Australian Parliament Register of Interests

Australian Parliament Register of Interests

30 September 2023

It’s all about the Voice, they say; who’s voice and is this just a path to becoming a Republic?
The greatest method of understanding what is really going on in your parliament is to take a look at the registered interests of those who stand above you and lay out policy as in your best interests.

In 2019 I pulled together into this site a full list of the British Lords and their interests, a six month endeavour that gave me a good insight as to why these talking heads appear to vote for things not conducive to a healthy society. Back then it was clear, many of the leaping Lords were heavily invested in the 5G technology being rolled out across the streets and benefiting from mass immigration.

By February 2020 it became very clear that they were also very heavily invested in all things Covid 19, a fact hitherto hidden due to the fact, no one had heard of Covid 19.

On the ‘YES’ trail we find:
There are some interesting omissions when it comes to the Wyatt family, embedded in the Aboriginal story from the 1940s. Further investigation might be required.

Ben Wyatt
Kenneth George Wyatt
Cedric Wyatt

Voters in the upcoming voice to parliament referendum are being urged to write “yes” or “no” on referendum ballot papers – and being warned that if they use a cross, their vote may not be counted.

The well-established and longstanding rule which will mean ticks are likely allowed but votes that use crosses are likely excluded has prompted criticism from the opposition leader, Peter Dutton, the former prime minister Tony Abbott and the no campaign, which claims the requirement will “stack the deck” against them.

Former Australian of the Year Fiona Stanley :

Two-thirds of COVID-positive patients at Fiona Stanley Hospital admitted for another illness or injury:

Two-thirds of COVID-positive patients at the respiratory and intensive care units of Perth’s biggest hospital were primarily there for another illness or injury, new figures show.

The WA Health Department, like their counterparts in other States and Territories, do not make public a breakdown of whether COVID cases are in hospital “for COVID” or “with COVID”.

An era ends as Fiona Stanley Hospital COVID-19 testing clinic closes :

Using the Cultural heritage laws and the Aborigines to demolish land rights :

MPs around the globe are becoming corporations, was the land grab an attempt at claiming to be aborigine by existing landowners, after all one can identify as you wish today?

The repeal of the laws :

Looking like a big fat ‘NO’ as the only way forward.

Australia, I hereby offer you a heads up when it comes to unraveling the games of commerce, specific to those that claim authority over your interests, you cannot do better than to look at the data which helps to grasp the real agendas pouring out over your day to day by those who sit in your parliament.

Australian Parliament Register of Interests

47th Parliament of Australia List of Members' Interests

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46th Parliament Members Interests :

46th Parliament Members Interests 2070 pages MASTER

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