Proceeds of crime, the rise of Islam and the Kings of Israel

Proceeds of crime, the rise of Islam and the Kings of Israel







Endgame for the Rise of Islam in Britain
Consider the term, “Proceeds of Crime.”

The Rothschild’s are behind the financing of the Islamic grab of U.K. petrol, housing, and local business, and as we are witnessing in Lancashire, they finance the rise of the Euro-garages group, controlled by three men.

The elect play the long game, way outside the average mental paradigm.

In appearing to have control over fuel across the nation, the Kings of Israel will use this to further form hatred between Christians and Muslims when Israel moves against Iran. All fuel will be blockaded and serious rations will commence. We saw how this will play out during the last fuel shortage when backward petrol station owners, more than likely connected to the Freemasonic front, The Muslim Brotherhood, had signs banning non Muslims from purchasing fuel.
Can you see how that will play out?

Legal Robbery
Under the legal term, ‘proceeds of crime’, when Islam is legally decreed a terrorist operation, everything the Rothschilds have given to Muslims will be scooped by the same through Crown puppets operating in both Admiralty and Maritime jurisdiction. That means everything given will be taken away and into the hands of the secret societies, and as the old mafia chant does go, money goes up and shit goes down, Britain, as a nation, moves ever forward into the hands of the bankers.

Nothing scooped through the legal maxim, Proceeds of Crime, will be for the benefit of the nation, it will further the grip the Kings of Satan already have on our land, are assets and yet more trade and commerce will be tied up in the global web of the corporate, but more importantly, out of your hands. This is how the legal trap operates, and if you have been before a commercial court, you know how it plays out, you lose, Freemasonry wins.

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