In Profile : Moodle, the corporate schools Virtual Environment

In Profile : Moodle, the corporate schools  Virtual Environment











We looked directly at the video material available for teachers in how Moodle is set up :

Points of interest 
The video above is titled, Parent Roles in Moodle, yet from the outset we learn that Moodle is not set for parent involvement from its design paradigm. He says that he can create a role for the parent and he can then decide what permissions the parent is going to have, and if he is giving he can also take away. Permissions in computer speak means he will decide what level of inclusion the parent has within the virtual world. In real terms what we have in Moodle and other platforms like it, is the means to have child and parent under the influence of a virtual world from corporate intelligence.

If we take this in parallel with the ability had by such organisations as the Tavistock Institute, through the huge platform that is celebrity-media culture, to manipulate a generation into a sort of arrested development, then such a system could indeed become a sort of mentor for the parent, I say parent because today, most families are mother and children, father having been removed and criminalised by the Soviet created Family Court.

Looking at the page menu hierarchy gives real insight as to how those operating this system look upon the parents, not only are they not called the ‘parent’, the role given is that of authenticated user and found second from last :

Course Creator
Director of Learning
Director of Schooling
Head of Faculty
Non Editing Teacher
Authenticated User
News Poster

Within the information relating to Moodle we find the terms; ‘Mentee and Tutee’, which are direct reference to the fact the student is a Mentee and Tutee, therefore also making reference to the fact there are Mentors and Tutors other than the teacher. We know the schools are promoting the idea the children can go to the school to speak on subjects which they do not wish their parents to become aware of, promoted on the back of the fact the school will not tell the parents.

This is a move to place the school and subsidiary charities in the main position of influence in the child’s  personal life, the mentor’s/tutor’s to carry out the same within the virtual environment, and as we can see there are many other’s  in the virtual world determined by the administrators who are doing all they can to gain the trust of the children over and above that of the parents, and it looks very much like the teachers…this is not good.

Bulk Import of Mentees For Pastoral Tutor
The school and Moodle promote the virtual world as parent involvement intensive, yet the actual programme does not by default include the parents, they are added and given a role at the discretion of the administrator. Everything is about the programme and administrators having control, not just over the children, but over the parents that do enter the virtual world that is Moodle, in most cases, especially after the Family Court have dissected your family unit, the parent in question would be the mother.

So what else are the schools pushing in relation to the parents :
Schools Banning Mums And Dads
Parents Banned From Watching Their Children In School Playground
Do the above links suggest the real motivation of the schools is to be parent inclusive?
As with my request to have my child bring home his exercise books being denied under the auspice of Lancashire Education Authority guidelines, Parents cannot view children’s work without the presence of a teacher to explain to me what they represented, contradiction in terms on the basis I requested to see the books so I could determine what they represented

The schools are moving to take full control of the whole family without any means for parents to think outside the school box, what the school says is happening …is how you must see it. For me, the above information shows a direct contradiction in what the school is saying is going on, and what is actually going on.

Other points to note with Moodle, it has been described as an ‘effective substitute teacher and can help your school to remotely connect with your pupils in the event of a school closing.’ 

Moodle is being promoted in Lancashire by CLEO,  Cumbria and Lancashire Education Online.
The official Moodle partner is ‘synergy learning’.


In Profile : Moodle, the corporate schools  Virtual Environment


Cumbria & Lancashire Education Online
Cumbria and Lancashire Education Online (CLEO) is one of 10 English Regional Broadband Consortia (RBCs) and is made up of Cumbria County Council and Lancashire County Council. Originally formed in 1998 the CLEO broadband network provides high quality private broadband network for all schools across Cumbria & Lancashire. CLEO also provides a range of additional services supporting the use of broadband technology in the classroom and to support pupils learning at home and for teachers in their work. Interesting Link

The CLEO broadband network together with the 9 other RBCs exclusively deliver the National Education Network (NEN), which is a dedicated education network shared by schools, harnessing the power of broadband technology to deliver unique content and services.

CLEO receives funding, via the two local authorities, from the DCSF Harnessing Technology Grant to cover broadband funding for schools. This is match funded by the local authorities and supplemented by annual recurrent charges to schools connected to the CLEO broadband service.
Website Here
The CLEO says of the learning platform :
What is a Learning Platform?

A Learning Platform (LP) is “a generic term to describe a system of information and communication technologies that is used to deliver and support leaning” (DfES)

In March 2005 the e-Learning Strategy Unit of the DfES launched its e-Strategy – Harnessing Technology: Transforming Learning and Children’s Services. Included in this strategy is the Government’s aim to transform teaching and learning through ICT with every school having a Learning Platform embedded in their school to deliver and support learning.

The term Learning Platform refers to a combination of IT services that support learning and teaching to enable more effective ways of working within and outside the classroom. Key features are communication and collaboration tools; pupil tracking and anytime, anywhere access.
Pupil Tracking, why are the schools via the virtual environments wanting to track our children? Not only that, but with the information I have seen relating to GPS tracking, the children’s I pods, laptops and mobile phones are the means to this tracking at least until they can get people happy to take the microchip implant.

Data collection is the overriding factor when OFSTED come to grade your school. The better the data collect, the higher the grading. So if your little ones school has an all singing all dancing grading by OFSTED, understand what this means…this school is fantastic at gaining data and information about your family and activities, which will be used in the future by A.I to apportion the rest of your pitiful life under the corporate dictatorship.
Lancaster University Project

In Profile : Moodle, the corporate schools  Virtual Environment












CLEO is a project, the responsibility of which  lands within Lancaster University, they say :

This project focuses on the roles of the CLEO ( Cumbria and Lancashire Education Online) Network Support Teams and the benefits that mobile network technology can provide in this scenario. The aim of the project is two prong; to provide the network support teams and their vehicles with network connectivity and to provide temporarily disconnected schools with network connectivity while the support team perform their repairs.

Lancaster University is responsible for network connectivity of all the schools in the Lancaster and Cumbria counties via the CLEO ( Cumbria and Lancashire Education Online) initiative :  

The purpose of this demonstrator would be to add mobile router technology to Lancaster University ‘s network support team that must visit remote (often rural) locations to attend to network service disruptions and to perform general network maintenance.

CLEO and eight other regional Broadband Controllers connect into the National Education Network :

In Profile : Moodle, the corporate schools  Virtual Environment 


Which says of itself :
The National Educational Network is a dedicated, educationally focused resource for teaching and learning without constraints of time or location. Harnessing our unique expertise, we enable a safe, secure, collaborative and creative learning experience for pupils, teachers and parents.

The National Education Network is a teaching and learning resource providing schools with a secure network designed and maintained by experts within the educational community. A dedicated education network, it harnesses the power of broadband technology to deliver unique content and services, enabling users to share learning resources at every level, to deliver a personalised learning experience in the classroom. Optimised for data-intensive applications (including video conferencing), the National Education Network offers a number of unique advantages for schools, offering a secure and safe environment where issues such as copyright are managed and where teachers, pupils and parents can work confidently together.

All Nine Can Be Viewed Here

So the virtual environment now in the schools would seem to have no control by the democratic system, no recourse for parents, councillors and MP’s, forming the schools into a totally isolated environment, one in which the parents are not even catered for in the default  programming.
If we go further we find global control comes in at high level and we find JANET, SUNET CLEO and the London Grid for Learning, all using what is called; The GEAN2 deployment which builds on the Imtech and Juniper success in creating Customised research and education networks around the globe. Imtech was the selected contractor responsible for supplying the Juniper routers for the GEAN2 network managing the migration programme from the older technology and administering the support contracts.

More On Imtech :
Imtech Telecom Global and the London Grid for Learning

 So, here at lifeinthemix we do not like Moodle, and this we base on the information we have which we can now see is only the tip of the iceberg. 

Here is something very interesting we found relating to Internet 2. Going off this next piece of information it looks more like they do intend to switch off the existing Internet to be replaced with Internet 2. Of course 80% of what is on the Internet today will not be allowed on Internet 2….Censorship on the largest scale yet witnessed, and that is saying something.
JANET(UK) is contributing to a number of areas of GÉANT3, the next iteration of the GÉANT network that connects 37 national research and education networks in Europe, including JANET. Activities in the area of federated end-user services will complement the ongoing development of the UK Access Management Federation and the JANET Roaming services, both of which will benefit from integration with similar services across Europe and further afield.

JANET(UK) participates in an international research and education network working group that is investigating possible inter-federation approaches to accessing services available in other federations, including assessment of the required policies, standards and structures to support this activity. The policy work was presented and discussed at both TERENA’s middleware task force (TF-EMC2) and Research and Education Federations Group (REFEDs), and discussed with individual international federations. In parallel, agreement has been reached with Internet2 on an inter-federation agreement between its federation (InCommon) and the UK Access Management Federation.

Full Document :

Janet Report 2009

In Profile : Moodle, the corporate schools  Virtual Environment





For those versed in the high level occult I need not explain the implications of this level of IT access and denial, for those not versed in the meaning of Shibboleth may I suggest you look it up then see the real meaning to this operation.

Shibboleth explains its Internet 2 system :
The Shibboleth System includes two major software components : the Shibboleth Identity Provider (IdP) and the Shibboleth Service Provider (SP). These two components are deployed separately but work together to provide secure access to Web-based resources.
1. The user navigates to the Web resource using her browser. The resource site is protected, hence requires information about the user in order to decide whether access is permitted.

2. The Shibboleth SP software redirects the browser to a “navigation” page (called a WAYF, for “where are you from”), which presents the user with a list of the organisations whose users may access the resource.

3. The user selects her home organisation, and the browser is sent to the home organisation’s Web site running the Shibboleth IdP software. This site uses a Web sign-on method chosen by the home organisation. The user now sees the familiar login Web page of her home organisation, enters her username and password, and selects the Login button.

4. The Shibboleth IdP software sends the browser back to the original resource site and includes in the message some security information called an “assertion” that proves the user signed on. The Shibboleth SP software on the resource site validates the assertion and then requests additional information (attributes, such as “faculty” or “student in Film 327″) about the user by making a request to the home organisation’s Shibboleth IdP service.

5. The Shibboleth SP receives the user’s attributes from the home organisation’s IdP and passes them along to the resource provider’s Web application. The application uses those attributes and its access policy to decide whether the user’s access is permitted or denied, displaying the appropriate page to the user’s browser.

See Original Page

This company connects with Linux :

Security Enhanced Linux
The term absolute control within Internet2 and the virtual environment spring to mind with Shibboleth
These virtual environments will takeover the education of our children in the event the schools shutdown under pandemic, the martial law applications to this new Internet and the total suppression of all other information is to be taken seriously. For the banking families to take over the world, they have to have a means of mass communication, I think we are looking into that very system with the information on this page.
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