UK Sahara Sand in the Rain is Not Sand

UK Sahara Sand in the Rain is Not Sand

19 September 2023

On Thursday, 7 September 2023, at around 7.30 am, while enjoying a beverage in the car a strange and unnerving brown mist descended upon the area.

This was in a week of extreme hot and humid weather after some 50 days of inclement and cool weather for the time of year yet working with the old wives tale of St Swithins day. The morning was presenting another of those hot days when this strange cloud of mist enveloped the entire area and rather large raindrops descended everywhere.

There was nothing at all normal about this rain, not a constant shower but what appeared to be intermittent splashes of large drops then a cessation, this prompted me to activate the windscreen wipers, which to my surprise, moved a very brown water wash to the side of the glass.

It was a sensory experience best described as a charged atmosphere and my intuition was running riot with foreboding signals, proving to myself that things were not quite correct.

The washing of the windscreen as the intermittent showers came down, continued to move a brown substance for about a half hour or so, then as fast as the mist arrived, it disappeared, but not without leaving a swathe of brown substance over the area but most intense and accessible was the amount left on the car.

UK Sahara Sand in the Rain is Not Sand

I continued the day with the thoughts evoked in the morning, throughout the day the experience did not leave me. In the evening I searched around the internet for data as relates to other areas having the same experience. I found quite a few with some chaps showing the substance to be magnetic, all the while the TV and media bellowed out the script, It is sand from the Sahara.

From the Met Office :

Saharan dust is relatively common in the UK often happening several times a year when big dust storms in the Sahara coincide with southerly wind patterns.  In certain weather situations, Saharan dust can also affect air pollution and pollution levels.

Pretty sure the media mantra had satisfied the majority but not I. I made a short video showing the substance left on the car and not before long it was clear from the comments, this brown substance had been found across the British Isles.

On Sunday 10 September I hosted my weekly livestream and made mention of the experience and again not surprising had many folks with something to say. One chap specifically made comment that he had the capacity to check the substance out in a lab, praise was given and no more said about it.

On Sunday 17 September, during another livestream, the same chap made comment that his findings had been published on the short video I had made the week before.
Here are those findings :

Contents of the Brown substance from last weeks rain :

I scraped some of the dust together and found it to be magnetic as I’ve seen being reported. Therefore you’d normally assume it to be ferrous. I have access to a scanning electron microscope so decided to gather more and do an analysis and here’s the results of the main elements found:

(First number = mass %
Second number = atomic %)

C 8.65/16.11
O 23.13/32.38
Si 51.02/40.68
Ca 3.10/1.73
Fe 5.19/2.08

As you can see the iron content is pretty insignificant so it’s not iron that’s causing the magnetism. With Silicon and oxygen being the majority of its makeup I searched for data on silicon oxide / silicon dioxide with some interesting results. If you do a quick search yourself the information is all there on Google. Uses of magnetic silicon nano particles is very interesting.

These are the findings relating to the brown substance that came out of the rain, the very substance the media claimed was sand from the Sahara. End of diagnosis.

Is silica harmful to humans?
Exposure to silica dust can lead to the development of lung cancer, silicosis (an irreversible scarring and stiffening of the lungs), kidney disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It is estimated that 230 people develop lung cancer each year as a result of past exposure to silica dust at work. There are two forms of silica – crystalline and noncrystalline. Crystalline silica is a bigger worry for the health of our lungs.

Can your lungs get rid of silica?
Silicosis can’t be cured, but there are treatments to help improve your symptoms and quality of life.

Silicate minerals
Silicate minerals are the most common family of minerals on earth. These minerals are all composed of Si (silicon) and O (oxygen). 1. A tetrahedron is a geometric shape having four triangular-shaped sides.

Silicon dioxide (SiO2) is a covalent compound and exists mainly in three forms: quartz, tridymite, and cristobalite, where Si atoms are all tetrahedrally coordinated with O in a hexagonal structure.

From my own research over the years I found the following substance to have been systematically added to the food chain and especially in all the health supplements :

Silicone Dioxide, is a polymer used in foods as a thickener with the number E551 that I have been bleating on about for time. Its in all your health supplements and in the US said to be the cause of Morgellons Disease… Now we know it to be magnetic, it would be a major stretch not to consider this game to be a part of the radiating towers all over the shop. It is also being claimed that the blue street lamps allow the system to see who is not emitting a signal….

Key question would be that if you take the accepted version, that this substance is nothing but sand from Africa, then is that sand found on the beach in said Africa, magnetic?

Points of Note

This took place during an extreme and potentially manipulated weather event that was unnaturally hot.

Today 19 September 2023, the media are suggesting that a hurricane will create another extreme and hot  weather event for the week starting 25 September.

Would it be in the interest of the manufacturers of such strange weather to gain maximum advantage, if the intent is for the substance to enter the lung, to ensure all windows are open, due to the heat, for the discharge to maximise human consumption?

Is there an intent to carry out the operation a second time, next week, to further install this strange but now analysed brown substance the media claim to be sand?

Being magnetic and subject to manipulation by particular frequencies, are we witnessing the start of an already patented agenda to gain full control of the human biology, and according to the existing patents, to control the mind of the public.

Are we to better understand the real and hidden agenda with the huge erection of towers, the 5-6 and 7 Generation amplification and receiving capacity for the global Wi-fi grid, and consider that through this invisible power to be thrust upon society through this technology, that the minds and the biology of man are about to experience a dance orchestrated from the mighty powers such as the United Nations, the WEF and all the secret societal cults that have held power over the world for centuries.

Have the last three years of command and medical intervention been an agenda to install within man, software and a hydrogel/nanotech operating system that changes the avatar in such a way, that its spiritual connection be dismantled and full control of man becomes the reality, and, that this conclusion has brought into the light the true meaning of what they call Transhumanism?

Dr Ana Mihalcea MD PhD

Upon analysis of the bloods of those that took the Covid shot and bloods that did not there is some surprising and at the same time worrying data.

What appear to be flickering lights ranging from the colours blue, red to yellow, looking metallic in nature, are intelligently building what is best described as a polymer/graphite system using the blood in what looks like a replacement system through the clotting of the blood, forming a rubber like material that cannot be dissolved by a plethora of chemistry.

The first tests made gave a fingerprint of what substances are to be expected that relate to a hydrogel/polymeric-alcohols-polyamides network.

Alkenes and polyenes

Measuring blood electrical conductivity or impedance revealed a serious cause for concern as the impudence was expanded by up to 47%. 

As example, sugar in the blood reduces the electrical conductivity capability while good salt content expands the conductivity, to find an inference of 47% is a serious affect of the Covid shot infusion and must not be ignored, especially if you have diabetes and other blood disorders. In essence, to cart blanch expose everyone to the Covid shot is a death sentence for those already dealing with issues relating to the blood, it will exacerbate the existing electrical conductivity issues found in many disorders affecting the human body.

Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF)

Testing the blood of a Covid shot recipient and the blood of a non Covid shot recipient specific to potential ELF response, the initial finding showed no difference.

The test exposed both Covid shot infused blood and normal blood to the frequency range of 0HZ to 25000HZ, a procedure known as impedance spectroscopy which looks for a resonance point to see if there is a reaction to the frequencies applied to the blood.

At 4HZ there was a marked difference, the Covid shot infused blood showed a huge response while the normal blood sample did not react at all. In short, with the introduction of materials via the Covid shot, there is a marked change in the susceptibility to ELF at 4HZ to the point the materials inserted have changed the standing of the blood which will have the effect of altering the entire biological response of the body to electromagnetic frequencies found in the atmosphere.

This is to be understood in terms of the fact, the Covid shot has inserted a 4HZ ambient field within the blood and based upon the work of Dr Robert Becker, this translates to the establishment of an ability to directly disturb the body with ELF, at 4HZ.

Cyclotronic Resonance

Dr Robert Becker noted that ions do respond to cyclotron resonance and can be manipulated through electromagnetic fields, that at 4HZ this shows itself to be at the level of potassium within the body.

The natural resonance of the Earth is known as the Schumann Resonance and emits the frequency of 7.83HZ. This translates that all living things in this dimension also dance to this resonance, that nothing natural moves outside this. However if one studies the HAARP/ESAT systems and perhaps the real and hidden intent of the Hadron Collider, we learn that back in 1996 those who operate within the radio ham network noted a click they termed the woodpecker.

Clifford Carnicom established that the earth does indeed have a constant transmission of the frequency at 4HZ, and assigned this to the HAARP system, are we to conclude that the woodpecker signal is in fact referencing this 4HZ transmission?

The subconscious aspect of mind operates at 4HZ. To form a control mechanism at 4HZ offers the ability to control the human at the subconscious level without the conscious aspect of mind being aware. Automation, such as to breath, blink, avert danger, etc is carried out at the subconscious level, thus control would be subtle and birth an automatic response by the biology.

Thus the findings show clear that those infused with the contents of the Covid shot are highly susceptible to ELF manipulation, not so much from the 5-6-7 G mobile networks, but directly from what appears to be a synth core earth heartbeat, HAARP and associated tech.

The kicker.

The trans-human agenda would appear to be in full swing, inserting polymers of all kinds is a big part of this agenda, be that from the food, geoengineering, vaping and any other means by which the polymers can be inserted into the body could be a method of reducing the populations as they shift up the 5-6 and 7G systems, specific to those that have not gone for the shots, that by definition of the power of these transmissions, will find their biology destroying itself, that the end game is to form a new and hybrid human machine full of all the toxins, noted in this paper, which will allow the body to deal with the upgrades of the telecommunications network.
That would not be a good position.

The jury is out.

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