Principalities and Powers in Heavenly Places, Charlotte Elizabeth (1842)

Principalities and Powers in Heavenly Places, Charlotte Elizabeth (1842)










11 April 2022

I have great pleasure in complying with a request to prefix a few introductory words to this work. I think it scriptural, seasonable, and practical. No part of divine truth can be neglected without spiritual loss, and it is too evident that the deep and mysterious doctrine of Revelation respecting evil spirits and good angels, has been far too much disregarded in our age. This has arisen —on the one hand from the wide spread of infidel principles, and on the other from the unscriptural, idolatrous, extravagant attention paid to this subject in the Church of Rome, in which the good angels are worshipped, and the evil spirits brought forward to foster delusions. 

Terms Discussed in the Book
Abaddon, Aion /Aeon, Antichrist, Apollyon, Baal (Ba’al), Babylon, Bethesda, Bethlehem, Calvary, Canaan, Chaldea, Cherubim (Cherub), Crucifixion, Dragon, Elemental, Enoch, (Book of), Ethereal, Exodus, Fallen Angels, False flag, False Prophet, Garden of Eden, Hittite, Holy Spirit, Idolatry, Jehovah, Jesus, Judaism, Lake Of Fire, Leviathan, Molek/Moloch/Molech/Malik, Mother of Harlots, Nazareth, New Testament, Nineveh, Noah, Old Testament, Paganism, Pantheon, Papacy (Pope), Philistines, Prince Of Persia, Principalities and powers, Prophecy, Satan (Satanism), Seraphim, Subterranean, Supernatural, The Abode, The Abyss, The Devil, Thor, Tree of life, Tribulation, Witchcraft.



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