Did the Jesuits Write Shakespeare, Harold Johnson, 1916

Did the Jesuits Write Shakespeare, Harold Johnson, 1916















9 February 2021
The above image encapsulates the Jesuit World Order, drawn by Sir Francis Bacon 1619.

Sir Francis Bacon was a chameleon. He had an Aristocratic pseudonym, Johan Valentin Andreae, he was Jesuit trained and his alter ego, if you like, was a Jesuit Priest Sir Tobie Matthew. 

Nicholas Breakspear was the only English Pope from which the House Breakspear would be given the task of running the British Isles for the feudal system birthed through the Monasteries in Burgundy.

Pope Adrian IV (Latin: Adrianus IV; born Nicholas Breakspear (or Brekespear) ; – 1 September 1159, also Hadrian IV, was head of the Catholic Church and ruler of the Papal States from 4 December 1154 to his death in 1159.

Has the thought occurred that Shakespeare is in fact a pseudonym for Nicholas Breakspear? And that according to the following book, Shakespeare as a whole concept, was written by the hand of the Jesuit?

Though the book does not accept Bacon as the author, I have yet to find compelling evidence to the contrary.

Henry VIII invited the Jesuits into England, they were given the Northern powerhouse that is Stoneyhurst College. By 1607, the Jesuits had a powerful hand within England, next stop Civil War through the Scottish Rite, another Jesuit fraternity. The Tudors where installed over the English by the House Stanley, financed by the House Pallavacini, under the command of the House Farnese. Farnese is the House that started the Etruscan and then Roman states, and thus one of the oldest Roman bloodlines, they are also responsible for the commissioning of the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits.

Sometime after the English Civil War, the House Breakspear uprooted and continued their orders in China. Was that the point of a mission accomplished on the British Isles?

Did the Jesuits Write ''Shakespeare'', Harold Johnson (First Impression, April 1916)


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