Brexit delay and mass immigration, Marrakesh Political Declaration 2 May 2018

Brexit delay and mass immigration, Marrakesh Political Declaration 2 May 2018








27 October 2019

Naturally you read the following document and believe you are reading that your country or nation is having a meeting about immigration into your nation.

What you miss, due to an ignorant grasp on language and grammar is a list of Corporate States deciding how many immigrants can pour onto your land. Below is a list of hieroglyphs, or if you like… gobbledygook, such has absolutely no basis in the English language and therefore no standing in law, and yet, from this deception, Brexit will more than likely be postponed so you do indeed suffer yet another influx of benefit hungry migrants. Everything is of course totally Legal. Study

Theresa May in December 2018 signed off on the following deal which comes into effect, November 2019. Deadline Brexit is of course 31 October. Mmmm.

WE, Ministers of Foreign Affairs, of the Interior, of Integration, in charge of Migration and high representatives of the following countries: AUSTRIA, BELGIUM, BENIN, BULGARIA, BURKINA FASO, CABO VERDE, CAMEROON, CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC, CHAD, CONGO, CÔTE D’IVOIRE, CROATIA, CYPRUS, CZECH REPUBLIC, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO, DENMARK, EQUATORIAL GUINEA, ESTONIA, FINLAND, FRANCE, GABON, GAMBIA, GERMANY, GHANA, GREECE, GUINEA, GUINEA-BISSAU, IRELAND, ITALY, LATVIA, LIBERIA, LITHUANIA, LUXEMBOURG, MALI, MALTA, MAURITANIA, MOROCCO, NETHERLANDS, NIGER, NIGERIA, NORWAY, POLAND, PORTUGAL, ROMANIA, SÃO TOMÉ AND PRÍNCIPE, SENEGAL, SIERRA LEONE, SLOVAKIA, SLOVENIA, SPAIN, SWEDEN, SWITZERLAND, TOGO, TUNISIA and UNITED KINGDOM; High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and European Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship; and high representatives of the Economic Community of West African States Commission ; and Algeria and Libya as observer countries.


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