Julian Assange, orphans, the Family and controlled opposition, what you need to know

Julian Assange, orphans, the Family and controlled opposition, what you need to know






Julian Assange ended up in the Ecuador Embassy as a reaction to the accusations of sexual assault in Sweden. Though the accusations were clearly absurd, the most he would have experienced if found guilty, would have been a few months in a Swedish jail, but as we know, he chose to self imprison himself for some 7 years under the full glare of global media. Why did Assange choose this Embassy?

Wikileaks, in contradiction to the media narrative, leaked information that the Europeans had already seen through non Jewish owned media outlets in Italy and France. Wikileaks only moved information that had been available to the world for over a year into the censorship heaven that is Britain and America, both nations existing under a reality and fact that over 94 percent of available media is under the ownership of the Noahide clans.

Julian Assange never outs Israel, he moves to lay blame for all absurdities in the wars ordered and commanded by Israel, at the feet of Britain and America under NATO. For that to be correct, then Britain and America would have to actually control their own political and financial sectors, but we know this to be a false paradigm as all nations suffer the Israel control grid in its control of the high end technology, especially in computer processors controlling infrastructure, giving Israel the blackmail ticket in relation to the ability to shut down nations entire domestic energy and data platforms. Basically, they can shut all technology down from within Israel.[1]

Assange courted leftist subversives such as Peter Singer a man who calls for heavy petting with your pets. Read that again…

In the early 1990s Assange has been quoted as stating of his goals : “to watch the world burn so he could rebuild it.”

If that statement rings true, it is perhaps the most lucid insight into the mind of Assange as it relates to synchronising with the attitude of the minds moving to build the Third Temple.

Julian Assange, 19 July 2010 said :  “I’m constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud.” 

How can you expose financial fraud without seeing the upper levels of this game always leads to the House Rothschild? You cannot, therefore his rhetoric does not match his actions.

Vault 7 and 8 while exposing the deep state operating within a corporate democracy failed to present the fact, Britain is a Constitutional Monarchy as America is a Constitutional Republic. If you were too deconstruct a mess one would expect a man such as Assange, a man clearly of high intelligence, would offer up these facts as remedy to the problem. But what he did was play party political politics with the United States without ever including Zion and its input.

WikiLeaks itself was an early crypto-currency advocate, first starting to accept crypto-currency donations in 2011, after a banking blockade attempted to cut off the non-profit publisher from its revenue streams. This caused a widespread backlash as the international hacking collective, Anonymous, took down websites of Mastercard, Visa, and PayPal under Operation Payback.

Assange has been credited with helping Donald Trump become President, so given his arrest went down under Trump, we could be looking at the commencement of a major saga in a diversion script for the Noahide controlled media, which will pull the mentally crippled into yet more emotional outpourings for a man who may not deserve it.

If we are to seek out conspiracy and look for a deceptive reason for his arrest, then forcing Assange to testify in the U.S. against Trump enemies would perhaps be the most reasoned probability.

Before we enter the history of the man Julian Assange, I understand that non of us are by necessity our history as we stand in the present, but when it comes to ‘The Family‘, we are speaking of a serious occult network that creates lifetime actors in the game called deception.

For all his time in the embassy as an imprisoned hero, we are expected to believe Assange at no point, looked into a way out of his Legal calamity, had he done so he would understand that the entire imprisonment came as a direct result of him identifying as the Legal Persona, but of course I could be wrong, maybe he is not that smart?

Julian Assange has a very odd background, lots of orphans and a cult that calls itself “The Family.”

“When Assange was eight, Claire left her husband and began seeing a musician, with whom she had another child, a boy. The relationship was tempestuous; the musician became abusive, she says, and they separated. A fight ensued over the custody of Assange’s half brother, and Claire felt threatened, fearing that the musician would take away her son. Assange recalled her saying, “Now we need to disappear,” and he lived on the run with her from the age of eleven to sixteen. When I asked him about the experience, he told me that there was evidence that the man belonged to a powerful cult called the Family—its motto was “Unseen, Unknown, and Unheard.” Some members were doctors who persuaded mothers to give up their newborn children to the cult’s leader, Anne Hamilton-Byrne. The cult had moles in government, Assange suspected, who provided the musician with leads on Claire’s whereabouts. In fact, Claire often told friends where she had gone, or hid in places where she had lived before.”


During the Second World War, hundreds of thousands of British children were moved across the commonwealth, especially to Australia under the auspices of a Satanic cult they call The Family.

We must also consider that in all nations caught up in the war suffered the very same agenda.

As WW2 came to a close, Soviet Bolshevik Stalinist Russia in complete partnership with the Nazi German elite, launched a Mongol army into Germany and raped over 1.5 million German women and girls to death, they then removed all the remaining children. Hollywood and War never speak of the fate or even the reality of all the children being shipped out across the world has fact.

War is all about killing off the old school and stealing the children in order they can reorganise nations to a new creed, today we understand that creed to be a Jewish enterprise moving the world under the Noahide laws. It is like Simms in real time.

As the farmer organises his animals, so too the Noahide elite carry out with humanity, and war is their main method of securing this satanic endeavour.

Today, having launched the seventh command under Noahide, seen in the Legal system under Admiralty and Maritime jurisdiction, they have a new form of slavery offered up as a gain, it is deception par excellence in its ability to entrap humanity as they unwittingly take up a title they should not. Study.

What is the Family
The Family — also called the Santiniketan Park Association and the Great White Brotherhood — is an Australian New Age group formed in the mid-1960s under the leadership of yoga teacher Anne Hamilton-Byrne (born Evelyn Edwards in 1921). The group’s headquarters was raided by the police on Friday, 14 August 1987, and all children were removed from the premises. In June 1993 Hamilton-Byrne was charged with conspiracy to defraud and to commit perjury by falsely registering the births of three unrelated children as their own triplets. She pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of making a false declaration and was fined $5000.

Yoga is about mimicking the posture of Hindu deities and the train of thought suggests this procures a human as ripe for possession by the same.

The Family teaches an eclectic mixture of Christianity and Hinduism with other Eastern and Western religions on the principle that spiritual truths are universal. The children studied the major scriptures of these religions and also the works of fashionable gurus including Sri Chinmoy, Meher Baba, and Rajneesh. The group has an inner circle who justify their actions by their claim to be reincarnations of the Apostles of Jesus.

The basis of The Family’s philosophy was that Anne Hamilton-Byrne was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ and a living god. Jesus was said to be a great master who came down to Earth, and the group believed that Buddha and Krishna were other enlightened beings who similarly came down to help humanity. Hamilton-Byrne was regarded as being in the same category as these teachers. One adopted daughter, Sarah Hamilton-Byrne, later described the group’s beliefs as a “hotchpotch” of Christianity and Eastern mysticism.

During the late 1960s and the 1970s, Newhaven Hospital in Kew was a private psychiatric hospital owned and managed by Marion Villimek, a Santiniketan member; many of its staff and attending psychiatrists were also members.

Many patients at Newhaven were treated with the hallucinogenic drug LSD. The hospital was used to recruit potential new members from among the patients, and also to administer LSD to members under the direction of the Santiniketan psychiatrists John Mackay and Howard Whitaker. One of the original members of the Association was given LSD, electroconvulsive therapy, and two leucotomies, also called lobotomies, during the late 1960s.

Although the psychiatric hospital had been closed down by 1992, in that year a new inquest was ordered into the death of a Newhaven patient in 1975 after new claims that his death had been due to deep sleep therapy. The inquest heard evidence concerning the use of electroconvulsive therapy, LSD, and other practices at Newhaven but found no evidence that deep sleep had been used on this patient. The Newhaven building was later reopened as a nursing home with no connections to its previous owner or uses.[2]


1961 ANNE Hamilton meets Dr Raynor Johnson, Master of Queen’s College at the University of Melbourne and renowned authority on mysticism.

1961 (continued) Together they found The Family, a religion based on a blend of Eastern mysticism and Christianity.

1964 Dr Johnson buys land at Ferny Creek, where the cult builds Santiniketan Lodge, which becomes its headquarters.

1965 Hamilton-Byrne marries South African naval officer Michael Riley. The marriage does not last.

1960s The Family begins recruiting cult members from patients at the Newhaven private psychiatric hospital in Kew. The recruits are given heavy doses of LSD.

1968 Hamilton-Byrne begins adopting children with her “husband” Bill Byrne. Both change their surname to Hamilton-Byrne, but do not marry until the mid-1970s.

1970s She buys Broom Farm in Kent, England, and another house in the Catskills, New York.

1983 Australian Federal Police visit the cult’s property at Eildon, looking for but not finding missing girl, Kim Halm.

1986 Newhaven hospital closes. The property is later the subject of a lawsuit between Anne Hamilton-Byrne and the descendants of a deceased cult member. She wins.

1987 Australian Federal Police raid the Eildon property, removing six children.
1988 Seven female cult members are jailed for defrauding social security of almost $200,000.

1989 Victoria Police establish Operation Forest to investigate The Family.

1990 Former cult solicitor Peter Kibby confesses to forging birth records on Anne Hamilton-Byrne’s orders. Former “aunty” Patricia MacFarlane also gives details to police of her role in the adoption scams.

1993 Anne and Bill Hamilton-Byrne are arrested by the FBI in the Catskills Mountains, New York, after police traced calls made to Australia.

1994 Anne and Bill Hamilton-Byrne are extradited to Melbourne. They plead guilty to perjury through documents and are fined $5000.

2001 Bill Hamilton-Byrne dies. Anne Hamilton-Byrne attends his funeral in her only public appearance since she was convicted in 1994.

Julian Assange has acted in a manner that would fit very well with the creed of The Family. He has presented himself as a man who enjoys more than one woman at the same time, leading to a charge of sexual assault. He is known to have courted Peter Singer, a known pusher of bestiality, he has had visits from porn star Pamela Anderson, which together present an off the wall character in Julian Assange and befitting of the creed of The Family.

Much of the Assange story appears to be scripted acting or a desperate attempt at pulling public opinion to his side, either way there are anomalies everywhere.

If we take the narrative of his past as true, then we could indeed be witnessing the saga of a real hero who managed to escape the clutches of the occult networks. The other side to that coin presents an actor acting out a script with the aim of terrifying real journalists and more importantly, to terrify social media platforms from daring to present real and powerful facts the elect do not want aired, especially as it relates to journalists that are not American citizens daring to report on the games of American Federal agencies, in your own country.

Perhaps the entire story of Julian Assange rests upon how President Donald Trump deals with the enigma that is Julian Assange.

[1] I began this journey of presenting facts to the public back in 2002. Up to that point I had never utilised the internet, all my studies from 1993 came from books and my personal experience. During that period I moved to have the system itself expose its ability to scoop up information to the top of the political pyramid and prevent it being seen by the lower end departments within corporate democracy. It was a great success.

When I did finally get on the web in 2007, after formulating the five year efforts into three books, finding no outlets outside of Freemasonry offering to publish, I decided to save myself all the baloney and set up a site and published the entire works for free.

In 2018 I began to move into local politics by joining the local Chamber of Trade from which I could discuss issues direct with the council, local business and the police, all of which had a representation in the Chamber. I then exposed the real control mechanic the corporate realm has over our councillors and MP and discussed the issues across Facebook. This prompted a move by Intelligence to kill the site on which the whole enterprise was published and then send me an email to see if I had further copies. Upon looking into my files in the computer I noted the entire files of the site had been removed, I also noted that my safari browser had been affected to the point, it had disappeared from the dock. This suggested the browser had been utilised in the theft.

This has happened once before to my knowledge, when the same move removed copies of a court case against the DWP, from my computer and external hard drive, which included a claim against the fiction, Queen Elizabeth II. Case Number : 1AC00469.

Such is the power they have to enter your cyberworld at their whim.




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