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A search for this company on company analytics brings up the below address : World Headquarters Cookson Group Plc The Adelphi -1-11 John Adam Street WC2N 6HJ London If you click the link to their website from the above search it brings you : Here

The address has changed  Head/Registered Office Cookson Group plc 165 Fleet Street London EC4A 2AE   They say of their company : We are a leading materials science company operating on a worldwide basis in Ceramics, Electronics and Precious Metals markets. We aim to add value to our customers’ businesses by providing products, processes and services that allow them to increase the efficiency and quality of their operations. Throughout the world, Cookson companies supply leading technology, supported by outstanding technical service. Cookson employs over 12,000 people in more than 40 countries, selling its products in over 100 countries. Cookson is a FTSE 250 company listed on the London Stock Exchange and headquartered in London. Here

The Group’s operations are formed into three divisions :
Precious Metals

Cookson is one of 3000 UK companies  signed to support recycle-more, all are members of the Valpak compliance scheme. So we have Cookson involved in the man made climate change lie using its reach to push for all criteria coming out of the global warming camp. As seems to be the case with all so far profiled Adam Street Gang companies, we find Cookson in the stakeholder community, and again as is the case with this network, they have a big interest in children.

From a Cookson document on; CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Acting responsibly around your world, we find the following information :

The community
Cookson people all around the world are involved in community projects. Here are just a few examples. Every member of staff at Vesuvius India contributed one day’s salary to help those affected by the December 2004 tsunami disaster. They also provide generous assistance to a number of Indian organisations working to improve the health and education of underprivileged children. In addition, they support the development of young entrepreneurs within their local communities, helping them to create small businesses, many of which become suppliers to Vesuvius. Freezing temperatures and rain did little to deter Electronics’ employees in Altoona, USA from raising money in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life campaign. Recognition for their efforts came with the Rookie of the Year award in their first year of participation in the event. Cookson Precious Metals assists community organisations including YMCA after school programmes and facility development, as well as helping inner-city children through organisations which work with disadvantaged, special needs programmes such as the National Council of Community Justice in New York.  See Full Document

At the bottom of the above document we find Cookson heavily involved in the East, which given we find ourselves in the position of losing all Western manufacturing, to the East, suggests Cookson along with many London based corporations, are helping this drive move along steadily.

The information :
1] In 2004 the team at Enthone Singapore celebrated their business becoming the first chemical supplier in Asia to achieve ISO 14001 certification.
2]  The Ceramics division manufactures crucibles used in the production of photovoltaic cells which are in turn used in solar panels like these to transform sunlight into electricity.
3] Employees at Vesuvius India provide generous assistance to many community projects.
4] Cookson Precious Metals supports after school programmes and organisations which work with inner-city children.
5] From 1999 to 2004, the rate of injuries and illnesses resulting in absence from work improved by 44%.
6] Electronics division employee Tim Wagner and his daughter Heather recently spent eight days in Guatemala helping with community projects.
7] The number of Cookson locations with ISO 14001 certification continues to increase.
8] Six Sigma Black Belt Training taking place for Cookson employees in Kowloon, Hong Kong.
9] Many of Cookson’s businesses are at the forefront of developing lower environmental impact solutions for their customers and society in general.

10] Members of the Enthone-Cookson Electronics management team participating in a two-day team building exercise in Guilin, China. To support the fact Cookson is scooping up Western companies and moving them to the east, and not without causing vibrations enough to accuse of monopolising :  Cookson V United States District CourtIn Cookson Group Plc Purchase Of Foseco Plc The conclusion of the above case was :  4 Apr 2008 – Acquisition of Foseco by Cookson Group On 4 April 2008 Cookson Group plc successfully completed the acquisition of Foseco plc by way of a court approved scheme of arrangement. The recommended cash offer was announced on 11 October 2007 and the transaction required clearance by the competition authorities in the EU and the US and both Foseco and Cookson shareholders, all which were obtained in March 2008. Foseco is highly complementary to Cookson’s existing ceramics division with both businesses supplying products and services into the foundry and steel-making industries.

Cookson In The UK : Cookson confirms plant closure move
Cookson In The US Cookson Buys Mora Minn In spite of The District of Columbia courts, The deal goes ahead, such is the power of Cookson Plc, a company so involved in the destruction of the West, it certainly deserves your attention.
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