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First published in 2008

We became very negatively charged when we undertook the task to understand what this new fangled holier than thou organisation was, and why it was promoting the privatisation of education. The United Learning Trust[1] is yet another of these conglomerates and so to the Oasis Trust, so concerned at what we were finding we pooled all the information and published our findings which exposed ARK in 2008 as nothing other than a hedge fund financed front for the Military Industrial Complex, with a Casanova chairman also named the ‘hedge fund hippy,’ Arpad Busson at the helm.

Busson has stepped down from the position of chairman in light of the fact, our exposure around the country and across Europe dented his hip image among the Catholic faithful. So upon looking at the ARK website I found this announcement :

July 3, 2009
ARK (Absolute Return For Kids) Announces New Chairman
The children’s charity, ARK, (Absolute Return for Kids) announced today that Stanley Fink is to become chairman of the ARK trustees, taking over from founding chairman, Arpad Busson who has held the post for the seven years since the charity launched. Mr Busson will remain a member of the Board as founding chairman, and chairman.

Mmm, Mr Busson will remain a member of the Board as founding chairman, and chairman. Is it I or does this look a little bit suspect? We have to follow the link to receive the following information :
The children’s charity, ARK, (Absolute Return for Kids) announced today that Stanley Fink is to become chairman of the ARK trustees, taking over from founding chairman, Arpad Busson who has held the post for the seven years since the charity launched. Mr Busson will remain a member of the Board as founding chairman, and chairman of ARK US.

In moving Arpad to the US he and his handlers could continue to run with the A-list celebs, he could continue to look groovy and expand ARK across America.

ARK over here however got Stanley Fink :

Stanley-Fink@0 copy 2A trustee of : Absolute Return For Kids
A trustee of : The Lord Mayors Appeal
A trustee of : North Liverpool Academy Ltd
A trustee of : Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies 
A trustee of : The Brain Research Trust
A trustee of : The Guys and St Thomas Charity and other related charities
A trustee of : The Mayors Fund For London

The above comes from the Charities Commission website, and I have to say the Brain Research Trust has my antenna twitching a lot. We know they are forming a lot of brain research information into the school curriculum to be used against the children and staff to create the new children in the image of the corporate slave. Demanding children no longer see themselves as heterosexual, to do so is to be homophobic, implementing the United Nations dictate on all levels which includes teaching the joy of masturbation and abortion to five year olds.

Though these agendas are not the brainchild of ARK, they like all corporate education entities they fully support and encourage them.This is a blatant move to sexualise and thus fast track children to become little adults, adults who will also be conditioned to see the school and state as the most important influence in their lives above and beyond the reach of the parents.

We are looking at the corporate model forced on Germany between the two world wars, the result being that the children were removed in mind body and spirit to worship a different ideology than that of their parents, it re-birthed in communism leading to the implementation of the same system in China, on behalf of the banking elite, the new social model was launched in 1974 under chairman Mao, who was another Rothschild sired puppet along with Stalin, in fact they were half brothers.

The system shifts all power and rights away from the populations and into the hands of the corporate state, the state determines how many children you can have, and we know this to be the one child policy which lead to incalculable numbers of abortions, what we also know is that China demanded carbon credits for the C02 saved due to the aborted children. The system slowly moves to a position whereby the schools actually have influence upon your children way above the time you the parents have with them, think of the emotional and psychological impact on the children in this move alone.   The breakfast and after school clubs are the facilitator in this regard. The criteria determining parental ability will be based on psychological profiling of parents by psychologists. Of course they fail to mention the fact that leading psychologists and professors are lobbying to legalise Paedophilia.

The Brain Research Trust insert a brain pacemaker into humans, this has a direct connection to Smith&Nephew who work with Medtronic, a company that manufactures brain pacemakers.

The Brain Research Trust and deep brain stimulation :

In neurotechnology, deep brain stimulation (DBS) is a surgical treatment involving the implantation of a medical device called a brain pacemaker, which sends electrical impulses to specific parts of the brain.
Smith and Nephew, offices at 15 Adam Street, London, same address as ARK, work in partnership with Medtronic, who manufacture brain pacemakers.

Article on Smith and Nephew working in partnership
Medtronic and the brain pacemaker :

HIV/AIDS Introduction
In South Africa, an estimated 5.7 million people are living with HIV/AIDS, including 280,000 children under the age of 14. Over 1.2 million children have been orphaned by AIDS and over 20% of South African children are expected to lose a parent by 2012. Mozambique has one of the highest adult HIV prevalence rates in the world (16%), with an estimated 1.5 million people living with HIV/AIDS, including 160,000 children.

Orphans and vulnerable children in communities with high rates of HIV/AIDS are often exposed to violence, abuse and exploitation as their family networks are ravaged by the effects of the disease. Many children are forced to drop out of school to care for family members or engage in hazardous employment.

The Definition of the term African Orphan
I would ask you at this point to fully understand the definition of the term Orphan in Africa to be labeled and thus databased as an orphan in Africa, one has to have only one parent, yes you heard correctly, in Africa to have only one parent is to be labeled an orphan. Are you beginning to get a fuller picture as to why Arpad Busson’s best mate Madonna, paid her way for yet another adoption of an African child? Also we have ARK honorary patron; Elton John, wanting to adopt a child from the Ukraine, but has been refused as too old, here here I say, sanity over and above ones ability to throw money around.

If we allow the definition of orphan to be relative to the doctrines of the psychological establishment, then anyone who has lost a parent in Africa, to the medical mafia, after they have been diagnosed with a fantasy ailment, in this case HIV Aids, are then open to have their children stolen or sold to rich childless families, or worse to be sold into the paedophile networks across the globe.

ARK is happy to announce :
ARK is working towards its vision of an AIDS-free generation. Over 64,000 children are benefiting directly and indirectly as a result of ARK’s HIV/AIDS treatment programme. As a result of this programme 43,689 years of parenting have been gained by carers being kept alive on treatment.
HIV-AIDS is a fraud. It is an invented condition under which one is diagnosed with a fatal disease, the medical mafia then destroy your immune system with swathes of medication and give you Leukaemia. Of course I would not expect you to take my word for it, so try the scientists and medical professors who were involved in the AID’s scam from the start, it is they who present the information relating to the medication giving leukaemia to falsely diagnosed humans.

This brings in to question another HIV-AIDS activist Peter Tatchell, not connected with ARK, but made an impression enough for protest by the African HIV groups never to return.

ARK’s Aims :
South Africa has the highest number of HIV+ people in the world. In 2007 64,200 babies were infected with HIV from 312,000 HIV+ pregnant women. In the absence of specialised treatment, HIV transmission from mother-to-child is approximately 35%. Over 50% of HIV+ infants will die before their 2nd birthday. Transmission with the current South African government PMTCT programme is estimated at 21%.

In 2008, ARK launched a pilot study to address the key gaps in and improve PMTCT delivery in South Africa. ARK hopes to reduce the transmission rate from mother to child during childbirth and breastfeeding through the use of a 3 drug antiretroviral regimen to less than 2% at 6 weeks and 5% at 18 months after birth. The study aims to provide a high quality comprehensive package of care, including improved HIV testing coverage, better drugs combinations during pregnancy and through breastfeeding, and follow-up for mothers-baby pairs. ARK will also demonstrate that this is possible within a resource limited environment.

Approximately 2,600 mother-baby pairs in the Western Cape and Kwa-Zulu-Natal provinces will be enrolled in the study. A further 4,500 will be treated by ARK using the Government approved protocol, but with improved community-care and patient monitoring to 18 months.

global health workforce alliance@0 copy 2

It is pretty clear here that ARK is a front for the international banking cartel to give them direct inference into communities across the globe, to determine the emotional and psychological parameters of our children who of course are the next generation, Equally worrying is the fact this front is also operating for the World Health Organisation, under the banner of Global Health Force Alliance; so ARK is a United Nations front pushing United Nations policy.

The UN is promoting Masturbation to five year olds which for me is enough for the to say no thanks to the UN and the other Round Table offshoots such as the Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations etc, all satellites to the Round Table of Alfred Milner.

ARK (Absolute Return for Kids) Announces £27m HIV/AIDS Program in South Africa

ARK also attended the Clinton Global initiative in 2007, represented by Paul Bernstein Managing Director ARK Absolute Return for Kids

the round table network@0 copy 2

Above we can see the high level corporate tier of control, above all national governments and the spider controlling all Unions being formed globally, such as the North American, European Union , etc. These bodies of dictatorship administer the will of the International Bankers.

Ark also has a very sinister involvement and interest in the Rumanian orphans, so to did the House of Saxa Coburg Gotha :


Romania and Prevention Work Bulgaria
Since the end of the Ceausescu era, Romania has undergone dramatic reform of its child care system, reducing the number of children living in large-scale institutions from 100,000 in 1989, to 21,000 today. However, over 180 large institutions remain and children continue to be placed in the care system through lack of sufficient alternatives.

In 2002 ARK began a partnership with Hope and Homes for Children (HHC) to work with the Romanian Government to close institutions and move every child into a caring family or family type environment, while supporting the development of services to prevent the need for institutional care in the future. Together ARK and Hope and Homes for Children have to date closed 9 institutions in Romania, moving 1,500 children into families or family type environments

Building on this successful partnership, ARK and HHC have launched the HHC ARK Partnership for Romania. The partnership will finish the job of reforming the child care system in Maramures County in Romania making it the first county to complete this process in the country. The program will also accelerate reform in Bacau County, creating a benchmark for reform across the Central/East European region. Overall, 6 institutions will be closed, moving 495 children from institutions to families or alternative care and benefiting another 3,000 children through prevention, reintegration and foster care work.

for export only@0 copy 2

European civil servant for the European Commission; Roelie Post wrote a book recording the reality of the Rumania’s orphan agenda, it presents a story in direct contradiction to the propaganda coming out of ARK and associated charitable trusts, The British royal family also have a very sinister interest in the Romanian orphans, either for profit or supper, most probably both! Here is a link to a summary of Rolie’s book :,,_16_dec_2008#ARK_and_the_.27orphans.27_in_eastern_Europe

As if this is not bad enough look who else is very involved with ARK :

Goldman Sachs
Many people working in ARK have surprise surprise, come directly out of the banking fraternity, one in particular, Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs is also very involved in Teach First, with its patron Prince Charles, teaching headhunted personnel, giving them a six week training course and placing them within our schools. Teach First is also heavily influenced by the Royal Society For The Arts, so we have a triple whammy in Prince Charles and his mum and dad very involved in teaching teachers (with NLP), then placing these people in the schools not so much to teach but to spy on all other teachers and pave the way for sackings to allow yet more RSA-Tech First networked personnel to enter the school.

Those at ark who come from Goldman Sachs :

Dambisa Moyo
Dambisa Moyo worked at Goldman Sachs for eight years in the debt capital market, hedge fund coverage and global macroeconomics teams. Previously, she worked at the World Bank in Washington, DC. Dambisa was recently nominated to the Board of Lundin Petroleum and is also a Patron for Absolute Return for Kids and serves on the Board of the Lundin for Africa Foundation.

Ron Beller
Private Investor at SJL
Founder / Chair of Governors at King Solomon Academy
Board at Ark Education
CEO/Co-Founder at Peloton Partners LLP
Partner at Goldman Sachs
Paul Dunning
Paul Dunning has been in the hedge fund industry since 1992, when he was a part of the team that launched the Goldman Sachs Global Currency Fund.

Jennifer Moses
Jennifer Moses has followed a successful career in investment banking with leadership roles in public policy. Most recently she has been a special adviser to the British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown. She was previously Chief Executive of the think-tank, Centre forum, following her banking career with Goldman Sachs. Ms Moses is a graduate of Brown University and Harvard Business School. She is a governor of King Solomon Academy in London and an ARK trustee.
Investment banker Goldman Sachs Group Inc now holds more than 12% of Nord Anglia Education plc.

Lucy Heller Chief Executive of ARK :

Lucy Heller’s sister is Zoe Helle r:

And this is Lukas Heller, (children are Zoe, Lucy, Bruno, Emily)

Heller was born to a Jewish family[1] in Kiel. His father was political philosopher Hermann Heller.[2] He won an Edgar Award for Best Motion Picture for Hush…Hush, Sweet Charlotte (1964), and was also known for writing the screen adaption to What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962).

He was married to Caroline (née Carter) who was an EnglishQuaker.[3][4][5] They had four children: British writers Bruno and Zoë Heller, Lucy Heller, and Emily Heller.[1] His half-sister was the Swedish journalist Cordelia Edvardson.

Lucy Heller also appears on the Wakefield Family Tree, page 80.  

In Profile : ARK, Absolute Return for Kids











[1] In my home town of Accrington, in the Borough of Hyndburn, we have a large Academy called Accrington Academy. The head of this Academy also controls another called Hyndburn Academy,(formerly Norden High School). The controller of the latter is also the controller of Accrington Academy who uses a front as head, a female head, who decreed that all pupils at all times, will walk around the school with the left shoulder rubbing against the walls. This received a huge response from parents demanding the school pay for all damaged uniforms in the compliance of this very strange and sadistic command. Such is the mindset of those operating the Academy agenda.

Occult Academies

ARK and the Sun Cult


In Profile : ARK, Absolute Return for Kids







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In Profile : ARK, Absolute Return for Kids








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