In profile : Fractal Edge

In Profile : Fractal Edge







Is Fractal Edge Secure the facilitator for the 2008 crash?

While in pursuit of the John Adam Street Gang we came across a very sinister operation called Fractal Edge Secure, this company is to be found in the John Adam Street complex.
I will admit at this juncture that this report is far from complete, yet we are struggling to ascertain which three top ten investment banks are not using the Fractal Edge Software.

We know that Goldman Sachs and others are using super computers which gives them a massive advantage in operating the markets, but what of the software?

Although as yet not proved, are the top seven investment banks using Fractal Edge Secure software.
Within the below document which is a shot of their website, it says :

So Fractal Edge claim seven out of ten of the top ten investment banks (in 2007) are using Fractal Edge Secure software, this leaves three that are not.

So I reiterate my request for those better suited to the top ten banks and their MO to look into these facts so we may see what is coming next in the destruction of the Western nation’s financial institutions.

Fractal Edge Website

049. Adam House: Fractal Edge Website by John Adam St Gang: Crown Control

Fractal Edge Secure

052. Adam House: Fractal Edge Secure by John Adam St Gang: Crown Control

Fractal Edge  says of itself :
Fractal:Edge develops visualization and analysis software to help you access and understand large, complex or fast-moving information sources quickly and accurately. Founded in 1998, the company is backed by private and institutional investors, including Wesley Clover.

The Fractal : Edge visualisation engine employs a unique technique based around fractals. The company has worldwide patent protection, with patents granted in the United States, Europe and other territories and pending in all other major world markets.

The Fractal:Edge team is committed to working with dynamic and innovative partners to deliver targeted Fractal Applications and custom Fractal Map solutions to commercial, educational and charitable organisations worldwide.

Partners with Fractal Edge Secure include :

Advus is a strategic consulting company specialising in business analytics and the visualisation of core business functional data in a way that becomes actionable by executives, staff and customers. With expertise in financial institutions, retail and the telecommunications in both the greater New York City and San Paulo Brazil, Advus utilizes a unique proof of concept methodology that builds a fully functional visual analysis tool for immediate use in spotting trends and outliers that maximize profit opportunity while mitigating risk.

AllianceHPL (AHPL) is a next-generation advisory and solutions firm that helps its clients achieve leadership market positions by creating sustainable improvements across their entire spectrum of go-to-market activities. AHPL utilizes Fractal:Edge solutions as a key proactive visual and interactive management tool to spot problems and improve opportunities.

APARIQ’s mission is to adaptively bring decision clarity through intelligent, reliable, elegant, well-integrated processes that support visualisation, assessment, analysis, modelling, measurement, and communication of information and knowledge. APARIQ uses Fractal:Edge solutions to bring an interactive and visual “edge” to knowledge management systems in both U.S. government and commercial business in the Washington DC area.

CMLgroup assists executives to define, measure and manage a customised Business Performance Management (BPM) solution that aligns strategy to execution with sustainable performance improvement over time. Fractal:Edge solutions help CMLgroup project sponsors and key stakeholders spot outliers and areas of risk based on specifically targeted performance metrics. CMLgroup is located in NYC with clients throughout the US.

Computer Intelligence Group Inc. (CIG) provides management and systems consulting services to the NYC financial industry and in particular specialises in servicing businesses requiring an in depth knowledge of securitization and risk management. CIG is leveraging its industry and technical knowledge to apply Fractal:Edge solutions to all aspects of the trading environment from sales and trading through to clearance and settlement.

Engineering Software Lab (ESL) is based in Tel Aviv, Israel and specialises in distribution, support, integration localisation and business consulting for scientific, mathematical, analytical and financial engineering software. ESL has chosen Fractal:Edge’s patented technology solutions for introduction and integration to both business application buyers and product vendors in the Israel market.

Incremax is a Microsoft .Net custom application development partner and has a particular focus in providing solutions in Financial Services. Incremax supports their clients’ business application deployments of Fractal:Intelligence™ and Fractal:Server™ as well as integration into vendor product using Fractal:SDK™. Incremax is a Microsoft Managed Partner, an exclusive partnership shared by only 20 companies out of 950 Microsoft Certified Partners in NYC.

Indus Consultancy Services (ICS), is a provider of innovative software development projects in the diversified environment of distributed databases, Internet/Intranet architecture, client/server architecture, graphical user interfaces and object-oriented technology in the Greater NYC financial services, pharma and public sectors. ICS is highly capable of integrating Fractal:Edge interactive visualization solutions to drive more business value for virtually any data source or application.

Resolute is a leading business and IT consulting firm focused on serving the demanding requirements of mid-sized enterprises – measurable, high value business results from investments in technology. Their team of business impact experts can apply Fractal:Edge solutions in a number of industry vertical, general business and IT applications. Resolute has offices in NYC, Philadelphia, Portland, Bellevue, Phoenix and is growing quickly throughout the US.

Toomre Capital Markets (TCM) in the greater New York City area, utilises its considerable expertise in computational finance, structured products, financial engineering, business process improvement, and advanced technology to help financial firms optimise their returns while controlling risk. TCM is instrumental in educating the business and technology client sectors within Financial Capital Markets on how Fractal Edge advanced data visualization can drive profits and control risk through real-time business intelligence.

Product Partners

Collaborative WorkspacesTM provides comprehensive collaborative tools in a secure web-based workspace. The Fractal interface deployed within their solution provides rapid personalized access to all strands of information required by users, managers or administrators, color-coded by priority, urgency or cost.

HedgeFund.Net is a leading source for hedge fund news and performance data on the Web. Fractal:Edge solutions are used by Hedgefund’s thousands of accredited investors to provide interactive, visual analysis of the firm’s database of information on more than 5,000 hedge funds, funds-of-funds and commodity products.

The Taylor Companies is a diversified alternative investment services firm advising high net worth individuals, institutions and traditional investment advisors in connection with the development, analysis and management of customised portfolios. Taylor uses Fractal:Edge products as a research and communications tool in developing these customized portfolios to meet client needs.

Word MenuTM provides a novel interface for finding and using words. The software has incorporated a Fractal Map interface to speed browsing and access to collection of 77,000 words in 1,000 categories. It allows writers, professionals and students to develop a broader vocabulary and understanding of English by providing a subject-orientated alternative to traditional dictionaries and thesauri.

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