The secret instructions of the jesuits

The secret instructions of the jesuits










Secret Societies, you never really know what they are up to and who they serve. Like Freemasonry, the Society of Jesus is a tale of subversion and success. Here is what was written back in 1860.

This edition of the ” Monita Instructions of the Jesuits” mistranslation published in London in the year 1723 by John Walthoe. In addition the Four Oaths or Vows which must be taken by all Members of the Order. These form the third and fourth chapters of the fifth part of the Consti-tutions of the Jesuits, and are copied from a trans-lation published by Messrs. Rivingtons’, in 1838.

To these are added the ” Oath of Secrecy ” administered by the Jesuits in 1680, copied from a contemporary Pamphlet ; and the Indulgence sold in Germany by the notorious Tetzel to raise money for the rebuilding of St. Peter’s, at Rome. The original document from which this is copied may be seen at the British Museum.

‘THE Superiors must carefully preserve these private instructions and keep them in their own possession, and communicate them only to a few of the professed, and they may teach some of them to the non-professed when they may without doubt be used with great advantage to the Society, and that only under the seal of silence, not indeed as written by another, but as deduced from the experience of him who tells it ; and since many of the professed are aware of these secrets, therefore the Society from it’s beginning has been careful that no one who is aware of them should be able to join any other religious order except the Carthusians, because of their perpetual seclu-sion and their inviolable silence ; which also the Holy See has confirmed.



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