IMAP Australia, they want your DNA and a map of your mind

IMAP Australia, they want your DNA and a map of your mind








2 September 2022

Today, it has become very clear that a twisted mindset has taken over all instruments of the state.

If they cannot get you to prostrate yourself before them under the Covid 19 disaster, they come a knocking at your door to take your DNA and also to map your mind.

The following paperwork is being posted through the doors of folks over 50 in Melbourne Australia :

IMAP Australia, they want your DNA and a map of your mind

One has to wonder what happens if you fail the test? Would they be looking to whisk you off to a very well known death camp in Melbourne as a patient requiring aged care?
Keep away from Australian Unity owned, Rathdowne Place, or your life could take a turn for the worse :
Aged Care Australia, Rathdowne Place Kills Granddad : 

Australian Unity expanding their web :
The first stage of the $100 million, six-storey medical facility will include a 30 bed medical and surgical ward with four high dependency beds, a 21 bed dedicated private mental health inpatient unit, four operating theatres and an endoscopy suite. The mental health facility will focus on the treatment of anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorders including inpatient and outpatient support programs.

Expansion plans for the private hospital envisage a future 120 bed medical and surgical inpatient unit and a further four operating theatres to complement stage one.

Located on Furlong Road, opposite Sunshine Hospital, the new facility will form part of the Sunshine Health, Wellbeing and Education Precinct. Ear-marked by the Victorian State Government as a critical infrastructure project, the precinct will provide much-needed services and support for the fast-growing population in Melbourne’s western suburbs.

Investors in Australian Unity’s $2.2 billion Healthcare Property Trust will fund the development which is set to provide in-demand services to a broad range of specialties including orthopaedics, gynaecology, ophthalmology, plastic surgery and ear, nose and throat surgery. The development will also include a broad range of consulting suite options to support the new private hospital.

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