Satanic Alpha runs theology, Gods new bankers are Zionists

Satanic Alpha runs theology, Gods new bankers are Zionists










The Academy agenda in Britain is a means to privatising education which places your children into the hands of the banking program. Not ones for missing opportunities, the bankers are then busy implementing a corporate friendly curriculum, so far away from the Trivium Method it can only be described as the Classical Trivium. Hive mind is the order of the corporate day as they play with the neural pathways in the heads of your children, ever the shift to the new overriding philosophy of the day, how to be an obedient slave for the masters of deception through the many Tavistock mind manipulation systems currently in full play.

Within this millennial imposed Brown and Blair New Labour education system, we find the schools operating a closed internet platform, a system in which the teachers are out of the mentor pupil loop. The power in this software making up the school internet platforms runs out of the Universities and other hubs controlled by MI5.

From the now incorporated towns and cities, MI5 have hubs everywhere, especially in the industrial unit areas so they can spy on everyone while hidden amongst society on the back of the idea that they exist to watch Islam. Seriously folks, if Islam was the great danger on its own without the zionist’s manipulating their egos on Judgement, there would be no mass immigration and no MI5 in civy street. Islam I say is the excuse the Zionists use to position their own cells in plane sight and become accepted by the natives. From here they can launch all manner of activities  with Gypsies and other networks taking the blame on the rumour mill.

According to a report from the Independent on St George’s day 23 April 2001, it was explained how the Masonic controlled Evangelical movement under the doctrine and magic of the Alpha Course, was taking over the City and its institutions, clearly this exposes the fact, Evangelicalism is a Rothschild affair. The report said :

The relationship between faith and finance runs deep. Quaker-run banks such as Barclays – founded three centuries ago on Lombard Street – survived when many of their peers crumbled during the crashes of the mid-1700s precisely because of the Christian ethics that underpinned their businesses. More recently, Stephen Green stepped down as chairman and chief executive of HSBC to take holy orders. And over the past decade, a specific type of evangelical Christianity has taken hold of the Square Mile, although only recently has it dared speak its name (at least in City circles). Foremost among them is the Alpha course, whose extraordinary expansion has been funded in part from the deep pockets of former Lazard chairman Ken Costa.

Founded at Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB) in Knightsbridge in 1991, Alpha has grown from an initial four churches to operate in more than 55,000 locations in 164 countries. It is estimated that more than 16 million people have taken the course worldwide. Jonathan Aitken, Geri Halliwell, Sir Ian Blair and Bear Grylls are all regulars.[1]

Evangelicals in control of the social safety net :
The Dulverton Trust
The Trussell Trust

The Alpha course is now running the private and corporate Academies.
Satanic Alpha runs theology, Gods new bankers are Zionists











1.Alpha Course has a speaker Paul Marshall from ARK (Absolute Return for Kids, above image):

2. Paul Marshall credentials, as listed on the Alpha Seminar Speakers’ page:

Sir Paul Marshall is CIO and Chairman of the global hedge fund Marshall Wace LLP. He is Chairman of Ark Schools, the leading academy provider, and founder and Chairman of the Education Policy Institute. In April 2015, he co-founded the Marshall Institute for Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship at LSE. Paul Marshall served as Lead-Non-Executive Director at the Department for Education from 2013 to 2016. Knighted in June 2016 for services to education and philanthropy, Marshall has written several books including The Tail : How England’s Schools Fail One Child in Five.

3. God’s Banker’s going global

4. Advertised on 89.9 Light FM in Melbourne, Australia[2]

Paul Marshall is with ARK (Absolute Return for Kids), the following two videos indicate what this is about:

Ark Schools Academies and Eugenics :

Ark and EIM Group: the Dutroux Scandal :

Moving the Evangelical movement into the position of social safety net is the agenda presented in a letter, said to originate with Grandmaster of the Scottish Rite in the U.S, Albert Pike, to his European counterpart Guiseppi Mazzini :

In Profile : Three World War Strategy, Letter From Pike To Mazzini 1871


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