Russia Declare Colour Revolutions as warfare, the Coudenhove Kalergi Plan

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During the Moscow Conference on International Security,  members of Russia’s General Staff announced the appearance of a new form of warfare.

When the conference agenda was initially formalised, the plan was to focus on regional security,   emphasising the problems that would manifest when coalition forces withdrew from Afghanistan. Prior to the Ukrainian crisis, the most pressing problem was the need for Russia and the West to work together to ensure at least a degree of stability in Central Asia.

Post Ukraine, the Kremlin issued orders that radically changed the focus of the forum. In his opening address before the conference, President Vladimir Putin emphasised that so-called “colour revolutions,” are now the main threat to peace.

Senior Defence Ministry officials developed that argument during their subsequent remarks. According to them, Western intelligence agencies conspire to foment “colour revolutions” around the world.

If we look at the foreign aid budgets of western nations, specifically in Britain, the cash flow appears to be educating the future rebels while training the local police how not to react to revolution, Libya is a fine example of such funding of revolution which had Northern Ireland Police Intelligence training Libyan domestic forces at least ten years before the actual uprising. This also interconnects with NATO’s wish to create a police force for the entire African Continent, AFRICOM. India is yet another wealthy nation receiving aid from Britain and ties into the education arena which pumps out corporate puppets ten a penny.

Moscow considers “colour revolutions” a new type of warfare which was presented when Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said, “Colour revolutions are increasingly taking on the form of warfare and are developed according to the rules of warcraft.”

General Staff head Valery Gerasimov and Main Operations Directorate head Vladimir Zarudnitsky expanded further on that brilliant idea. 

General Zarudnitsky  presented a picture of this type of warfare, saying, “First, the countries organising the overthrow of the undesirable government use their military potential to apply overt pressure, with the goal of preventing that state from using its security forces to restore law and order,” Zarudnitsky said.

The General has more or less given the real end game of foreign aid in creating networks that will apply that pressure, with trained police supporting it. The secret society networks are this modus operandi, it is they administrating aid whatever organisation we are speaking of, from the Red Cross to local volunteers, it is they that decide who gets what, and the reason the media are defunct in pursuing the money trails of the charitable trusts, because they are secret.

“Then, as the opposition launches military operations against government forces, the foreign states provide military and economic aid to the rebels. After that, the coalition of countries can carry out military operations to defeat the government forces and assist the armed opposition forces to seize power,” Zarudnitsky added.

I would head caution at the idea Colour revolutions are a new form of warfare, we can cite the 1066 invasion of the Normans, or we can see the same agenda unleashed in 1922, a plan specific to the European landmass that aims to genocide the culture and race of European people under a Vatican led inquisition carried out by the Zionist radical.


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