MI5, Peel Park Primary School, 2009 Contingency Drill and Purves Ali

MI5, Peel Park Primary School, 2009 Contingency Drill and Purves Ali








First published as the event took place we found Peel Park School to be operating in sync with the corporate arena at governor and head level, in which they did test the reaction of parents after being told by text message, their children would not be released from school. On the Board of Governors in 2009 was Local man Purves Ali, below, a known MI5 operative very busy carrying out the orders of private security in your schools.

MI5, Peel Park Primary School, 2009 Contingency Drill and Purves Ali






Purves also acts as governor at Accrington Academy, a corporate school which like Peel Park, has Royal connections. Peel Park directly connects with Queen Elizabeth II and Accrington Academy with Prince Charles through a front. Purves’s brother Tariq, operates for the same outfit but appears to be more involved in another corporate agenda, building Mosques. Tariq also owns the old Empire Bingo building on Blackburn Road which for the last five weeks up to today 6 May 2018, has had the police removing a top floor full of cannabis plants. Do the math… 

From the CV of Purves Ali :

MI5, Peel Park Primary School, 2009 Contingency Drill and Purves Ali







Below is the list of all those involved on the school board at Peel Park and other important positions back in 2009, Purves is the Vice Chair : [click image to enlarge]

MI5, Peel Park Primary School, 2009 Contingency Drill and Purves Ali

Purves is big on football, he is a mate of Ilyas Khan, the man who gave Accrington Stanley a good lift for the town, or at least this is what we were told to believe. Today, However, Ilyas now in the background, it is Purves who appears to be the one showing the public exactly what and who controls football at corporate level. This bunch of rogues are today using Stanley to basically thieve public used land, in direct opposition to the residents, one land owner and the hundreds of people that use the fields called Highams. See below image.  Football has become yet another arm of the corporate state which is the physical representation of the Central Banks on the street. They know the supporters will blindly follow the lead of those in football which concludes with the residents concerned being downtrodden.

MI5, Peel Park Primary School, 2009 Contingency Drill and Purves Ali











From Purves Ali’s LinkedIn profile :

From his CV we can see MI5, through this subversive, have influence in many quarters, especially involving your children :

Experienced Business Advisor, SFEDI accredited, Currently working with private and local enterprise companies in the North west region re Business start ups, Developing business plans.
Proven track record in business, Received an award from Shell Live Wire in recognition re running an Outstanding Enterprise. [Note the term Outstanding, very Ofsted…]

Specialties : Business start-ups ,Business Planning, Mentoring, Funding & Grants, Training analysis,
Product Development & Project Management.

Co Founder Director Professional Football  Scouts Association
– Present (4 years 4 months)
Responsible re developing the business operation world wide, liaising with Football clubs, organisations, sponsor’s and potential partners. Representation football scouts and intermediaries’. Deliver professional football Scout courses – level 2 & 3
Liaise with NCFE national awarding body re accreditation 

Business Advisor
Ribble Valley Enterprise Agency
– Present (18 years 3 months)
Business Advice – Business Start Ups / Existing Companies in Pennine lancashire

Senior Business Advisor
Hyndburn Enterprise Trust
January 2000 – Present (18 years 3 months)

Business advice – start ups and existing businesses in the pennine Lancashire’s area.
Regional Director
Coerver Coaching Lancashire
January 2003 – January 2012 (9 years 1 month)

Responsible for implementing the coercer coaching teaching method in the lancashire area.
Working with schools, football clubs and independant sports organisations
Regenerate Pennine Lancashire
Business Advisor
Regenerate Pennine Lancashire
January 2007 – March 2011 (4 years 3 months)

Start up business advice for new / existing companies in Pennine lancashire
Business Development Manager
Pendle Training
January 1995 – December 2000 (6 years)

Responsible to implementing new initiatives for the company re training and development, raise company profile to existing businesses in the north west

University of Central Lancashire
University of Central Lancashire
NVQ 5, Operational Management
1998 – 2000

Activities and Societies: Director, New Era Trust ( Charity Organisation ) – Accrington, School Governor, Accrington Academy – Secondary School Peel Park Junior School, Secretary, Sharples Amateur Boxing Club ( Haslingden ), Chairman, Whinney Hill Football Club West Lancs League, Chairman, Huncoat United junior football club, Manager, Huncoat United Juniors u16s,

CoachingBusiness PlanningPublic SectorStart-upsChange ManagementStakeholder ManagementStrategic PlanningBusiness Process ImprovementOperations ManagementSportsProject ManagementProject PlanningProcess ImprovementRisk ManagementPersonal DevelopmentSee 18+
Purves Ali is a very busy Masonic Bee indeed.

Chronology of the event 23 October 2009

3.24pm, 23 October 2009 : I Received a Text Message From Peel Park Primary School Accrington to Say my Child will not be Released from School due to an Overturned Lorry leading to a Chemical Hazard situation :

3.24 pm Friday 23 October 2009 Text Received : We Are Withholding Your Child In School.
I rang the school and was surprised to get through. I spoke with a Mrs O’Donnell who informed me she was the office manager. I said I had received a message to the effect they were holding my son in school on the dictate of the police.

Mrs O’Donnell said the children had been ‘released’ (my god they are even speaking military) five minutes ago, I then asked at what time did they receive the call, she said it was three minutes before school ended.

I asked to clarify that the school had held the children on one phone call from the police; she replied that was the case.

I then asked which police station the call came from, Mrs O’Donnell replied she did not know which station the call came from.

I then asked had the school checked the validity of the source call; Mrs O’Donnell became very angry at my questioning, and said she had not taken the call, that the school did not even know were the overturned wagon was in relation to the school save for the fact it was on Burnley Road, Accrington.
I asked why she was getting so angry given as a parent, I was concerned that the school is happy to go along with the dictate of the police, I suggested she calm down as I was merely asking questions as a parent I had every right to have answered.

Mrs O’Donnell did calm down, and I will say the impression I had was that the school staff were as disgusted as most parents at the fact they had to comply with this police drill. I told Mrs O’Donnell that from my understanding of how the corporate realm operates, that this was a contingency drill, she was more than happy to listen.

I will summarise the main points of focus :

Three minutes before school ends on the last day of term is highly suspicious, the accident took place at 2:40 pm which is 37 minutes before they rang the school, given this was the last day of term, the school has one full week before they face any further contact with concerned parents.

Was it just one school receiving the warning?

Why would the school not verify such an important call, yet act on it?

Why did the office manager get angry

Did any other people in the school area receive any form of warning?

Given this was a Friday late afternoon the prospect for gathering the thoughts from parents left in the yard was not a good one, however I did speak with a parent who was in the school yard as the event took place, he said :  “the school doors were shut and the school communicated with parents via text message.”

I find it very strange that the school was told to keep the children inside while all the parents stood in the yard with toddlers and babies, with the added fact, some parents were left in the yard while clearly pregnant. This is not what common sense normal procedure would demand, they would have taken in all parents and children from the yard into the school buildings,  if indeed there was a real threat of chemical fumes ingestion in the area of the school. The corporate realm however, appears not to act with common sense, they act for their own ends, it is a Contingency Drill.

Ladies and gentlemen, this was a test to see the reaction of the parents when they are told they cannot have their children. 
Lancashire Telegraph reports the incident :
Homes Evacuated After Chemical Leak In Huncoat
By Neil Docking

FORTY FIVE homes were evacuated and a major road closed as firefighters tackled a potentially dangerous chemical spillage.

Accrington, Burnley and Padiham fire crews used specialist hazardous material, or hazmat, units to clean up the Xylene spillage off Burnley Road, Huncoat, this afternoon. The road was closed for more than three hours and residents were moved to Hyndburn Sports Centre, Henry Street, as a precaution as firefighters were initially unsure what chemical they were dealing with. [Why did they not know what they were dealing with, the driver is ADR trained, therefore he knew what he was carrying]

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service said six small drums, from the truck belonging to Clark Transport and Distribution Ltd, had leaked form the lorry near to the Texaco garage.

Xylene is widely used in many products such as paints, glues, and pesticides.
It can cause headaches, dizziness, drowsiness and nausea.

Watch manager Gary Hargreaves, who oversaw the whole operation which began at 2.30pm, set up a 200 metre exclusion zone when firefighters arrived.

Chemical absorbent pads and clay mats, were used to clean up the leak and the leaking drums were sealed. Firefighters had dealt with the spillage by 6pm.

Albert Timberlake, Emergency Response Group team leader, said his team had set up a processing room at the sports centre to register the evacuees and get them checked by British Red Cross and council staff.

Kalpana Sharma, 66, and her husband Dr Dhaneshwar Sharma, 76, of Woodside Close, took refuge in the centre.

When she was told to leave her home Mrs Sharma was quick to make sure she also brought her two cats, Bono and Edge, named by her son Neil, 29.

She said : “We just heard lots of sirens, but we didn’t know what it was because there was so much activity on the road.”

“A friend called and said don’t do down there, but I wanted to have a look like a nosey parker.”
“But police came to the door and said you have to evacuate. I asked ‘what about my cats’ and they said ‘we don’t know, we’re not vets’ so I just brought Bono and Edge with me.”

Jane Haigh, 48, of Sutton Crescent, attended the centre with her mum, Patricia Haigh.
The computer systems worker said : “They took our details and checked our medical history when we got to the centre and asked if we needed anything. I just wanted to sleep – I started work at six and finished at four.”

Gail Hoole, 61, was evacuated along with her neighbour Alice Riley, 87, of Woodside Road.
Mrs Hoole said : “They gave me 10 minutes to get out and I just thought ‘what about Alice?’
“She asked if she could stay but the policeman said he couldn’t let her stop in because she was so near to it her house could blow up. I thought he was joking but he said ‘no, really’.”

Mrs Riley said : “He helped me get my shoes on and helped me into the car. He was a grand lad. I wasn’t worried because I didn’t have the chance to think.“

The incident caused tailbacks on surrounding roads, including junction 8 of the M56.
See Original Report
End of Telegraph Report

Points of focus :
The transport company; Clark Transport and Distribution Ltd, is a very large company with an annual turnover of 20-50 million. Specialising in all chemical and dangerous substance transportation, and is also listed as a choice company for the pharmaceutical corporations.

It is a family run company with its head office  situated at Station Road, Oldbury, West Midlands, with depots at :
Company Website

More Questions :

Why would the Red Cross be on tap in Hyndburn Sports Centre, a private charitable establishment at that and some three miles away from the incident?

Why would this establishment be the chosen point for evacuees?

This tale is beginning to look like a Third World TV news script playing out in Britain, with people being ‘processed’, medical background checked…. All on the back of six small drums leaking, with citizens handing over very delicate medical information to private charitable organisations.

Hyndburn Sports Centre is controlled by the Charitable Trust, Hyndburn Leisure : http://www.hyndburnleisure.co.uk/

The Trust comes up on Hyndburn Councils website, and manages the grouping of leisure centres coming under the umbrella of Leisure in Hyndburn.

The incident report on the Fire Stations website :

Spillage of chemical from lorry drums
23rd October 2009, 2:30pm

Incident number : 2232 

Number of appliances : 3 plus specials

Address :
 Burnley Road,
 Spillage of chemical from 6 small drums on lorry. 200 metre exclusion zone set up, properties within zone evacuated.

2 personnel in chemical protection suits committed to exclusion zone to assess spillage.
Further crews being committed to exclusion zone wearing breathing apparatus. Chemical absorbent pads, clay mats, 4 breathing apparatus in use.

All contaminated equipment and leaking drums now sealed. Triple extension ladder and decontamination pack in use.

I sent this FOI request to Lancashire Fire Service :
Under FOI Act 2000
Dear sir.
In relation to the chemical spillage Burnley Road Huncoat on 23 October 2009, could you please provide the following information :

Why and who determined Hyndburn Sports Centre as a centre for the evacuated persons.
From which Red Cross base did the Red Cross staff on scene at Hyndburn Sports Centre have their origin.

Why three minutes before school ended was Peel Park primary ordered to hold the children in school when the school is clearly half a mile away from the accident scene.

Could you supply the full cv for Gary Hargreaves and a fuller account of his power in this type of scenario and as he played out that power in today’s event.

Could you confirm or not the role played , if any, by any Capita Symonds  personnel directly or indirectly.
Best regards
sean young
lifeinthemix publishing

Point of focus :
If we look at the website of Clark Transport we find this very well documented criteria relating to the expertise of all their drivers :

Clarke Transport has specialised in transporting hazardous goods for many years, which is why you can rely on us to deliver your freight safely, efficiently and on time.
Our many satisfied customers include some of the world’s leading manufacturers of paints, resins and chemicals – proof of our first-class reputation.  Our new Gold Service, Clarke Chemical Coatings Express, gives you an added level of reassurance, and is the latest development in our constant quest for innovation and improvement.

The expertise we offer includes bespoke solutions for HCDG (High Consequence Dangerous Goods), and we’re national leaders in the movement of hazardous groupage consignments. But don’t just take our word for it – our services have been independently audited and approved by many major chemical manufacturers, as well as major worldwide logistics and supply-chain service providers.
You can rest assured that each and every consignment of hazardous freight will always be handled and delivered by our fully ADR-approved warehouse and delivery team. And here are a few more impressive features of our service :

In house DGSA
All vehicles fully ADR compliant
All drivers ADR accredited
Accredited to BSIS09001/2000
Drivers trained in pump discharge operations, equipped with necessary PPE
All drivers are ADR accredited and are specialised’ in the transportation of hazardous goods.

Now look at this firefighter response as given to the Lancashire Telegraph :
The road was closed for more than three hours and residents were moved to Hyndburn Sports Centre, Henry Street, as a precaution as fire-fighters were initially unsure what chemical they were dealing with, this is either untrue or Gary Hargreaves and the driver of the vehicle involved in the accident are inadequate under Health & Safety.

I ask for the CV of Gary Hargreaves because it is not a viable excuse that they did not know what chemical they were dealing with, they only needed to ask the ADR accredited driver and or look at the chemical labelling on the vehicle. As such there was no need to shut down the M56, nor the need for fire service units outside of Accrington to attend, and certainly no need to hold the children in school while allowing all parents access into the supposed extended danger zone, over half a mile away from the accident scene. Not only that, the chemical being carried is depicted on the lorry itself and failing that, the vehicle documents in the cab, and should all those options fail a call to the company would have the chemical concerned within five minutes.

It is my contention that this event is a Private Corporate contingency drill, dictated by Serco via Capita Symmonds, with the police dictating to the Resilience Forum team to see what reaction they would get from the people, the press, and the general public forced to be evacuated. They wanted to check to see how easily the British public can be herded under command of the contingency and thus corporate emergency shutdown protocols, under the Contingency Act 2004 legislation.

The real point of focus is the fact all our civil services, that we pay for, are taking their orders from the private world of corporate  business, which according to Benito Mussolini when asked to determine fascism said :

“When the corporate world merges with the political system, fascism in place.”

He actually called it corporatism stating fascism should be called corporatism, and I am sure you will agree, he was a man to know.

Basically the corporate realm is playing at practise of its own control format they intend to raise higher than our realm protocols, at the taxpayers expense.

The Red Cross
The Red Cross is an  interesting organisation, it has a royal charter and also operates with AECOM,  one of the largest military corporations on the globe.

The Red Cross also gave out a surprising award to a very well known mercenary group, Blackwater :
Jeremy Scahill author of the best-selling book Blackwater, notes that “Blackwater Worldwide, the Bush administration’s favourite mercenary company, is no stranger to blood — its operatives have caused a lot of it to be spilled in Iraq. … This week, the company received an award from the American Red Cross … for Blackwater’s recent blood drive, where company employees reportedly gave 264 units of blood.
‘That means that well over 600 lives have been saved in this region,’ said Georgia Donaldson of the Mid Atlantic region Red Cross. The group presented Blackwater’s owner, Erik Prince with a plaque honouring the company. … This isn’t the first time Blackwater and the Red Cross teamed up. After Hurricane Katrina, where Blackwater raked in over $70 million in federal ‘security’ contracts, the company held a Red Cross fund-raiser and pulled in $138,000 — about $100,000 short of Blackwater’s estimated daily take at the height of its Katrina operations. The keynote speaker at that event? L. Paul Bremer, the original head of the US occupation.”

Here is the Red Cross Acting as concentration camp guards

The Red Cross as an example of how something with a supposed positive aim, can end up working for the very opposite of its doctrine, we are left with a question to answer  who’s agenda and to what end?

Today is 2 November 2009, having had to wait a week until the schools returned after half term, I rang Peel Park Primary, the school one of my children attends.

I rang the school Peel Park on the morning of 2 November 2009 and23rd spoke with Lorraine, a member of the office staff, I asked to speak with Mrs. Williams the school head.

I was told she would be in meetings until lunch time, I requested a call back and left my details.
I received a call from Mrs. Williams at 11:43 am, I began by asking why she had not called me back over an incident in which Miss Jones, my sons teacher, had asked my sons mother if she would like to ‘sneak in’ the medical information the school had requested, an offer I had declined, and asked Mrs. Williams for more information which had not been forthcoming.

Mrs. Williams replied that she had spoken to Miss Jones and Miss Jones had refuted the accusation. I replied that my son had heard the conversation and was the very chap who had informed me of the matter in the first instant, and asked if she was claiming both my son and the child’s mother were in fact lying, I received no response.

I then moved into the October 23rd event whereby the school had decided to withhold the children in school due to a call from the police, I asked had the call been verified before they determined their course of action, Mrs. Williams replied they had, that they had a log of the call, but failed to reply to the question, had the call been verified.

I asked for the log data to which she replied she had thrown it away last night.
Mrs. Williams then proceeded to explain that Peel Park was a good school and that if I did not like the school why did I keep my son at the school? I reminded her that the law states I have too, to which she replied; you can home school. Interestingly I received a similar response from Accrington Academy when I was asking for information, it seems to be a very well trained response from all people within education, first to take you off topic, then to try and get your child to leave the school.

This was 2009, today they have shifted in the opposite direction and want all children in all schools every day. What are they hiding, why do the schools act as if they have no need to speak to parents and answer questions?

I then asked Mrs.Williams under what criteria did the school act when they determined to withhold the children from the parents, she replied that the police rang and spoke of a chemical leak on Burnley Road and told the school office to keep the children inside because they did not know what they were dealing with.

I asked under what criteria did the school act, she replied under Health & Safety, to which I replied : “what about the health and safety of the parents and children in the playground waiting to pick up the children, the school had determined would not be released because of a danger outside from chemical ingestion?

Mrs Williams was by this point getting very upset with my questioning and began again to move off track, asking, why I was doing this when in her mind everything was according to Health and Safety, so I explained myself.

I then suggested that the problem was in fact that the schools seemed more concerned with Health & Safety over the education of the children, and, that this perhaps was the main issue. Mrs. Williams kept explaining how busy she was looking after the welfare of the children, to which I replied again,  everything but education appears to be taking precedent when it comes to the children, and I wanted to know why this was the case.

I then, as an example, asked who had given the school permission to fingerprint my child, given the police need to charge a person before they can achieve this, I have to say she was rather perplexed by this and said she did not think she needed permission, that it was only for the library. I again asked on what criteria she believed this to be so….I received no answer.

At this point I could see I was getting nowhere, and told Mrs. Williams I would have no choice but to officiate the situation with a FOI request, as it was clear she had no intention of answering my questions. Mrs. Williams then told me no other parents were bothered by the situation, I reminded her they only had one version of events, but that would change soon enough. Mrs Williams then pulled out of the bag yet another civil servant spin and decided she did not like the tone of the conversation and said she was terminating the call, and hung up.

Clearly from the above conversation we can see that teachers have been coerced into acting like politician’s, they are evasive, they have specific directives in how to shift a conversation off the original topic. This is the result of many courses they are made to attend in which NLP is used to program the subconscious mind.

The Civil Service as a whole has become corporatist, almost all those left employed within it no longer have to act in the manner set by the office they hold under oath. This is the result of the Contingency Act 2004, which since it’s coming into being, has been the only criteria under which our entire civil service administers itself, under direct command of the Civil Contingency Secretariat. This goes against our constitutional doctrines on all levels, because so much of this doctrine comes from the United Nations and the E.U, both of which are foreign bodies, something the British Constitution strictly forbids.

I sent this FOI request after the conversation was ended by Mrs. Williams :

Under FOI Act 2000
Dear Mrs. Williams
In light of two previous conversations I have had with you , both occasions in which I required answers to questions posed, I found you to be very deceptive in your manner and extremely evasive in your answers to the point, you said a lot without actually answering the questions posed. It is on that basis I feel the only way we can communicate is via freedom of information requests which you are legally obliged to answer.

In light of the first issue and conversation which was in relation to Miss Jones and her suggestion to the mother of my child, in Miss Jones class, that she send in the requested medical information I had withheld, her exact words were : would you like to sneak in the information.

This of course presents the idea the school is in the position of getting all the requested information at all costs even against the wishes of the parents, deceptive coercion is the event carried out by your school in the fist instant, I need to know from whence this criteria has its root.

On that basis I formerly request :

A full copy of the qualifications of Miss Jones, her employment record and position at your school.
A copy of the action you Mrs. Williams took after I had made you aware of the issue.
Why you failed to respond to my many requests that you call me back given I could not get hold of you myself to further explore the issue at hand.

I request a copy of your rulings in relation to gathering information from parents by any and all means.
I also request a copy of all data you hold on my son, including all data you have accrued via role play lessons, lessons in which you have the children describe their home environment, ie, getting up, tea time and going to bed.

I request a copy of all bodies you the school Peel Park are mandated to then give out this collected data, be they governmental or private.

Could you please supply a copy of the all staff at your school and their contingency positions as directed via the Lancashire Resilience Forum, including the position in this regard held by you Mrs. Williams.

I request a copy of the school contingency planning document under which you are currently operating, the names of all governors mandated to this planning also.

Could you please supply me with the below details in relation to the school withholding pupils from the parents on Friday 23rd October 2009 :

Log number : LC/2009 10230796.

Who took the call from the police and at what time was the call taken
Who verified the call was indeed from the police
From whom did the call come from and from which station
What steps where taken to protect the children and parents in the school yard waiting to collect the children inside the school given you were concerned for the safety of the children inside the school, as you made clear in our very brief phone conversation on Monday 2 November 2009, a conversation on which you hung up

On what criteria did you then decide to release the children as you said again in our phone conversation 2 November, 4 minutes after you decided to keep the children inside.

Why did the school communicate only via text message to the parents, and under what criteria was this determined?

Could you supply the minutes of your last seven resilience – Contingency meetings held within your school.

Could you supply a list of all resilience – Contingency meetings you yourself Mrs. Williams have attended since taking the role of head at Peel Park.

Could you please supply me with the legal criteria which determined that you could take my sons fingerprints without gaining the consent from his parents.
More to follow.
Best regards

sean young

Informing Parents Of The Hidden Side To The Child Withholding Drill
I presented the story to the parents at the school  in order they could see for themselves the other side to the 23 October contingency drill

Tuesday 10 November 2009 brief summary of this story so far :
After my conversation with Mrs Williams the head at Peel Park failing to bare fruit, due to the fact all head teachers are trained to answer all questions in a certain manner, I made the contact official with the presentation of Freedom of Information requests. I also explained to Mrs Williams I believed parents were not excited at the school’s decision to withhold the children while leaving pregnant mothers and babies waiting in the school yard, was due to the fact  they had only one half of the story, and that this position was about to change.

On the afternoon of November 10th,  I presented all parents in all three school yards with a leaflet with a brief explanation and with the URL address of the page on which I have recorded the whole event.
The leaflet was brief and to the point :
 Phone : 
As you know Friday 23 October the school withheld our children presenting the idea it was for their safety, the truth however is far from this reality. I made immediate inquiries into the event, to say things do not add up is an understatement, they did not add up in the schools response nor the Fire Services record of the event. Mrs Williams the school head was very deceptive in her answers, rather frightened, and in the end I had no choice but to formalise the issue with Freedom of Information requests. I also found the same when I confronted the Fire Service and the Lancashire Resilience Forum which governs the countries contingency criteria.
Many of you may have received the last release of leaflets regarding the swine flu agenda, if so this is a continuation of that action but with very serious consequences if we the parents do not awaken to what is being practiced at Peel Park with our children, we need to work together to get to the bottom of what is really going on in our schools, see phone number at the top of the page, after you look at the full report at the link below :

UK : Elite Drill In Preventing Schools From Releasing Children From School
As parents we need answers, together we can get them.
I gave out over 150 leaflets without any issue whatever until, as I was completing the hand out, I was approached by Mr Henderson, who asked what this was about, I explained it was the point at which the parents received the opportunity to see the other side to the October event, as explained to Mrs. Williams, in order the parents could follow the response from all bodies involved.

Mrs Williams arrived and rather interesting there was something else seemed to creep into the conversations, what it was is known as neural linguistic programming, the very system all the courses our civil service have been forced to attend,  all use this psychological programming as standard. From this point on everything that came from either Mr Henderson or Mrs Williams became a diversion, and offering possible scenarios as to what I personally was doing. I asked they cease in using this programme as this was the reason we had reached this point, that I wanted answers as a parent and a taxpayer… answers I was unable to achieve from the people so far involved in the matter.

Mrs. Williams on several occasions was apt to tell me I had not gone via the normal procedures for complaints, that I should approach the school governors, to which I replied, I was fully aware of this fact, but given the governors and heads are those trained in the contingency criteria, then to follow their protocol I would not receive the information needed to fully understand the real purpose of the 23 October event.

The whole ethos of the term ‘curriculum has become something no parent would recognise as anything resembling the education of facts, it has become scenario-theme based and the children then drilled and drilled to see the same script as the corporate realm requires. This means an end to any imagination and difference of opinions.

Within the FOI request made, I specifically requested a full copy of all data held on my child by the school, because reports from colleagues who are working within the schools system, say quite clearly, the schools hold copious amounts of information on our children and family.

I tried on several occasions during the conversation with Mr. Henderson and Mrs. Williams, to present the fact I wished to reach enough parents in order we could give support to the teachers to say no to so much of what is changing in our schools. I also suggested they are not teaching our children in the way the parents took for granted and that these changes had been implemented by the teaching staff who have also kept everything secret from the parents.

Mrs Williams believed that the information written on the leaflet was defamatory; I disagree and say it is accurate.

We ended the conversation without any agreement or compromise, as I reiterated the fact we shall let this enter the minds of the parents and see were it moves from there.

After six pm, the phone began to ring, so far every inquiry has been very agreeable.

The response from the school and all concerned in the investigation became a circus as the head Judith Williams took her orders from a solicitor at Lancashire County Council called Lynne Brewer. I made a compliant to the ICO, only to have them back the school and refute all my information. They made me submit the huge file many times over a two week period and the day before summer holidays 2010, I received they’re reply. The corporate empire is evil and it has your children in its grasp.

Further Study
Froebel Education Method and the Third Reich
ARK, Absolute Return for Kids


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