We left Europe, what now?

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Having  voted to leave the European Union on 23 June we can see some very serious high level games playing out to circumvent the will of the people of Great Britain. Today Boris Johnson, the main thrust in the political drive to leave the Union has declared himself out of the race to become the new leader of the Conservative Party and thus becoming Prime Minister, he has been ordered to do this? Theresa May however remains the firm favourite to take the helm which has  serious and sinister undertones given her love for the all powerful Police State.

Two years is being thrown about as a timeframe to actually leave the Union, which to be frank, is an absolute nonsense, we voted to leave and so leave we do right away. We get our fishing rights back, farmers lose the subsidy to not farm and will be free to subvert the supermarket monopoly by having to actually grow food on our lands. We can remove all the insidious costs just to employ personnel and run a small business, etc.

Instead this two year timeframe allows the Central Banking system including the Federal Reserve and the Rothschild controlled Bank of England, to move against the Pound.

In the same manner as the Irish vote not to accept the Lisbon Treaty was overturned as if by magic, the war machine headed by Washington DC cannot allow the break away by Britain if they are to be successful in launching the US v Russia War on European soil.

The EU and NATO are evil institutions. These two institutions are mechanisms created by Washington in order to destroy the sovereignty of European peoples. These two institutions give Washington control over the Western world and serve both as cover and enabler of Washington’s aggression. Without the EU and NATO, Washington could not force Europe and the UK into conflict with Russia, and Washington could not have destroyed seven Muslim countries in 15 years without being isolated as a hated war criminal government, no member of whom could have travelled abroad without being arrested and put on trial. Read More

Another statistic to be noted is the percentage of Black and Muslim voters wanted to remain and is a clear indication that the corporate state is, in a big part, being kept alive by non British culture, this is a consequence of the implementation of policies from the Coudenhove Kalergi Plan to genocide the peoples of Europe as a voice in their own nations through the destruction of the culture itself.


The demographics

  • The older the voters, the more likely they were to have voted to leave the EU. Nearly three quarters (73%) of 18 to 24 year-olds voted to remain, falling to under two-thirds (62%) among 25-34s. A majority of those aged over 45 voted to leave, rising to 60% of those aged 65 or over. Most people with children aged ten or under voted to remain; most of those with children aged 11 or older voted to leave.

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  • A majority of those working full-time or part-time voted to remain in the EU; most of those not working voted to leave. More than half of those retired on a private pension voted to leave, as did two-thirds of those retired on a state pension.
  • Among private renters and people with mortgages, a small majority (55% and 54%) voted to remain; those who owned their homes outright voted to leave by 55% to 45%. Around two-thirds of council and housing association tenants voted to leave.
  • A majority (57%) of those with a university degree voted to remain, as did 64% of those with a higher degree and more than four in five (81%) of those still in full time education. Among those whose formal education ended at secondary school or earlier, a large majority voted to leave.
  • White voters voted to leave the EU by 53% to 47%. Two-thirds (67%) of those describing themselves as Asian voted to remain, as did three quarters (73%) of black voters. Nearly six in ten (58%) of those describing themselves as Christian voted to leave; seven in ten Muslims voted to remain.
  • The AB social group (broadly speaking, professionals and managers) were the only social group among whom a majority voted to remain (57%). C1s divided fairly evenly; nearly two-thirds of C2DEs (64%) voted to leave the EU.

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