Who used chemical weapons in Syria?

Who used chemical weapons in Syria?






A story that just keeps on repeating as yet again the bullies in Washington and London move to lay at the feet of Assad another apparent chemical attack in Syria. History of course, as is usual in todays politics, tells a different story.

In the early hours of saturday 14 April 2018 The U.S., U.K. and French forces launched over 100 missiles into Syria in contradiction to the public mood and also without any formal mandate from the global community. Also on Sat 14 April Russia, at the meeting of the Security Council,  pushed for a resolution condemning the U.S., U.K., French air strikes, calling for a halt to “aggression.” Russia failed, only Russia, China and Bolivia voted for Russia’s resolution. Eight Security Council members voted no. Four abstained.

Lord West, former First Sea Lord in an interview with the BBC made it very clear that as a strategy, Assad creating chemical attack at the point he was about to take Duma does not make any sense :

Some interesting reports in relation to the April 2018 incident, Journalist Robert Fisk of the Independent for almost 30 years said : 

I’ve just been in the town of Douma. I found the clinic where the film of the children frothing at the mouth and having water thrown at them was made. And I spoke to the hospital doctor, who actually spoke very good English. And he told me that the video is real. But they’re not suffering from gas poisoning.

They’re suffering from hypoxia (i.e. insufficient of oxygen) because of the amount of dust in the tunnels in which they live. All year people in the Douma area have been living beneath their own homes, in tunnels and basements. And that night there was a shelling by the Syrian army and the Russian air force. And it produced a huge amount of dust and debris in the streets. And many people found it difficult to breathe. And when they reached the clinic according to the doctor, someone shouted “gas” … and they panicked.

And : 

All the residents interviewed by OAN in Douma denied all the claims of any sort of chemical attack happening, and say it was staged to help jihadist rebels escape from an advancing Assad army.
The OAN reporter interviewed random people to be 100% sure there were no plants or “Assad” agents…residents who “were living very close” (50 meters from the alleged site of the attack) all said they saw no chemical attack.
Across the board, all residents interviewed at random by OAN said they saw no chemical weapons attack.
OAN asked the people they interviewed, what they thought the chemical attack was.
Residents said it was a hoax. Source

As was the case 15 years ago when the U.S. and UK launched a war of aggression against Iraq, the pretext was so-called “weapons of mass destruction” (WMD) — this time the claimed use on April 7 of chlorine (and maybe the nerve agent sarin — who knows?) in Duma a suburb of Damascus. And this time French President Emmanuel Macron was allowed to join, as junior partner, the gang that can’t lie straight.

The attacks by the Gang of Three came hours before specialists from the UN Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons were to arrive in Syria to study soil and other samples in Duma. The question leaps out: Why could the Gang not wait until the OPCW had a chance to find out whether there was such an attack and, if so, what chemical(s) were used?

Western media is continuing to play the propaganda script of NATO by laying at the feet of the Assad regime the latest chemical weapons use in Syria when the facts speak the exact opposite.

Even the UN is claiming rebels used gas and not Assad

The Syrian Air Force has targeted a chemical weapons depot belonging to western trained terrorists operating illegally in Syria. The terrorist stockpile of chemical weapons at Khan Sheikhoun were often shipped to fellow terrorists operating in Iraq. This has been confirmed by the Iraqi government.

Corroboration of this fact was received yesterday with a statement by Syria which affirmed that Syria no longer has any chemical weapons, something confirmed by both Russia and the United States in 2013.

Russia and Iran had nothing to do with the incident in any way shape or form and Syria cannot be blamed for the fact that its terrorist enemies have hoarded stockpiles of illegal chemical weapons.

The moral responsibility is squarely on the heads of the terrorists who have used chemical weapons in Aleppo over the course of the conflict.

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