NVIDIA release a 2 petaflop AI supercomputer (model DGX-2)

NVIDIA  release a 2 petaflop AI supercomputer (model DGX-2)









In 1965, the founder of Intel, Gordon Moore, wrote a paper suggesting that the number of components per integrated circuit would double every year. By 1975, he revised the doubling factor to every two years, and it was finally settled that the most accurate representation was eighteen months. This became known as Moore’s Law and it has been shown to be accurate year after year for the last 40 years.

NVIDIA has shocked the world by releasing a 2 petaflop AI supercomputer (model DGX-2) for the mere price of $399,000. A petaflop is one quadrillion numerical calculations per second, and is represented by 10 followed by 15 zeros. By comparison, the fastest supercomputer in the world can process at 125 petaflops, and costs tens of millions. Moore’s law is now dead.

With the recent mainstream media’s pretence at breaking the news about Robert Mercer and Cambridge Analytica, in what has to be seen as a clear move to undermine Brexit and Trump, the two last bastions holding to the idea of sovereignty of nation and man, you are better informed as to how great the corporate state is a collecting data. With the introduction to the public arena of the DGX-2, technology the elites have used for many years, they will be able to process all that data in real time.

For the Smart City this tech is essential in administrating the entire network through the 5G battlefield Interrogation platform, all over civi street.

The deployment of the latest technology that is being inserted on top of the existing mobile phone tech but is not the same as at present, is a subject that needs your attention. Because of of the 5G platform, which is made up of small cell antennas everywhere, they will launch an unnatural and round the clock millimetre, milli-wave and microwave radiation transmission, that is far more potent than anything previously experienced from the electromagnetic spectrum.

In fact the U.S military use the millimetre waves (5G) which travel only a short distance, as a non lethal weapon for crowd control, because the waves effect the surface of the body and cause a burning of the skin at higher levels of power.

The wi-fi clouds formed are another aspect of this platform that effects the blood molecules direct, and will transform your emotional state by definition of what frequency they transmit through the Smart system.


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