The shadow banking system, what you need to know?

The shadow banking system, what you need to know?











12 march 2020

Like all forms of fair game they work best when played under a set of agreed rules which allows advancement by all and prevents monopoly by the few.

The banking system is no different in this regard and if you ask any economist they will tell you that in the main stay of the world, the banking system, the game, is closely regulated and monitored by central banks and government agencies. That would work if the central banks were not privately owned and the governments in question were not bankrupt and administered by the central banks.

That is a controversy indeed let us take a peek.

Self mandating, self oversight and self enforcement is the foundation of the current problem as monopoly is clearly determined in the activities of both government and the privately owned central banking system, ultimately yoked to the Bank for International Settlements and the commercial policies they decree to be law. They have gotten away with it because they Present their portfolio to the world as operational under the oversight and adherence to the regulations in the hands of public accountable entities.

For the last two decades, it has become common practice for banks to do business in ways that don’t show up on conventional balance sheets. Before the 2008 financial crisis, for example, many investment banks financed mortgages in this way. For all intents and purposes, these transactions are thus invisible to regulators.

This so-called shadow banking system is huge and important. Indeed, many economists blame activities that took place in the shadow banking system for the 2008 crash.

As I write we are entering a huge scripted and well planned move to shutdown down nations under yet another fake pandemic, last acted back in 2009. The current act presented itself and excited the markets on the downturn, Russia and the saudis start a trade war over the price of oil, perhaps in support of the saudis the US has a mass military movement of American troops into Europe to the figure of 30.000, they say for exercise, and yet none of whom are wearing the called for pandemic masks and excitable hand washing. It would appear we have two rule books operational.

Big games are afoot and images of medical data being carried around by the corporate employees suggests a microchip for the body is also being pushed as a means to speeding up the  prophesied lurgy takedown. Everything looks to be moving into the world of cyberspace, especially your money. Given the fact the central banks have been the largest purchasers of gold since 2008, then what we are witnessing is a reset of the global financial system as it moves entirely into the hands of the private families behind the Bank for International Settlements, the central bank for the central banks.

The size of the shadow banking system is hard to measure because of its hidden and impenetrable nature. But according to Davide Fiaschi, an economist at the University of Pisa in Italy revealed a powerful and simple way of determining the size of the shadow banking system.

They say that the shadow banking system is vastly bigger than anyone had imagined. And although its size dropped dramatically after the financial crisis in 2008, it has since grown dramatically and is today significantly bigger than it was even then. That was claimed back in 2013 we are another seven years forward of the claim and must assume the shadow system has expanded to the point they feel confident they can scoop up the world into their private hands.

The biggest problem with measuring the shadow banking system is that nobody knows how to define it. But when you consider it includes the activities of hedge funds, private equity funds, credit insurance providers, Goldman Sachs and affiliates, we can begin to understand its face.

The de facto arbiter of this question is the Financial Stability Board set up in 1999 by the Group of Seven developed nations. It estimates the size of the shadow banking system each year by adding up all the transactions that fall outside mainstream regulation, or at least as much of this as it can see.
The Board estimated the size of the shadow banking system to be just over $60 trillion in 2007, the year before the great financial crash. This figure dropped a little in 2008 but rose again to $67 trillion in 2011. That’s more than the total GDP of the 25 countries from which the figures are obtained.

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