Bitcoin, fiat currency, central banks and the final deception from the banking cartel

Bitcoin, fiat currency, central banks and the final deception from the banking cartel








29 January 2018

Before the rise of the Central Bank, Monarchs created their own coins. The coins would be valued according to purity and weight of either gold or silver. The availability of such coinage would be based on the extent of trade going on in each respective country. As slavery became unpopular a more covert method of control was employed to ensure the old money families lost nothing, this would see the rise of Nations as a system that would centralise power without the hard core physical shackles being employed. It was a game of language that would satisfy the conscious mind by shutting down the subconscious self. The system required the minting of coins within a demarcated border, the result would become a sort of chivalric coat of arms for the whole, the coins of a nation or a king.  

The Central Banks, as private funds, are a completely different paradigm altogether, because when a private operation creates your coinage, it charges interest for every one you receive. With the introduction of the Central Banks into Western Europe from the Byzantine empire from 1609, the investor families in the banks very quickly held nations to their yoke due to defaults on the repayments of the loans they took out for wars. The Central Banks very quickly took over the currency issuance of nations but shifted into promissory notes rather than gold or silver coins and precious stones, this led to what we know as the printing of paper money.

There is a lesson here, while the people accept war the people will always need bankers…

Having secured the wealth of the world through the issuance of money they are now moving to monopolise everything and position a front system that we believe is a separate system to the one that has demolished the world. This is not the case at all, what they will offer is still an offer from those that issue credit and note, and given they possess all property under legal title, they no longer need a currency based on the possession of land and property. They have invented another standard of value that is a fantasy, they will base the value of future money, which will be full electronic digital nothingness, on energy credits they will dish out. It will be a total dictatorship and they will call it Technocracy.

The conjuring trick is to give the idea that if we replace our system of private bank-created money,  which equates to around 97 percent of the money supply  we call state-created money, everything will be good and sound. The idea of course appears to be well grounded until you look a little closer and recognise that in truth there is a serious deception going on here, because today, what they call the state, is in fact a state made up of central bank corporations hiding behind charitable status for all the secrecy and unaccountability the charity status offers. Ergo, what they today call the state, is the Central Banking systems physical body, the global web of corporations. There are no sovereign states anymore today, the corporate state that controls all nations ‘IS’ the central banking cartel.

Of course the IMF and affiliated slavers will explain that we are to return to the historical norm, before Charles II placed control of the money supply in private hands with the English Free Coinage Act of 1666. This of course is another big fat deception.

We used to enjoy a cultural high commons that created the platform for trust amongst the populations of each respective country, we called this a realm or state. The bankers took over those states through the issuance of credit to the state which then defaulted on the loans. Under bankruptcy protocols the banks insist the states allow the banking networks physical body, the corporations, to merge with the civil state becoming the state itself, and, in its entirety. Mussolini defined this political-corporate position as corporatism, which we know to be called fascism. Fascism is a financial stratagem from which the private can take over the administration of the public civil and political system of a nation or other. Today this global network is overseen by the United Nations which is a Legal Corporate Government belonging to the private.

Two plans or strategies have worked side by side, the Jesuit preferred communist ideology and the Templar based credit and bank method to capitalise. This is the paradigm the world has been programmed to limit itself within.

The introduction of the first Central Bank in Western Europe took place in Holland – 1609. Each of these systems have been crafted to operate as a separate unit and in order to divide the forces available to the ultimate benefactors of both systems, each presents itself as an opposite to the other, this is essential if you are to utilise the Hegelian Dialectic idiom to manipulate the direction the two paradigms will go, each paradigm of course filled to the brim with a socially divided  TV-celebrity drunk humanity.[1]

What they achieve as an instrument with this strategy is the fulfilment of one agenda through two opposing sides, the left and the right, but hidden in plain sight is the trunk that binds the two ends of the same magical Wand, or, equally true would be to make claim that they Mint a two sided coin owned by the same private families, and this coin is a little bit special, this coin rules all others, it is the coin of Monopoly.

Communism V. Capitalism has been the perfect twin horse and chariot to bring the world under monopoly with each strategy monopolising all assets and property, and through the Legal Title, they have removed Biblical Man away from the world and offered up a lesser title for the walking dead.

The Fractional Reserve system that today credits the globe, was never intended to be a permanent solution to wealth domination. By definition from the start, it was always known that the lenders would eventually wind up owning everything in the left-right society paradigm, leaving the fractional banking system as obsolete, especially so after the socialist left paradigm having successfully scooped up all domestic assets and state property unto itself under the guise of humanitarian-charitable assistance.

The International Monetary Fund
In 2012 the IMF dragged from the archives the so-named “Chicago Plan” coming from the University of Chicago dating back to 1936, and began to study it for a modern application. But caution was then advised by the financial talking heads, first, the University of Chicago was originally created with a grant from John D. Rockefeller in 1890, and thus an academic vassal of Rockefeller interests. In 1936 during the Great Depression, the leading economist talking heads were looking for alternatives to capitalism and monetary theory. Technocracy, for instance, was one attempt to suggest an alternative economic system, during the same time period. 

The IMF back in 2012 concluded[2] that the day of the Central Bank could very well be over, and that the power of currency creation and issuance should instead be given to the state.  But of course today as we have already discussed, what they call the state is in fact the corporate state, the corporate state of course is the central banking cartel in the physical.

They are playing up another aspect of the great deception because knowing the soul of the heartless banker, as today we do, the IMF in its very cleverly written statements, is sort of suggesting they are to forego the interest charges that they have enjoyed by supplying governments the currency at interest..bankers do not do this. You can feign this idea as a concept but if you have very cleverly taken over all nations domestic systems by merging your corporations and contracting with the nation state to the point, the corporations ‘ARE’ the domestic state, then you have become the nations. You no longer need the central banks to secure what you now have in your possession. As we stand today and apply this logic what is clear to all that can see,  they have done their evil works, the final Act is yet another act of deception.

The Federal Reserve
The Federal Reserve Bank, established in 1913, is a private corporation whose private stockholders are the major banks of that time period, 1913. Back then, The Federal Reserve was a super-lobby that would work directly with government to orchestrate lending and collecting on an orderly basis. At that time, the banks did not “own” the various nations of the world, so they could not summarily dictate public policy. Today, after the merging of what is the physical representation of the banks, the ‘corporations’, the families behind the issuance of credit through the central banking cartel, have in their legal possession, all the nations of the world, your tax goes directly to them through the Central Banks. Let us no longer beat about the bush, the United States Corporation has facilitated the final military aggressions to force this system onto the world through the 20th century and on to today.

This position is not a secret in any part of the known world. As such the same banking cartel members have managed to position the entire perceived empire of the Reformers into the scapegoat position, specifically the American branch of this network, the Federal Reserve. The Fed along with the fiat currencies around the globe are now the joint scapegoats to satisfy the ever expanding ignorance, that in culling the Central Bank network, justice will have been served, the world is saved and the perpetrators duly punished in the loss of their power…. I think not.

Bitcoin and the rise of the crypto-currencies, whats this all about I hear most cry…? Bitcoin is the mainstay for payments in the Dark Web, what is the dark web you might ask? Well, around 2% of the actual Internet is used by the general population, the remainder is what is termed the dark web. It is the place you will find all things dark and nasty, in fact one could well describe the dark web as Pandoras Box, holding all the evils of the world, its another Ark of the Covenant for a power to wield against the masses. That being the case, and Bitcoin connecting all the evils of the world, why are such commentators as Max Kaiser promoting Bitcoin at every given moment? What do they know?

When it comes to crypto-currencies in general, they are the banking cartel’s carrot which the same shall  recognise when you are offered the chance to shift your portfolio into the new energy backed electronic currency, the families behind the central banking system own. What are they actually losing? Nothing they will gain the entire world, but first they require the anti-christ and perhaps a little constructed alien interaction with the secret societies idea of what the Vatican should represent.

New Currency  
The IMF is one of the primary engines moving to globalisation, It works in conjunction with the World Bank and the Bank for International Settlements. From the issuance of credit they have secured almost the entire earth, which they took as the collateral for the initial loans to governments, loans that of course, have never been paid. Once you have monopolised property, energy, agriculture, food production, and the domestic systems of nations to your will, and, this position has been achieved in the use of your fiat currency promissory note, then you have accumulated the wealth of nations without incurring a debt. You can shift the foundation of the new currency to an energy policy you will also control instead of economic policy, because you don’t need the people to participate in any form of accumulation. This is were Technocracy begins to reveal its unholy ‘Artificial Intelligent’ self.

The United Nations is all about governing, it has determined that to do this correctly they require a new global “Green Economy” that would replace the current “brown economy” based on fossil fuel and over-consumption in developed nations.

“A green economy implies the decoupling of resource use and environmental impacts from economic growth… These investments, both public and private, provide the mechanism for the reconfiguration of businesses, infrastructure and institutions, and for the adoption of sustainable consumption and production processes.” [Emerging policy issues, UNEP, 2010, p. 2] 

I think it is time people began to see the global deception when it comes to man made climate change and the dictatorship they are building all around us. Geoengineering is changing the climate, it is destroying the environment with its heavy metals, not to mention the fact the metals have a direct affect on the animals and Man. 

It would appear that the global destruction is an acceptable consequence as the Fondi moves in the manner best described as the nuclear reactor forming the energy required for the takeover of the entire planet and her resources. 

[1] Definition human being See MONSTER.
—Ballentine’s Law Dictionary (1930) monster A human being by birth, but in some part resembling a lower animal. A monster hath no inheritable blood, and cannot be heir to any land.
—Ballentine’s Law Dictionary (1930)

[2] According to the IMF’s study,
 Page 5″
“The decade following the onset of the Great Depression was a time of great intellectual ferment in economics, as the leading thinkers of the time tried to understand the apparent failures of the existing economic system. This intellectual struggle extended to many domains, but arguably the most important was the field of monetary economics, given the key roles of private bank behaviour and of central bank policies in triggering and prolonging the crisis.
“During this time a large number of leading U.S. macroeconomists supported a fundamental proposal for monetary reform that later became known as the Chicago Plan, after its strongest proponent, professor Henry Simons of the University of Chicago. It was also supported, and brilliantly summarised, by Irving Fisher of Yale University, in Fisher (1936). The key feature of this plan was that it called for the separation of the monetary and credit functions of the banking system, first by requiring 100% backing of deposits by government-issued money, and second by ensuring that the financing of new bank credit can only take place through earnings that have been retained in the form of government-issued money, or through the borrowing of existing government-issued money from non-banks, but not through the creation of new deposits, ex nihilo, by banks.” 

chicago-plan IMF pdf


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