Sonic wave warfare

Sonic wave warfare
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23 January 2020

By izrealzeus

The air is a like a pond and vibrations are like a stone thrown into the pond creating ripples and effects. Thoughts, written word, spoken word, and emotions are the vibrations and ripples in the sea of the atmosphere. Words are like swords or words can even be like medicine.

Vibrations are weapons if used correctly. After tears comes the rain, after righteous anger comes thunder, and after joy comes sunshine. These are some of the mysteries of creation. This knowledge expands understanding. Use muscle tension and force with willpower to fight them. This understanding enables power.

Having the will to fight is necessary to win against an opponent. The key in spiritual warfare is stability with willpower. Some refer to willpower as faith, confidence, or even the force or chi. Martial artists use the “Kaia” sound as a spiritual technique to enhance their physical attacks and strikes.

Loving people who spiritually attack you makes no more sense than loving someone who physically attacks you and threatens your life. You have a right to use self defence. This also correlates with vocal vibrations when combating wicked spirits. A strong vibration can cast wicked spirits into the underworld like a hammer hitting a nail.

The Ju in Jujutsu refers to gentle and flexible. The gentle approach is underestimated and is subtle and enables you to manipulate your enemies force and use it against them. This technique is most useful in written warfare. This is mental Jujutsu.

The law of motion states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Use muscle tension and force along with a willingness to use spiritual violence. That means if you release energies from you body into the atmosphere they must have an equal and opposite reaction in the atmosphere. This carries over to the theory of sonics and the transmission of mechanical energy. The body is a biomechanical source of energy and vocalised words and emotions are the most powerful forces that the body transmits.

Applying understanding and willpower to these natural concepts enhances a persons influences. This is sonic wave and energetic warfare.



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