The Hebrew Book of Enoch, Hugo Odeberg, PH.D. (LoND.)

The Hebrew Book of Enoch, Hugo Odeberg, PH.D. (LoND.)











11 April 2022

The present book has not been made the subject of critical investigation as to origin and date of composition apart from the short discussion of it M. Buttenwieser. On the rare by occasions when it has been referred to a it has almost without exception been grouped with the bulk of Jewish mystical writings which are termed Gaonic Mystical Literature ‘, and within this group it has usually been counted as one of the so-called Hekalop works (mainly ‘because one of the titles under which it is quoted is Sefaer Hekalop’, cf. EH. v. 170). 

Terms Discussed in the Book
Afterlife, Antediluvian (Pre-flood), Antichrist, Apocrypha, Archetype, Archons, Ashkenazi, Astrology, Baal (Ba’al), Babylon, Bel/Belus/Bêlu, Cherubim (Cherub), Cosmology, Demons/Daemons, Divine Council, Elohim, Enoch, (Book of), Eschatology, Esoterism, Essenes, Eyes only/Top secret, Fallen Angels, Flood, Garden of Eden, Genealogy, Genesis, Gnosticism, Hermes, Islam, Jupiter, Kabbalah, Khazars (Khazaria), Leviathan, Mars, Marx, Karl (Marxism), Mercury, Merkabah/Merkava, Mithraism, Mount Hermon, Mysticism, New Age (of Aquarius), Nimrod, Noah, Old Testament, Pseudepigrapha, Psychism, Purgatory, Pythagoreans, Quran, Satan (Satanism), Saturn, Seraphim, Seth (Sethites), Sheol, Syncretism, Talmud, Theosophy, Tree of life, Vatican, Venus, Watchers (The), Witchcraft, Yahweh (YHWH), Zoroastrianism.



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