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Vaccinegate : Complete genome sequencing of MRC-5 contained in Priorix Tetra

The human genomic DNA contained in the Prorix lot vaccine. n. A71CB256A is evidently anomalous, presenting important inconsistencies with respect to a typical human genome, that is to say that of a healthy individual. There are numerous unknown variants (not noted in public databases) and several of them are located in genes involved in cancer. What is also evidently anomalous is the excess genome which shows changes in the number of copies (CNV) and structural variants (SV), such as translocations, insertions, deletions, duplications and inversions, many of which involving genes.

Behavioural Medicine : The future of education

Behavioural medicine as presented by the Institute for Government, deceptively holds the pretence that they are speaking of advice to help a person get onto a better health plan.[1] They fail to connect medicine as in medication, in their push for behavioural change to suit the policies of the corporate crown, which we get second hand… believing it to be from the elected government sitting in Parliament. 

German lawyer Beate Bahner was taken to a mental institution

Beate Bahner denounced the unconstitutionality of the quarantine measures in Germany and was taken into a mental institution in Heidelberg. Miss Banher was probably among the first jurists and lawyers in Germany to question the constitutional compatibility of the quarantine decree signed by the federal government.

Dr’s Murdoch, Banks and Kanani want DNR Forms for autistic and learning disabilities

Dr Claire Murdoch, Dr Roger Banks and Dr Nikki Kanani move to murder patients, including children, with autism and learning disabilities, April 2020. Doctors have been asking parents of children with autism/learning disabilities to sign DNR forms if they go into hospital with “C-19” and if they went into cardiac arrest the hospital staff wouldn’t help them in any way.

Evidence the COVID-19 pandemic is false

Hardly anyone died of Covid-19 according to the newest epidemiological study from China, which found a paltry fatality rate of just 0.04% to 0.12%, thus far lower than the seasonal flu, which has a mortality rate of about 0.1%. As a reason for the overestimated fatality of Covid19, the researchers suspect that initially only a small number of cases were recorded in Wuhan, as the disease was probably asymptomatic or mild in many people.

Rudolf Steiner on Traditional Childhood Illnesses and Vaccines

Rudolph Steiner encouraged the body to heal itself as opposed to copious amounts of chemistry being ingested, a subject worth investigation. “. . . the heirs of modern materialism will look for the vaccine to make the body ‘healthy,’ that is, make its constitution such that this body no longer talks of such rubbish as soul and spirit, but takes a ‘sound’ view of the forces which live in engines and in chemistry and let planets and suns arise from nebulae in the cosmos. Materialistic physicians will be asked to drive the souls out of humanity.”