The Federal Reserve system is organised by the Temple Crown

The Federal Reserve system is organised by the Temple Crown










19 March 2020

We have a serious mixup when it comes to understanding what is the British Crown.

There is the Office of Monarch taken from the authority of the Throne and as such this is the Constitutional Office that cements the realm as a Kingdom under the Ten Commandments, from which all law is qualified. This is the platform of nations and is the jurisdiction born of Scriptural law codified and is described as the Ecclesiastical jurisdiction. (Authority). This jurisdiction deals with man and woman as derived from the word of god and is the law of the land.

We then have the canon law which is the internal organised law of the Church. While based in the laws of the Ecclesiastical jurisdiction the canon also includes, articles, sections and chapters. The Church and Holy See claim to have the Status of Moral Persons. 

We are then left with the Admiralty (Military) and Maritime (Cargo) jurisdictions under which most courts today operate, they are known as the Laws of the Sea. Due to the inference of the Bar Attorners these jurisdictions are governed by the Crown Temple and not the Throned Crown, which through the Inner Temple member holding the Throned Office, QEII, does drag the throned Crown into the fray.

The Inns of Court to the Crown Temple use the banking and judicial system of the City of London which is a sovereign and independent territory, the City is not a part of Great Britain. Intrinsically connected to the Bank of England this private and unincorporated Temple has taken over the judiciaries of nations and insists only the lesser jurisdictions are in play in all matters they control under the jurisdiction of the Inns of Court. This is achieved from being called to the Bar which means that you operate within the judiciary of the nation but under the jurisdiction of the Sovereign Crown Temple. Allegiance is shifted.

As an Instrument of the Holy See, the Temple Church appears to be running the Byzantine and thus Greek canon over that of the Roman canon, the Roman canon being the centuries old tradition that has overseen English and British Church law since the 1066 invasion.

The traditional Greek rite is subject to Eastern canon law which places Rome under the Eastern Orthodox Church from the implementation of Vatican II.

The consequence of this shift birthed the Kingdom born of the Unclean onto the lands of Britain after a king was beheaded for fighting Legal Enclosure. From the format known as Enclosure the new elect would be spread across the globe driven from within the shadows as the new seat of Empire, the Empire of the Usurers, which through Cromwell did form a commonwealth of Parliament run States tied Not to the British Crown, but to the Crown of the Knights Templar, its Church, the sodomy and an economic system based on insurmountable debt. The Real and Throned British Crown has become the front and scapegoat since Charles II.

After WWI the Temple Crown shifted all British Empire copyrights and patents to the USA and into the hands of the Federal Reserve system now fronting the Bank of England and the Crown Temple. Hidden once again from the eyes of the profane, the same old Empire is seen to die and be reborn when what it is, is a shift and rise of the same from yet another Sovereign City State, Washington District of Columbia.

The Temple armed forces would also shift from Britain to the Untied States after WWII.

The Temple in America

From a 1976 Congressional Committee we find the following format under which the Federal Reserve functions and through what and who does it make its presence felt : 



After the Second World War the Templars and the elites they represent moved back home to Palestine and called it Israel. Here is where they intend to build yet another Temple of the Babylonian King, Cyrus The Great.

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