Who used chemical weapons in Syria?







Western media is continuing to play the propaganda script of NATO by laying at the feet of the Assad regime the latest chemical weapons use in Syria when the facts speak the exact opposite.

Even the UN is claiming rebels used gas and not Assad

The Syrian Air Force has targeted a chemical weapons depot belonging to western trained terrorists operating illegally in Syria. The terrorist stockpile of chemical weapons at Khan Sheikhoun were often shipped to fellow terrorists operating in Iraq. This has been confirmed by the Iraqi government.

Corroboration of this fact was received yesterday with a statement by Syria which affirmed that Syria no longer has any chemical weapons, something confirmed by both Russia and the United States in 2013.

Russia and Iran had nothing to do with the incident in any way shape or form and Syria cannot be blamed for the fact that its terrorist enemies have hoarded stockpiles of illegal chemical weapons.

The moral responsibility is squarely on the heads of the terrorists who have used chemical weapons in Aleppo over the course of the conflict.


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