London Bridge knife attack. Erik Prince interview, Abu Dhabi 2010

London Bridge knife attack. Erik Prince interview, Abu Dhabi 2010









29 November 2019

Today is day 333 with 33 days remaining until the year end.

I look at the armed Police in their big BMWs and cannot see anything other than military personnel in Police uniforms on the streets. Too bright eyed and full of fitness to be your average copper and many look like they have seen combat more than once.

When you consider the huge industry set forth on the back of all the wars since 2001, the largest of which was that pulled together by billionaire Erik Prince, a corporation he called Blackwater, did through his zionist claws pick out the western nations finest warriors with a carrot of big pennies and all out action.

I say the finest warriors but that is a lie, no fine warrior would forsake his nation to play Rambo for a foreign corporation who’s sole mandate was to expand it’s masters borders by de-populating the Middle East for Israel.

The real fine warriors were and are those who said screw that and in many cases were sent to their death or life changing injury in a promulgated roadside bomb. Either way our finest were and are still being removed from the nations fighting forces so they cannot oppose Blackwater and affiliated mercenaries as the banking dictatorship moves on the streets.

Today London saw another fake terror attack and once again looking at the armed Police, the idea that we are looking at Blackwater’s hired killers just keeps on expanding. Operation Sea Eagle[1] commenced on October 23rd 2019 and was a drill set in five European cities including London and Manchester with a total of 39 incidents planned. In the U.K they symbolised this drill with the fake 39 dead immigrants in the back of a lorry.

The actor Usman Khan, 28, was attending a Cambridge University and was known to authorities, having been convicted in 2012 for terrorism offences. He was released from prison in December 2018 on licence and clearly a key line of enquiry now is to establish how he came to carry out this attack.

London Bridge knife attack. Erik Prince interview, Abu Dhabi 2010

What the Police of today are not, is a Police Constable. They present themselves as Officers which is an admission to the Impersonation of a Constable, ergo they are a private military force on the land pretending to be a copper. That carries a five year jail sentence. Boris the Zionist Johnson promised 20.000 more private Police Officers on the streets as he sets to finalise the scripted game called Brexit in a Christmas rushed election to ensure, he, as the only idiot promising out, ensures the majority of Brits vote his unclean party into power for the coming war to be unleashed by Blackwater secured Zionist Donald Trump. After all Trump is to the Rabbis King Cyrus reborn…

Not forgetting Erik Prince’s sister, Betsy DeVos serves as education secretary in the Trump administration and was very busy in 2017 ensuring the rise again of Erik of Zion to secure the network for Chabad Lubavitch to keep open the diplomatic bridge between the United States and Bolshevik Russia.

The Oath Of A British Police Constable

London Bridge knife attack. Erik Prince interview, Abu Dhabi 2010









London’s fake terror attacks first named victim is Jack Merritt of Cambridge University? Could he be using this event to fake his death and go into MI6? No one from Trinity College, Cambridge, ever did that, did they? And he couldn’t be a peerage ponce, too, could he? Note that he is wearing earrings in both ears and is wearing three rings on his hands. And he doesn’t look like Matt Damon at all, does he? So he probably isn’t related to the Merritts/Merretts of the peerage, including the Merretts of Pondhead Farm, Surrey, relatives of the Stewart Baronets and the Conyngham Earls and the Douglases, Marquesses of Queensbury. We should also probably ignore the possible link to former Prime Minister Gordon Brown through these Douglases. Full Story

What the perpetrators had to say :

London Bridge knife attack. Erik Prince interview, Abu Dhabi 2010







We need to re-remember Erik Prince and his band of merry bounty hunters because I fear they are all over the streets of western nations, an agenda they plan to expand and expand.

The following is an interview with Erik Prince from 2010 :


Eric Prince @0


[1] Operation Sea Eagle results from the October 23-24th events on November 15, presented by the Mayor of London as he launches the “Counter Terrorism Preparedness Network” where @samverkan_sthlm is part of Sweden, London, Barcelona, ​​Paris, Rotterdam Manchester. CTPNS” The Swedish drill has gone live leaving thousands without electricity, it has been going on since October 23


Awoke from the dead :

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