In Profile : NEC’s Connect platform, the future of law enforcement

In Profile : NEC's Connect platform, the future of law enforcement







As the corporate global platform continues to be installed in all nations, while those involved, such as Councillors and MPs, pretend such is not… it is imperative the public understand that the corporate mayor platform and the Police Commissioner, together, will oversee a full-blown private security organisation called the Police.  But that is only half the story.

The Blues and Twos Credit Union, which owns all assets within the boundary that is Lancashire County Council, is the Legal Trust under which the corporate Policed State will be administered on behalf of the Crown. As a charity, there will be no access to any form of transparency available to the Public..

This will position all aspects of the domestic system into the hands of the Crown, administered through Serco, which is a Crown agent, with no accountability outside itself.

When the Wall Street venture capitalists invest in a company, they do so because they need to control it. NEC began in Japan, but that is today a front to drag the people of Japan into the evil mix of corporatism that will play out in the media as fact, when the real mover of that company is corporatism. In this manner the bankers and their web in the physical, the corporations, stand behind the people of whichever nation the company in question is presenting as its roots and base of operations.

RCA successfully operated in this manner for a century, a Crown Corporation that hid behind American capitalism as it carried out is technological wizardry across the world. NEC is yet another example in the use of this diversion as it moves to entrap nation states domestic systems to the Internet of Things and the electronic dictatorship.

NEC courts further controversy in the fact, Kemet, an American organisation, back in April 2017, purchased NEC Tokin.  KEMET Corporation was set up in 1919 and now is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Why is this company important?

In November 2018 the entire raft of British Police Constabularies, I say that loosely as it becomes clear by the day, they are corporate entities serving the corporate network…did take up the American Intelligence IT platform they call Connect.

During the Chamber of Trade meeting Tuesday 29 January 2019, we were given a quick run down on the inefficiencies of the new system by a representative of the Police, he told the chamber that what would have take two minutes to deal with any given situation, now takes over twenty minutes, for each and every alleged crime to be activated giving the green light or nay, for the Constable to move forward or not. From such we can deduce that the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has its hands all over this system.

The narrative was clear, the platform in no way connects law enforcement to the enforcement of law, opening the doors wide open to a big room, with an equally sized question, who exactly does this high end IT platform ‘connect’?



In Profile : NEC's Connect platform, the future of law enforcement


























The penultimate paragraph in the above screen shot presents NEC Telecom MODUS Limited with the sole operation of both the design and development of the next generation communication system, this of course we know to be the worrying 5G platform.

NEC figures
¥2.66 trillion (2017)[A]
Operating income
¥41.83 billion (2017)[A]
Net income
¥35.22 billion (2017)[A]
Total assets
¥2.68 trillion (2017)[A]
Total equity
¥1.02 trillion (2017)[A]
Number of employees
109,309 (2017)[A]
NEC Corporation of America, NEC Europe

NEC also partners as a minion, to the United States Department of Energy.[1]

In the United States, NEC partners with DataWorks Plus who specialise in biometrics and claim to be a leader in law enforcement technologies, they say of themselves :

Please take a moment to visit a few of our partners to see why strategic corporate alliances is one of the reasons DataWorks Plus is a leader in today’s law enforcement technology. These partnerships allow us to :

• achieve a completely open approach when recommending the best possible live scan and mobile fingerprint hardware including FAP 30 & SAP30 fingerprint devices.
• provide cutting-edge facial recognition technology for
◦ facial image database searches,
◦ 3D facial rendering and recognition,
◦ facial recognition from still images, and
◦ facial recognition video screening and analytics.
• offer the latest in data validation, fingerprint analysis, and image compression,
• provide systems with the latest computer hardware, software, cameras and peripherals for our law enforcement solutions,
• provide a customised inmate armband identification system, and
• include video and audio capture with searchable, customised databases.

DataWorks Plus also partners with : 

In Profile : NEC's Connect platform, the future of law enforcement







Source and products

Browsing DataWorks website I found a company called InterConnect from which we learn the answer to the question raised in the third paragraph at the top of the page, who exactly does this high end IT platform ‘connect’?

InterConnect User Group
DataWorks Plus’ InterConnect is a Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice User Group that was created to :
facilitate interaction between DataWorks Plus and our users
• provide information and training on the latest technologies, such as facial, iris, tattoo, and voice recognition and other biometric applications
• provide a forum for users to share how they use our applications with other users
• provide a way for customers to interact with our development team to request new features
• allow DataWorks Plus to connect with our users and learn how we can continue to develop systems that meet their needs today and into the future.
Select an item from the side bar to the right for more information about the conference. More[2]


It connects back end Intel to all law enforcement agencies while maintaining a crap service between the Police and the public who of course are paying for this wonderful gift from the bankers.

As a case study NEC presents the London Metropolitan Police and its use of the Connect platform, they say :

In order to transform and enhance the way its police officers prevent crime and support victims, the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS), which is responsible for ensuring the safety of more than 8 million citizens in London, decided to launch a project to implement an integrated operational policing platform. This project is aimed at bringing together information currently located on multiple legacy systems and consolidating it in one integrated policing IT platform, and will be underpinned by CONNECT, a technology supplied by Northgate Public Services (NPS), a wholly owned subsidiary of NEC.

CONNECT is a policing platform that integrates all information relating to crime and harm prevention into one system, and makes this information immediately available at the frontline. It supports faster investigations, more accurate intelligence, safer custody processes and more successful prosecutions. The MPS will use CONNECT to manage all of its operational policing information, which drive policing activity across London, in an integrated manner. In the new system, any information will only need to be logged once, without having to be re-entered or transferred to different systems, increasing data consistency and reliability, and eliminating errors.

Officers can also access the system remotely, without having to return to the police station to update records or access key intelligence, helping to achieve a truly mobilised police force. They will have instant access to key information on investigations, suspects and victims, anytime and on any device. Equipped with real-time intelligence and enhanced situational awareness, officers dealing with incidents will be able to provide valuable support and resources whenever and wherever they are most needed. Moreover, by being able to perform their duties remotely, officers will have greater visibility on the streets and be able to spend more time with the public.

Connect from the above statement by NEC declares that the platform will dictate law enforcement policy to the MPs based on its own data banks and information, or, the compartmentalised IT programmers.

For the last decade or so has seen a rise in the sinister interest by all things high society in your children, be they babies or youths, the almighty corporate state want to become the only influence your child requires. That said NEC becomes even more sinister in its connections to this :

In Profile : NEC's Connect platform, the future of law enforcement








[A] Full Year Consolidated Financial Results for the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2018″ (PDF.) October 1, 2018.

[1] Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management
DOE’s Office responsible for developing a geologic repository system for the disposal of commercial origin and defence origin spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste, together with the nec.

They partner with :
Parent Organisations
United States Department of Energy
• Parent Org
Leadership & Staff
Ronald A Milner COO of Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management U.S. Department of Energy
• COO (past) [+1]

Org Common People
Department of the Navy Ronald A Milner
Office of Conservation and Renewable Energy Ronald A Milner

[2] Services/Transactions DataWorks Plus
MorphoTrust USA, LLC Very large biometrics company. Subsidiary of Safran (Morpho), formerly L-1 Identity Solutions
• business partner
Cognitec Systems German company, develops software/algorithims for facial recognition.
• business partner
NEC Corporation Electronics company; Japan’s first venture seeded by foreign capital, established by U.S. firm Western Electric Company
• business partner
Motorola Solutions, Inc. Mission-critical communications products and services to enterprises and governments.
• business partner
Integrated Biometrics Developer and manufacturer of FBI Certified fingerprint biometric sensors
• business partners 

Who really controls this technology?

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