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Malvern House and immigration





Here we have corporate body housed within what we term the John Adam Street Complex, very involved in the educating of our future…they control a specialist college and pay a remarkable hourly rate of £9.50.

How is this achieved?
My son relayed the story in which a young male supply teacher took his class at Accrington Academy. The supply went on to explain to the class how he had suffered an AK47 shot in his back while in Iraq during the First Gulf War, he then went on to explain how he had shot and killed a six year old child while serving in Iraq.

As you can imagine the girls in the class were horrified and very upset,  even the call of duty veterans amongst the boys were disturbed by the story.

I am sure you agree that to have supply teachers such as this earn taxpayer money to present horrific tales to the students is not acceptable, but of course we need to place the blame squarely were it has its root…the employment agencies.

Lancashire County Council today are promoting a scheme were they are specifically recruiting ex-servicemen to act as mentors to schools children from the age of 14 to 16, just ripe for getting them to join the forces. What they term a five year programme costing three million pounds, a programme run by the council and One Connect Ltd which is in reality British Telecom. County Councillor Mark Perkins, Cabinet Member for young people said :

“this initiative will provide support for pupils who need some extra help and will make use of the mentoring skills that ex-servicemen and women acquired while they were serving their country.”
Contact :

Pushing down labour costs  is a prime example of what should be termed Stalinist Communism, Malvern House is definitely playing its role in this regard, but even more startling are the facts which came to light as the Evendine College fiasco broke. The story  from an investigative journalist’s report had found that Evendine College was one of the many private ELT institutions willing to provide false visa documentation to persons posing as students.

The college basically left the whole school wanting and students without courses, after the college closed and was placed into liquidations in 2003, Evendine was part of Anglo Education Group PLC, and owned by Mr. Suresh Malhotra, therefore we have a link between Suresh Malhotra and illegal immigrants and false visas.

I have also found in my investigations the many larger Indian restaurants are also operating in the same illegal immigrant agenda, allowing those brought into the country a place to work while they await their false documents.

So what goes on with ELT and the fast track courses being offered not just for teaching, but for most trades in today’s health & safety programme and the NHS, which is what employment today has become, run by corporate operations as Capita.

Enter CELTA.
The Cambridge ESOL CELTA was originally a pre-service teacher training programme operated by International House. The current Cambridge CELTA replaced the RSA/Cambridge CELTA in 2001. In 1996, RSA/Cambridge CELTA replaced the RSA/Cambridge CTEFLA (the Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults), jointly administered by the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) and UCLES. The RSA/Cambridge CTEFLA replaced the RSA Certificate in 1985.

So we have the Royal Society for the Arts mixed into these four week courses to churn out people who are told they are qualified… yet they are absolutely nothing of the sort.

CELTA Information
We also find these language centres within the school virtual environment.

In that sense we must consider this network to be procuring illegal visas which moves to another fact, the same is also procuring immigrants. The network is rooted at the top, and is protected by the same, above government and sourced  directly in the heart of the corporate crown’s secret hideout, the John Adam Street complex.

This agenda is part of the implementation of the The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan and the genocide of the peoples of Europe.

On the first visit to Adelphi House some years ago we witnessed a lot of very gangster type looking African’s coming in and out of the underground levels to Adelphi House…on the river…out of sight….

More than that if you have seen the programme called  Strip the City, then we are better informed to the reality of a huge underground city beneath London, so I am thinking entrance to the underground network, supported further in the fact they have just made empty the old Jubilee line.

Here is Malvern House from an angle I am sure they have not in any way sanctioned as a valid advertisement, the following insight, albeit rather colourful, presents a growing problem within education, low grade teaching staff on low salaries, which can only equate to sub standard education of our future, the children.

If the colleges are paying it, it can only become standard rate, Malvern House on the website under General Info writes :

3 modern centres in the heart of London which are :
Malvern Bloomsbury – advanced and proficiency level, exam and business classes and english plus courses.
46/47 Bloomsbury Square, London, WC1A 2RA
Malvern Piccadilly – beginners, elementary, pre-intermediate and intermediate levels
Malvern Trafalgar – intermediate and upper intermediate levels

29 John Adam Street, London, WC2N 6HX
Original Source

Malvern House – Still No Shame?
By Sandy McManus
Continuing the Crap Jobs! theme from my previous posting, I notice that the odiously self-regarding Malvern House outfit are advertising yet again for teaching staff. I reckon they have a permanent ad running on, which seems to give the lie to their statement that “Malvern House is London’s favourite college”. In fact, it seems to be about as favoured as a rat sandwich by its teachers (which is probably the only meat they can afford).

Of course, I can’t let you know exactly how much they plan to pay their unfortunate Tefler-victims this time round, as the ad makes only the usual bland reference to ‘competitive rates of pay’. There is mention, though, of a “Summer bonus also applicable to anyone starting before 29th June”, but the ad carries no details of its substance. Perhaps they’ll give you some free sun-cream, or a bottle of Tesco’s white wine to take home?!

What I can offer you, though, is this little insight into the grotty place from my TeflTrade (RIP) website of a couple of years ago. This fine piece of bungling and inept investigative journalism managed to show the school in a typically shabby and corrupt light (no mean achievement, I can tell you).
Malvern House – the School without Shame! [June 2007]

Malvern House is no stranger to the pages of this blog. It has been responsible for at least two postings, the first one way back in April 2005. Back then, they were paying their unfortunate Teflers just 9.50 an hour – and last August they were advertising for teachers and … paying the same rates. Well, guess how much they’re paying them now?

Yes, that WAS a trick question, wasn’t it?! You’ve probably already guessed that nowadays they pay … exactly the same! And that’s even for teachers with the Dip.!! Just take a close look at their most recent appeal for unwary Tefl victims, taken from

“Malvern House is fun, lively language school. We are the largest language school in London and the second largest in the U.K.”
“We have several positions available for the start of the new term, and one position available immediately. Our starting pay is £9.50 an hour; however we do guarantee hours for our teachers. “

Well, I wonder what’s ‘exciting’ about earning less than ten pound an hour – less than 300 pound a week? Still, it’s nice to know that they do guarantee the hours – that’s really big of them!! And the fact that there is one position available immediately – well, you know what to think, don’t you!

Unfortunately, that bit about being the largest EFL school in London, and the second biggest in the UK, is also true. What she failed to add, however, is that it’s probably one of the most unethical and corrupt outfits too, if we judge by its past.

You see, Malvern House is owned and operated by the odious Malhotra family, who were responsible for THE biggest EFL scam in London several years ago. Remember Evendine College? Hundreds and hundreds of students left high and dry? Dozens of teachers left unpaid? These articles might serve as a reminder…

There’s also this, from a British Council report into dodgy EFL providers :
The Supply of Goods and Services Act is especially pertinent in light of the closure of Evendine College. Evendine College was part of the Anglo Education Group PLC, and owned by Mr. Suresh Malhotra. On Thursday, 19 June, 2003, Evendine College closed its doors without notice to staff or students. Less than a month later, Mr. Malhotra put the college into voluntary liquidation. Many students had paid for courses that Evendine College failed to provide, and were left without any recourse. Around the same time, an investigative journalist’s report had found that Evendine College was one of the many private ELT institutions willing to provide false visa documentation to persons posing as “students”.

Well, if that’s not unethical – and criminal – then I don’t know what is! In fact, Suresh Malhotra was officially banned from running a company for several years. However – surprise, surprise! – his name does appear on other websites as being linked to the school.

Anyway, let’s get back to the Director, as Companies House data states that he has an extremely desirable address in the fashionable posh suburb of Chalfont St. Giles. In fact, I looked up the postcode on, and this is what it told me :

31/07/2002 £725,000 [Detached, Freehold] Hollyoak, Nightingales Lane, Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire, HP8 4SF

So, the Malhotras bought their domestic pile almost five years ago (and a year before Evendine College crashed) for a tad under three quarters of a million quid. Property prices have risen substantially since then, however, and it would not be unfair to assume that the current value of that little homestead would be closer to the following more recent prices :

1. 12/03/2007 £1,210,000 [Detached, Freehold] Brackenhurst, Nightingales Lane, Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire, HP8 4SF
2. 30/10/2006 £1,380,000 [Detached, Freehold] Sutton House, Nightingales Lane, Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire, HP8 4SF 3. 28/06/2005
3. £1,850,000 [Detached, Freehold] Wilmers, Nightingales Lane, Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire, HP8 4SF

So, the owners of the largest EFL school in London pay amongst the lowest wages – less than 300 quid a week for properly qualified and experienced EFL professionals – whilst they themselves live in luxury in Buckinghamshire. Interesting that.

First Published : Thursday, 7 June 2007
Anyway, this year Malvern House appear to be anticipating a large influx of students (or perhaps a large outflux of teachers) in summer, as they claim “We require experienced teachers for positions from 29th June 2009.” If you are indeed desperate enough to work for this bunch of shysters, then magic your CV to, where it will be given a fearsome inspection by the appropriately-named Antonia Corp, who claims to be in charge of recruiting at Malvern House.

In fact, Miss Corp (I’m presuming she’s the unweddable and unbeddable single type) is also no stranger to this very blog, having sent the tart epistle below to Yours Truly some years ago, when I was foolish enough to give her college a cyperspace mauling for offering low-paid jobs dressed up as ‘career opportunities’. As you can see, she has a very high opinion of herself and the school that employs her, whilst she apparently prefers to dismiss her EFL teachers as ‘losers’ and ‘Guardian-readers’!

Dear Sandy,
I am assuming you are a 30-something failed actor/artist/writer or suchlike, of the usual ilk that believes that by slagging off their current profession they will somehow feel more satisfied about going to work every day.

I can’t exactly say I was quaking in my boots to find I was mentioned on your pathetic moaning website for losers and readers of the Guardian that we are offering one of the “crappest jobs in tefl”. Perhaps you would care to visit one of our schools and meet some of the 64-strong teaching team, all of whom readily accepted the STARTING salary of £9.50/hr, and have a strong commitment to their students and each other, in turn providing one of the best training grounds for newer teachers, as well as excellent promotional prospects for gifted and experienced teachers.

As the only (and feel free to correct me if you think I am wrong) school in London with a separate team of teachers dedicated to the professional advancement and development of the teaching population at Malvern House (over 75 hrs per week are dedicated to teacher development and training), I think you would agree that £9.50/hr is an excellent salary considering all the benefits (of which there are too many to mention here – completion bonuses, monthly drinks parties, guaranteed hours, permanent contracts etc etc.).

Feel free to pop in next time you have some spare time (which I’m sure won’t be long!) and I’ll show you around. Or maybe you could just ask one of our 10,000 previous students – there are many still in the UK, mostly in good jobs or higher education – if they thought their teacher seemed unmotivated or uncaring.

Antonia Corp
Malvern House London
So, there you go – a lot of charming people at such a charming school! And, just in case you didn’t know it already, 9.50 is an ‘excellent rate’ of pay, at Malvern House anyway, and such basic things as guaranteed work and permanent contracts are now apparently to be regarded as ‘benefits’! That’s the modern face of UK Tefl – and don’t it suck, eh!?

UPDATE : One of my comrades deep in the Tefl battlefield has advised me that Malverh House’s listing on the British Councils ‘UK Accreditation’ website is noticeable for its extremely coy presence. In fact, it states the following…

Malvern House, London
Publishable statement withdrawn.
Strange, eh? I mean, if Malvern House forked out a load of cash to renew their BC accreditation, you think they’d want the world to know, wouldn’t you? In fact, what these terse words typically mean is that the school refused to have the statement published – presumably because it wasn’t good enough. Or at all!

In fact, you can check out all your favourite (and also the less admired) EFL schools right here:

Colourful but to the point.
Malvern House is seen as a going concern having recently been acquired by AEC Education PLC :
AEC and Malvern House on the Stock Market

29  John Adam Street For Sale as a  Prime Freehold Opportunity from November 2008
Within the above pdf the map on page 9 is incorrect, to the degree it can only be deliberate.
Malvern House moves into the digital Internet :
A Complete Digital Solution For Malvern House

The above report brings into the fray Managing director Naresh Malhotra. In a report about the AEC buyout we find information which suggests we see a buyout agenda of foreign language colleges globally :

London-based language school, Malvern House, announced in July its acquisition by AEC Education Group PLC, a UK-based company that has Asian business interests, with schools offering diploma and degree programmes in China (AASM), Vietnam (BrainBox) and Singapore (AEC Singapore and SmartWorks). AEC Education also owns the LCCI exam franchise in Asia.
Full Report

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