEO: Bernard Tyson (1 Jul 2013–)
Founded : 1945
Number of employees : 18,652
Type of business: Consortium of for-profit and not-for-profit entities.
Founders : Henry J. Kaiser, Sidney Garfield

It is because the health service remains free at the point of need that hides the reality of what is going on with the NHS to the patients, but of course when the NHS is fully in the hands of the insurance corporations is when the point of need will require a payment. As the costs rise it is then that the US insurance corporations will get their return in the forced need for medical insurance.

It must also be considered that all the data held on you and your family by the National Health Service will be part of the deal. Do you want private interests knowing every detail about the health and history of your family?

In the wake of the recent so called London terror attack the British government are moving against encryption, they say they require access to combat the threat of terrorism. They also promise the data they collect will remain in safe hands, but can we take the government at their word?

Google through a subsidiary Deep Mind was handed over 1.6 million NHS records they claimed to develop an app, they were handed way more records than needed and had no requirement to go through the standard regulatory procedure. Why was this allowed to go ahead? 

Technical experts believe they are collecting data to help create artificial intelligence with the aim that such will replace medical staff from all aspects of medical treatments, handing your health and the health of your family into the hands of a machine. Welcome to Technocracy….

Write to your MP with a link to this report…

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