Curing Cancer without the Chemistry, take control of your body

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3 July 2016

The following video of Dr Leonard Coldwell breaks down the many causes for many medical conditions that are then treated with synthetic chemistry, should you travel the path as ordained by the established medical profession, and covers the beneficial alternative methods of self healing by changing your diet away from the media driven accepted menus, as the way to administer your day to day dietary needs.

Ensuring the body intakes oxygen rich green foods which are high in chlorophyl, is a prime key to keeping the toxicity down allowing an alkaline baseline in which cancer cannot function.

Ensuring good calcium and nutrition intake along with base mineral supplement will again, help alkaline the body.

Vitamin C injections have been successfully utilised at a level of 100ccs a day for three days in each week to combat cancers and tumours, which disappear within a couple of days. (Not the pharmaceutical industries synthetic Vitamin C.)

This method has also been successful when dealing with cardiovascular problems, prompting the medical industry to move in the direction that will take natural Vitamin C off the market, leaving only their own synthetic versions.

Vitamin E is well known for its capacity to deal with blood pressure problems, in response to this the medical industry carried out all the studies for effectiveness with their own synthetic version of Vitamin E, leading to outright failure, setting the precedent for its removal as a beneficial form of self healing when treating patients. 

Chemicals don’t Work, Nature Works

Dr Leonard Coldwell sates that if you should find yourself with an immediate need to combat cancer, then a shift to a Vegan and raw diet is that initial response. This should be followed by an intensive detox of the body, providing there are no kidney problems, with the intake of a gallon of water a day with a teaspoon of Sea Salt.

He goes on to explain the importance of salt for the bodies blood pressure regulation carried out by the Thyroid Gland, breaking down the reasons to not use table salt as it is made up of one third glass particles, one third sand particles and only one third of salt. He goes on to explain that the sand and glass puncture the arteries inside, leading to the release of cholesterol which fixes the cuts, the medical profession then blames salt for high blood pressure and high cholesterol, and has people terrified of cholesterol. 

Again the medical industry used table salt in the studies that presented the fact, table salt is bad for high blood pressure, so they told a truth about their own synthetic version of what we know to be salt.

In this sense what he states is that people are dying from a lack of cholesterol as opposed to too much, because the lack of cholesterol cannot prevent the internal bleeding caused by table salt inside the arteries. Alice in Wonderland comes into play here.

Cells need cholesterol to rebuild 87% of a cell, therefore patients requiring immediate intake of cholesterol are fed 15 boiled eggs in a day to revitalise cholesterol production.

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