Abortion is Not a Christian Doctrine, Source Document

Abortion is Not a Christian Doctrine, Source Document

30 October 2022

For many years I have harped on and on about the difference between ‘man’ and PERSON. Only in the last few years have people begun to see the importance of this simple dichotomy.

Simple as a phrase it may be but the consequence of a failure to understand this truth is cause and authority for everything that is evil in this world carried out happily by ‘YOU.’

It matters not to which of the three religions you adhere, every person that claims such runs around making the claim that you, and those who share your dementia… are a representation of the Biblical tradition, specifically in relation to serving the greater god and creator of the heavens and earth, the plants, animals and man, male and female.¬†

I use the term dementia as it perfectly describes the predicament because far from being a representation of the Biblical man, each and every one, your ancestors and your offspring, are running around blind and blasphemous because you are a mere ghost, a shade of what it means to be man. Today they call this a Hu-man person.

There is a system berthed for the patients of this dementia, its dictate is enshrined within all sacred doctrines in order the lie cannot reach beyond the sick and infirm and never reach to the heavens so it cannot be seen by the creative force. If it were not so, doom would be a constant reality. As it stands, the heavens allow periods of time to elapse in which those who have understood the truth of the matter, proved in that fact of ones thoughts and actions, can escape the cycle of transmigration of the soul into this prison system. If we take the Dendara astrological calendar as example, within each age there are four opportunities for this resurrection of the soul, each occurring every 558 earth years when the phoenix does rise to pick up those that can rise from the ashes of the next part of the equation, global catastrophe. We are today experiencing one of those times.


Abortion is Not a Christian Doctrine, Source DocumentToday, there are those who believe abortion is nothing to be concerned about, my body my choice, they cry, as they move to murder their offspring inside the womb. The first two parts of this mantra are correct, it is your body and you always have choice, but such a shallow degenerate idiom is born of a lowly spirit, a spirit that cannot see beyond its own image. This is a consequence of a fall outside what is sacred, down into the pits of hell to converse with the Qliphoth, those demonic souls that match your own point of view.

So what exactly is this doctrine enshrined within the sacred texts that is born of hell and demands the sacrifice of your offspring to satisfy your wants and needs in this magical yet material realm?




Break the spell and see the truth of the matter :



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